“Female dionysian” drink three bottles of beer within 15 seconds gene detection ability general therapy

& other; Female wine god & throughout; Drink three bottles of beer within 15 seconds ability general therapy

can breath drink eight bottles of beer & other Female wine god & throughout; In the hospital exsanguinate assay. Our reporter gan chivalrous taken

30 siosio netizen called & other; Chongqing female wine god & throughout; , she can drink eight bottles of beer in two minutes, the most crazy, a 24 bottles of beer and drank nothing intoxicated. Many people envy her & other Thousand cups throughout & not drunk; , but siosio friends and she herself, but some fear. Yesterday, siosio came to the army’s military medical university xinqiao hospital check body, she wanted to make sure that we can drink, whether genetic problems, or hiding something in the body health hazard.

amazing performance

15 seconds three bottles of beer for 6 seconds 1 bottle of coke

at noon yesterday, the pearls in a restaurant, a table for one mobile phone lens alignment siosio. Table, neatly stacked with three bottles of 300 ml beer, next to a man it opens at the phone’s timer, & other; One, two, three, to start! Throughout the &; The words sound just fell and had picked up the siosio upward to drink a bottle of beer. Four seconds, a bottle of drink, 9 seconds, the second bottle of drink, drink 3 bottles of beer, a stopwatch press stop, & other; 15 seconds! Throughout the &;

at the time, my deskmate others said can’t believe it. But siosio just smiled, & other; I’ll give you a walk! Throughout the &; Say that finish, she picked up a 600 ml bottle of coke on the table.

is also a timer, she will look up to drink, a bottle of coke is like a spiral, moment kept pouring into siosio mouth, but she didn’t show, until the end of the bottle drank coke. & other; 6 seconds! Throughout the &;

& other; You don’t feel belly bulge? Throughout the &; Deskmate asked her friend, siosio shook his head and continued to eat vegetables, drink three bottles of beer and a whole bottle of coke, she even didn’t burp, no drink and dizzy. & other; You just ate two bowls of rice! Throughout the &; People are in her speed, also some people sigh she eat and drink.

for these, siosio accustomed, this is not the first time she such a performance, in early February, the friend to get to the Internet for a period of video, let siosio popular on the Internet. In the video, siosio within 90 seconds, drank 8 500 ml bottle of beer. Also because of the video, a lot of chongqing net friend gave her a nickname, & other; Chongqing female wine god. Throughout the &;

by a bet, achievement & other; Female wine god & throughout;

the first time I saw siosio, few people took her and a big stomach, can drink together. Siosio height 173 cm, weight 110 jins, slender. & other; Look not fat, don’t know where to eat. Throughout the &; Ms zhang described her good friends.

in siosio memory, wasn’t drinking himself before the age of 29, & other; Is everybody go out to eat, drink a bit sometimes. Throughout the &; In 2016, however, at the end of a meal, let her to a new understanding of their own capacity.

the meal to eat in the end, a friend and siosio bet: if siosio can drink five bottles of beer at a time, the friend please everyone eat snack, & other; Check all. Throughout the &; Is inherently competitive siosio a listen to, immediately call the 5 bottles of beer, began to drink, was thinking, if you can’t drink the. & other; Who knows, a minute or so, finished beer, siosio in addition to face some red, no other changes, & other; Alcohol drink many, want something to eat. Throughout the &; After drinking, even she was surprised.

siosio also began to wonder, how much can you drink? Since that time, and friends at the dinner table siosio is becoming more and more of drinking, and most of the time, oneself a person drink 24 beers, & other; Head of some dizzy, sit for half an hour. Throughout the &;

in September, found siosio hot-pot restaurant in chengdu, to invite her to go to chengdu to wine god games, the rules of the game was to see who could drink the most in the shortest possible time. Finally, siosio with 8 bottles of beer within two minutes won the championship. Prior to the start of the game, a lot of people watching siosio tall figure, to doubt the girl can really drink. & other; See them one by one to get three or four bottles not, but I didn’t even have a little uncomfortable, the feeling is very cool. Throughout the &;

the trouble of fame

many people let her & other; Performance & throughout; Drink, friends worried about her body

chengdu, let siosio hit the network again. Since then, many chongqing local merchants began to invite her, & other; Sometimes will go to, the feeling is much more. Throughout the &; Even sometimes walking in the street, someone will recognize siosio, & other; Are you the drink e mail! Throughout the &; Stranger sudden hail, let her some happy and some fear.

gradually, trouble began to follow. More and more strangers seen video, through various channels to contact her, hope to be able to see & other; Female wine god & throughout; How to drink. & other; Still, some say, I invite you to dinner, you show the drink. It makes me uncomfortable. Throughout the &; Now, set the micro letter siosio themselves into & other; Not by looking to add & throughout; Because there are a lot of people because & other; Drink & throughout; With her friends.

outsiders want first glimpse siosio drink of the wine of the fast, but good friends at every meeting let her drink less, & throughout; Although to drink not drunk, but also worried about her. Throughout the &; Every time see siosio drink, friends ms zhang will worry about it. Now, every time to eat, friends say the most is, & other; Don’t drink, drink coke. Throughout the &;

& other; You are so afraid not, not any abnormal body. Throughout the &; More than a month ago, Mr Cui met siosio I like to drink, and became friends with her. Have seen a few times siosio drink, Mr Cui expressed his worry, & other; Me too well, I have never seen a girl so can drink, but never drunk. Throughout the &; Mr Cui a few times to siosio, some worried about her body.

accident data

medical normal

but genetic testing solution wine general

friend is predisposed to remind, siosio body although you don’t feel uncomfortable, but it is still a bit uneasy. She went to the hospital to check the thyroid, everything was normal.

early in the morning, yesterday she was dedicated to the xinqiao hospital check routine blood, did the genetic testing, & other; I wanted to know, why so I can drink it. Throughout the &; Routine blood test and liver function test showed that siosio besides there are some high blood fat, other everything is normal, & other; High blood fat is not entirely because of drinking, but because the diet is too oily. Throughout the &; The doctor explained.

there is no special routine blood, and genetic factors? 19 morning, siosio alcohol in xinqiao hospital genetic testing. Xinqiao hospital inspection and quarantine department doctor Luo Fukang professor introduction, alcohol gene is a human gene sequences, by examining the corresponding aldehyde dehydrogenase gene type, can to analyze one of alcohol metabolism ability strong and the weak, so as to determine whether is suitable for drinking. Alcohol affect the human body is the most direct one gene acetaldehyde dehydrogenase.

the main body of acetaldehyde dehydrogenase in three types, namely the homozygous wild-type, heterozygous mutation type, homozygous mutant. Among them, the homozygous wild-type represents the ability is good therapy, a hybrid mutant is a regular, homozygous mutant is very poor.

with siosio expected, was originally thought she’d be hangover cure ability good homozygous wild-type, final inspection is belong to hybrid mutant. & other; She also belongs to the normal level of ability, is not very good. Throughout the &;

alcohol can cause harm to the body more than normal standard

s doctor remind

however, xinqiao hospital of medical professor BaiJianYing still reminds, & other; The outer look not to come out is not equal to no harm, no feeling of discomfort and is not equal to you can drink so much wine. Throughout the &;

professor parker, siosio drinking and eating amount has exceeded the normal standard, fat and how bad things may not be reflected in the external, but is likely to accumulate over a long period in the liver, heart, etc., causing damage to the body. Don’t often drink. Drink less siosio said he recently.

our reporter Shi Heng

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