Eye pain and discomfort, you should go to the eye clinic!

every year on March 6 is & other; Throughout world glaucoma day &; . Data show that people over the age of 50 per hundred people including at least two people with glaucoma, over 40 people prevalence is significantly higher than the young, is 1.4%, the number of glaucoma blinding accounted for 5.3% of all the blind – 5.3%, some areas even as high as 30%. In & other; Throughout world glaucoma day &; Phoenix on the arrival of network health invited Beijing chaoyang hospital affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, deputy chief physician of ophthalmology Li Yuehua, prevention and control of science glaucoma for everyone.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

three kinds of people most likely to cause glaucoma

for glaucoma, the vast majority of people know still lies in the elderly, but clinically found, so a few kinds of people, particularly susceptible to glaucoma & ndash; & ndash; Personality was of a suspicious nature, love to sulk, submit to humiliation, not love to communicate with people and very hot-tempered, paranoid people tend to be more susceptible to glaucoma. This phenomenon is called & other; Glaucoma physique & throughout; .

Li Yuehua doctor told phoenix health, & other; & lsquo; Glaucoma physique & rsquo; Refers to doing things is the pursuit of perfection, persistent character, clinical glaucoma patients personality like this are also relatively more. But people have this kind of character do not represent will have to glaucoma. Throughout the &;

in fact, in addition to & other; Glaucoma physique & throughout; Still have a lot of high-risk groups, glaucoma. Li Yuehua points out, & other; If you have any family history of the crowd, glaucoma probability is higher than the general population; Myopia development more than normal speed, under normal circumstances, teenagers annual growth of around 50 degrees, if a year growth degree to 200 degree will need to consider whether it is caused by glaucoma; More than twenty years of age, and after the peak period of reading and studying general myopia development no longer, but if this stage myopic degree is still rising, annual growth at a speed of 100-100 degrees, should also be on high alert for glaucoma, do check to the hospital in time. Throughout the &;

& other; In addition, in everyday life, have eyes bulge, headache, see a rainbow phenomenon, also need to worry about whether to have glaucoma. But there is a crowd, can have no symptoms, only when other factors such as passing a medical check eyes inadvertently found. Throughout the &;

in the risk factors, incidence of a disease are the top three, family history, monitoring of high intraocular pressure and accompanied by headache, eye disease, such as myopia development faster.

the elderly a high incidence of glaucoma has two big cause

glaucoma at all ages would come on, baby also have congenital glaucoma, but clinical common glaucomatous mainly middle-aged and old (after age 50). So, what are the factors lead to middle-aged and old high incidence of glaucoma?

first, cataract expansion easily induced glaucoma

senile disease is mainly caused by cataract expansion period. The development of cataracts is divided into three stages, incipient stage, expansion stage, mature period. Especially in the expansion period, after the cataract expansion, leading to the intraocular more likely to become shallow anterior chamber, especially in the clinical LaoNianXing glaucoma, see more at angle-closure glaucoma in cataract expansion period, it is easier to induce or aggravate angle-closure glaucoma.

primary glaucoma can be divided into primary angle-closure glaucoma and primary open-angle glaucoma, and over the age of 50 middle-aged and old people are mainly composed of angle-closure glaucoma. Due to eye anatomical structure itself to shallow anterior chamber, coupled with the expansion of the cataract period, causing crystal in finally induce the elderly of angle-closure glaucoma.

second, a long time in the dark environment with eye easily induced glaucoma

if the elderly eye is itself a angle-closure anatomical structures, so long time on the desk in the dusk of the room, or wear sunglasses for a long time is also a factor leading to the onset of angle-closure glaucoma.

the pupil size under the strong light, but in poor light is scattered, when in a poor light for a long time, the pupils are in a state of loose big, easy to induce angle-closure glaucoma. So, Li Yuehua doctors recommend, less as far as possible the pupil big state. For example, in the life must pay attention to the drugs. Such as atropine dose, 6-542 drugs, in combination with mydriatic will lead to the onset of angle-closure glaucoma, so, this kind of medicine will be marked on the manual glaucoma patients disabled. Please read the instructions carefully before taking the medicine.

