Female customers dissuade smokers encounter block hotel hotel was investigation

when a dispute the table number 19 is adjacent to the 12th

recently & other; Chaoyang district a lady dissuade smokers in the hotel & throughout; Causing concern. On 27 January, is located in chaoyang district of wheat a rinse the butcher’s shop west street, a woman who found the stool next to a diner dinner in smoking, reflect the fruitless to in-store staff, after the woman to record video exposure, which was blocked by a man smoking.

Beijing youth daily reporter learned that, in the afternoon on January 31, chaoyang district family planning supervision jointly by chaoyang district health food drug safety, the Beijing association of tobacco control, the wheat shop street agency, and other units and departments, hotel of involved in the investigation. The field to understand that the restaurant for diner after tobacco dissuasion failed, not to leave, also not dial telephone complaints to report to the administrative department for health. In addition, the on-site inspection, found that the hotel without tobacco management system, anti-smoking complain report number on the label. In view of the above situation, the chaoyang district family planning of health supervision and investigation of hotel of involved, the case will be fined 2000 yuan to 10000 yuan.


dissuade smokers fruitless

women’s shoot video exposure

recently, a & other; Women’s hotel to dissuade smokers invalid & throughout; Video of the heat transfer on the Internet. In the video, a woman in a hotel, accused the stool next to patrons to smoke in public places, and said the attendant had been discouraged, but that several people regardless of the block is still in the smoke. Women’s video taken from the stool next to a diner, a smoke patrons also with his hand slapping the photographer’s mobile phone, spat on both sides. Diners said: & other; Be polite to speak. Throughout the &; The photographer has replied: & other; Can’t polite, they no matter as a waiter, we can only such (exposure). Throughout the &;

north green news reporter noticed that on 27 January, involved in the hotel’s food comments on web pages, the photographer has uploaded this & other; Discourage smoking invalid & throughout; Video and the message said: & other; Clerk mismanagement, next to the table 4 people, 2 people smoke, the clerk persuasion, (smoke) gave a (s) will be blown away, don’t solve the problem. Throughout the &;

after the video exposure caused a lot of attention, a lot of net friend support ms to exposure, accused the irregularities of smoking in no-smoking area. Netizens questioned, involved vendors and smokers should responsibility for this matter.

c show in January & other Tobacco control inspection record & throughout;


hotel staff said

dissuade before and after the three times

north green to the reporter understands, shop west street & other events occurred in chaoyang district of wheat; Big ye rinse meat sheep & throughout; The store. On January 31, north green newspaper reporter at the scene to see, the hotel lobby walls, pillars, with & other; Smoking is prohibited & throughout; , & other Indoor smoking is forbidden in all areas throughout the &; Such as identification. Luo

the hotel manager told north green press, already know video of heat transfer, & other; I and other staff, told the to smoke before and after the three times. Throughout the &; He is black to the north press show me a restaurant & other; Tobacco control inspection record & throughout; , content, according to discourage smoking since January, a total of 4 events, among them, on January 27th at noon to dissuade table number 12 a smoker & other; Successful & throughout; When, and again after going & other; Guest has turned down & throughout; , dissuade & other; Failure & throughout; .

a clerk, recalls the day more than 11 points, 12 table number comes a man eater, & other; He said waiting for a friend, didn’t start smoking for a while, I have to tell him, & lsquo; Sorry, Sir, in accordance with the regulations, smoking is not allowed here & rsquo; . Throughout the &; The clerk said, he told diners smoking, the door of the hotel can set up smoking area. Then, the male patrons out of the door. About 12 noon on the day of the 12th table of diners here repast, four men and someone smoking, & other; I went up again to persuade the two sentences, let them not to smoke, they nodded and said & lsquo; Know the & rsquo; . Throughout the &; Officials say, because during the repast, he did not notice the diners to put out the cigarette butts. But in a few minutes, close to table number 12 of 19, two female diners start hello clerk, let them help & other; Discourage smoking & throughout; .

ROM manager, said, when he went to the 12 table on both sides of the diner has already started to quarrel. & other; I said to the guests of smoking, let they don’t smoke again. Throughout the &; But not successful. ROM manager recalls: & other; When people who smoke at the table number 19 female guests say & lsquo; Pass you what matter & rsquo; This kind of words, female guest is more excited, took a video, also was beaten by people who smoke a mobile phone. Throughout the &; ROM manager told north green press, quarrel lasted five minutes. Subsequently, booked two tables out, tandem out of the hotel.


no tobacco control management system

hotel or face fines

shoot video of female diners has previously said that after the incident, have seen some netizens message accusing her & other; Melodramatic & throughout; & other; Much & throughout; , but she thought that smoking in public people & other; Have to seriously & throughout; , & other; Don’t seriously have to suck his secondhand smoke & throughout; That harm your body. She said, the future will encounter similar situation to dissuade him.

north green newspaper reporter learned from the Beijing municipal association on tobacco control, after the incident, they in micro letter & other; Smokeless throughout Beijing &; Background received reports that involved in hotel & other; Someone smoking & throughout; , & other; Meal before someone smoking were advised to smoke outside, after the meal has been stealing the smoke, after reported to the clerk, clerk perfunctory, smokers smoking while gave let staff go, and no effective termination & throughout; .

on this matter, on January 31st afternoon, family planning supervision jointly by Beijing chaoyang district health association of tobacco control, chaoyang district, the patriotic health campaign committee office, the chaoyang district food drug safety and wheat shop street agency, to conduct site inspection involved hotel. After investigation, the store staff after tobacco dissuasion failed, did not require patrons to leave smoking, also didn’t dial telephone complaints to report to the health administrative department. On-site inspection, also found that the store without tobacco management system, anti-smoking complain report number on the label.

according to the above situation, the chaoyang district family planning of health supervision and investigation of hotel of involved, the case will be fined 2000 yuan to 10000 yuan. Chaoyang district family planning of health supervision, the relevant person in charge of the said, calling for video of the day in the shop did not listen to discourage smoking diners, as soon as possible to the chaoyang district family planning of health supervision and investigation, can contact phone number 87789472.

involved expressed, head of the hotel, will improve in-store tobacco control management system as soon as possible, and in the future staff training, strengthen & other; Discourage smoking & throughout; The strength and skill.

and taken/our reporter zhang wen ya

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