Family reunion dinner reservation push hot lunch “years” the small family dinner party preference to restaurants

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dinner reservation push hot & other; In lunch & throughout; , small family dinner party preference to restaurants, comes last red

the Spring Festival will come, each big battle for catering enterprises in the Spring Festival market. Compared with last year, this year’s family reunion dinner booking more hot, basic running out seats reserved, many consumers to New Year’s eve at noon to eat & other; In lunch & throughout; . In terms of price, went on the eve of this year & other; Populist & throughout; Route, many restaurants are launched at a discount, such as full, reduce, to send food discount package.

as the 80, 90 after a family gradually, after 3-6 small family dinner reservation has said, this not only displays in offline store consumption, performance also take-out online sales. In addition, comes last, except TongHeJu, with spring park, quanjude, barbecue season, guangzhou restaurant old restaurant, xinya, holdings, xiang e qing catering enterprises also introduced a semi-finished products comes around, make consumers can be easily cooked dinner, not out of the house and the price is more affordable.

1 family reunion dinner reservation full

in the Beijing news reporter random consulting the 20 restaurants in Beijing, the New Year’s eve dinner reservation is almost full. Among them, TongHeJu, with spring park, I putuoshan Bali bistro, ma kai, restaurants, restaurant, barbecue season, such as the national capital old rooms are booked up, even more than hard to find a seat hall. As a result, many consumers turn to New Year’s eve at noon to eat & other; In lunch & throughout; In order to get a seat.

& other; Family reunion dinner room, seat reservation is full, all & other; In lunch & throughout; Left the hall one. Throughout the &; I putuoshan restaurant shijingshan store a staff said, other stores I putuoshan restaurant dinner is almost booked up. Also, according to the staff of the double blessing food street stores, its finished dinner already booking, & other; In lunch & throughout; Also left the hall four seats.

to meet food group chairman Wang Tingjun told the Beijing news reporter, to meet in 12 stores in Beijing on the day of the New Year’s eve booking out of the 600 table, estimated number of 8000 people, mostly have been booked. Compared with last year, this year New Year’s eve the whole number is expected to rise 30%. & other; In fact during the Spring Festival book covers the entire in February, sustainable to the fifteenth day of the first heat. Throughout the &;

in the same way, its three fragrance pavilion seafood restaurant chain dinner have booked 90 table, accounts for about two-thirds of a table. The relevant person in charge of fragrance pavilion to introduce the Beijing news reporter, this year New Year’s eve dinner number has increased year on year, restaurants & other; In lunch & throughout; Booking situation is good, has more than 60 reservation desk.

in addition to the traditional Chinese family reunion dinner, many consumers choose western food, Japanese food & other Throughout early adopters &; . And wooden TheHome· Private kitchen main western-style food, according to its staff, restaurant on the day of the booking situation is good, New Year’s eve dinner and & other In lunch & throughout; Only a small amount of residual. Compared with the traditional Chinese food, the eve of the consumer in the majority with young people choose western food, the dining environment, food collocation more attention.

2 dinner price continuation & other; Populist & throughout; Route

dinner not only pay attention to eat very lively, also pay attention to eat too. According to the Beijing news reporter understanding, regardless of the offline stores or online group-buying, restaurant table for generally give 10 dinner this year in 1000-1000 yuan between, price standard basic flat with last year, of which 1000 yuan – 2000 yuan/price is the most popular of the table.

& other; We launch comes around 880 yuan, 980 yuan, 1280 yuan price, 1000 yuan price is the main trend. Throughout the &; To meet food group chairman Wang Tingjun said, the eve of this year, with prices were little changed last year, mainly takes public catering course, provide consumers with more & other; Populist & throughout; The service.

in the main high-end catering fragrance pavilion introduced a stored value to the eve of the activities, in addition to the price is lower than the cost of food, such as 28 yuan/person of charcoal burning abalone and sea cucumber millet gruel, etc. And like home cooking dinner brand big pears 8-10 people, the price is in 1198-1698 yuan/table. Double blessing food street 10 doses family reunion dinner, two packages have 1288 yuan and 1288 yuan.

the online platform, many restaurants have introduced a family reunion dinner coupon packages. Such as Beijing quanjude stores before launch of the original price 3082 yuan, 2700 yuan group comes around. Nanjing big gear dajie tang shop original price 1610 yuan comes leisurely, prices fell to 1288 yuan.