is the gold standard of judgment glaucoma elevated intraocular pressure is

& other; Rainbow and nasal root grieved, bulging eyes, and accompanied by nausea, vomiting, headache is glaucoma several big sign in front of the disease. Throughout the &; Li Yuehua said the need to distinguish between eye fatigue. But it is hard to differentiate between patients with himself, in fact just to ophthalmic measuring intraocular pressure can be solved. Fatigue does not result in the general population, elevated intraocular pressure and glaucoma elevated iop is the primary performance, so, if you high intraocular pressure, will be more vigilant about whether or not they have developed glaucoma.

normal crowd, as long as the monitor when check-up intraocular pressure, fundus. But if you have been diagnosed with glaucoma, iris can be laser perforation treatment or some medicine for a long time to control the intraocular pressure, at every time of taking medicine, to go to the hospital monitoring intraocular pressure; In addition, if had glaucoma surgery and postoperative control is stable, suggest intraocular pressure test 2-3 times a year. But this will vary from person to person.

Li Yuehua doctors warned that frequent use of mobile phones, now do you like to play in the dark environment, if there is an eye fatigue, eye bilges not timely, do an eye test will go to a special hospital, rule out the possibility of glaucoma and other diseases.

prevent glaucoma do two & other; Avoid & throughout;

first, avoid angle-closure glaucoma with eyes in dark environment

& other; In accordance with the need of angle-closure glaucoma treatment to iris punch, in accordance with the need of primary open-angle glaucoma to dispense control for a long time, if the laser or dispense cannot control of patients require surgical treatment. Throughout the &; Li Yuehua told phoenix network health, suspected glaucoma patients, typically take six months to a year’s time to go to the hospital to do fundus, vision inspection. In daily life, especially the angle-closure glaucoma, want to reduce the working time of dark environment, and had no effect on split Angle glaucoma.

second, avoid open Angle glaucoma in a short period of time the liquid into the body.

primary open-angle glaucoma in daily life to avoid a short time, a large number of drinking water, such as the 500 ml of water don’t drink, and light, the same porridge and soup, beer, etc all liquid into the body should pay attention to a few times to drink; In addition, glaucoma patients in infusion, the infusion need to pay attention to slow down, because of the infusion speed too fast, large amount of liquid into the body, then the liquid into the aqueous humor may well, can lead to elevated iop. All in all, learn to reasonable control the amount of liquid into the body.

effective control of intraocular pressure can prevent glaucoma progress

glaucoma is caused by elevated iop visual dysfunction, a disease that is always in the game with intraocular pressure. If intraocular pressure through various means to get a very good control, can effectively prevent glaucoma.

in addition, a lot of people through the operation can complete control of intraocular pressure, almost every review fundus vision without any problems, we also say that the cured patients with glaucoma. But even this cured patients with glaucoma, also recommend 1 to 2 years back to the eye clinic to do review, because the disease also have the possibility of recurrence.

if not timely treatment of glaucoma, iop cannot be controlled, can lead to optic atrophy, the visual defect, eventually lead to blindness.

in the end, Li Yuehua doctor remind everybody, everybody is going to at least do a intraocular pressure and fundus examination, ophthalmology regardless of whether there is eye discomfort. Everyone in the use of the electronic products such as mobile phone, tablet, don’t play for a long time under the dim light electronic products.

in addition, there are a lot of mobile phones on the market the paster is blue sticker, it is effective for prevention of glaucoma? Li Yuehua doctors said, blue light protection is macular, but cannot change the dark environment, so the prevention of glaucoma is invalid.

expert introduction:

Li Yuehua

Li Yuehua, Beijing chaoyang hospital of doctor of vice director of ophthalmology, good at glaucoma early diagnosis, treatment, and cataract surgery. Graduated from the Beijing tongren hospital, affiliated to the capital university of medical sciences, from domestic famous expert professor custine glaucoma. In the eye work nearly 20 years, won three national patents, in the core journals published more than 10 papers.

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