Eye drops is refers to the false advertising, advertising Sally PuAi: single variety, must raise its profile

Sally PuAi think eye drops in advertisement will not & other; Throughout early senile &; Clearly marked

recently, in the television advertisement familiar & other; Sally PuAi, eye drops & throughout; On the Internet is an article titled, “a year sold 750 million of brainwashing & other medicine & throughout; god, please let the old man in China” in the article, the paper said Sally PuAi cost 2016 yuan in 2016, the company of affiliation into advertising, accounted for over 20% of the total revenue, and suspected in the high frequency broadcast television advertising false advertising.

& other; Sally PuAi thoughts & throughout; (common name: benzyl of lysine eye drops) product specifications, according to the indications for & other; Throughout early age-related cataract &; , belong to over-the-counter drugs, the patients in the pharmacy to buy as needed.

on December 4, Sally PuAi thought of zhejiang pharmaceutical co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as & other; Zhejiang Sally PuAi throughout, pharmaceutical &;) Issued a clarification announcement, every year to its input high advertising costs shall be confirmed that the reason is & other; Company’s products is relatively single, the eye drops products accounted for more than 75% of the total revenue of the company & throughout; Through advertising, to raise brand awareness, make up the lack of a single product variety.

on December 4, surging news (www.thepaper.cn) query found that zhejiang Sally PuAi benzyl of lysine eye drops, pharmaceutical products in the national food administration of drug safety website record AD 352.

jiangsu jin-bao wang, director of the health law firm thinks, this product is used in television advertising & other Prevention and treatment of cataract, look for a kind of insect PuAi & throughout; & other; Fuzzy drops, ghosting, shadow drops & throughout; Advertisement, such as apparent indications to exaggerate the scope, and the content of the deceptive, misleading, in violation of the “advertisement law” and the released drug advertisement examination standard rules.

xi ‘an jiaotong university school of medicine, an eye doctor told surging news, current treatment of cataract surgery is the common method, if you have cataract, reversal with medicine & other; It is almost impossible to & throughout; . Cataract is a development process, drugs to delay the deterioration degree may have certain effect, but also needs to take out the clinical trial data, & other; Science is can let the data speak & throughout; , but this AD to make her feel & other; Too exaggeration & throughout; .

the eye doctor introduction, modern medicine for cataract has been much research thorough, unless with more strong evidence, advertising referred to in the treatment mechanism & other; Unconvincing & other; Throughout the &; .

these questions surging news is zhejiang pharmaceutical chairman secretary Sally PuAi thoughts landline calls, response to say will be subject to the announcement.

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