3 small family dinner heats up

in the past, family reunion dinner is often more than a dozen people family reunion together. But the reporter visited the Beijing news, found that the small family dinner of the 3-6 people is gradually warming, booking began to increase, particularly in the western food restaurant, Japanese cuisine and other characteristics.

& other; Don’t go home New Year, this year will parents took the Chinese New Year together, family reunion dinner is booked a table for four western restaurant. Throughout the &; Home is in hubei ing said. In addition, the local Beijing girl Ann also choose three New Year’s day, so made a reservation a southeast Asian restaurant.

as the small family dinner, traditional Chinese style dining-room began to match the meal. The reporter sees in public comments on platform, beautiful brocade restaurant launched a $1999 six packages, new boiling fish township launched a $1580 six packages. MAO hong xiang hotel in Beijing, Chen hong kam hin restaurant, not only have 6-8 people are recommended 939 yuan comes around, and 2-4 people are recommended 464 yuan package, and 2-4 packages more top sales ranking. Also, the new international hotel five hall also has double dinner buffet, the price is 548 yuan.

the relevant person in charge of barbecue season, according to the first floor seat is given priority to with table for four, do not accept reservations, but many & other; After the 80 & throughout; , & other After the 90 & throughout; Families in thirty to seat in advance. This kind of situation, last year, about 70% of the number of repast, this year is likely to be a bit more.

in the delivery platform, 2-6 individual family reunion dinner take-away meal also hot, prices in 100-200 yuan per capita. Such as purple peony bodhi store launched a $666 worth of 6 people dinner take-away meal, at hunan garden restaurant has more than 899 yuan of set meal.

4 comes last hot

online order, home delivery, consumers just simple processing to heat the dishes according to the instructions to make a table of delicious dinner & ndash; & ndash; Comes because of convenient, quick and affordable for popular this year.

Beijing news reporter visited the market found that TongHeJu, with spring park, quanjude, barbecue season this year, guangzhou restaurant old restaurant to launched a variety of family reunion dinner cooked meal, comes around, etc. Holdings, but will, Shanghai old hotel and other well-known food brand, also sell comes on electric business platform, has amounted to hundreds of different species.

according to the relevant person in charge of with spring park, according to the market situation in recent years, the store launched RMB or special cooked meal, semi-finished products, package, sales increase year by year, nipping at large family dinners semi-finished products from previous years. Also, hua jia yi yuan prepared comes, consumers can choose different specifications based on the number of meals, food includes four xi balls, whole fish, a whole chicken, such as making good meat, as well as wash and cut with good vegetarian dishes. And not long ago with & other; Convenient food & throughout; To return to the food and beverage circle xiang e qing, but also on the jingdong mall launched a 588 yuan, 298 yuan in the two family reunion dinner semi-finished products gift box.

tao data industry data show that as of February 10th, taobao, the eve of the semi-finished products industry in January to clinch a deal amount more than 4.14 million yuan, clinch a deal the pen number is 11721. 10 days before the month and 2 of more than 900000 yuan, clinch a deal amount xinya, but the will and holdings brand catering sales.

in Shanghai xinya cantonese restaurants, for example, its price is 488 yuan comes from big shrimp, beef, bass and other 11 kinds of food, sold 999 copies. Xinya food Tmall flagship store customer service staff, said & other; Stores will offer many compared the semi-finished product package, and also won’t have too big discrepancy on the taste. Throughout the &; This edition is to write/Beijing news reporter chardin

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