Fictitious name: series of health care fraud is involved in all, more than three thousand victims of the old man

hong-fu zhang (not his real name), no unnecessary on his life, in the age of 74 by a group of false famous doctor in the three months has cheated him out of more than 40000 yuan, the money he came back to more than three years to earn a bare living by farming.

& other; They said the response national policy, give us these people look down on disease, I know of where they are deceptive. Throughout the &; When it comes to be cheated, hong-fu zhang involuntarily raised the tone, he has not remember how many times successively from these people bought medicine, & other; & lsquo; Experts & rsquo; Said I didn’t take his medicine will kill me, how can I not buy? Throughout the &;

hong-fu zhang did not know, he was just common geriatrics, is not life threatening, and those & other Experts & throughout; Mouth so-called cure-all medicine, in fact, what disease can cure. Since 2015, more than 3000 like hong-fu zhang, into & other; Medical experts & throughout; Scam, most of them are look down on disease of the elderly.

on December 15, anti-fraud center of chongqing city public security bureau police Yuan Ke tell surging news (, since 2016, chongqing police has repeatedly received the alarm, said by & other; Medical experts & throughout; Fraud, purchased substandard medicines, & other; Comb through to the case information, we found that these cases there is one thing in common, criminals through fiction, counterfeit, a professor of medicine at the victim’s trust, and then to sell its high prices and inferior health care products. Throughout the &;

Yuan Ke initially did not think of, behind these seemingly scattered cases, 16 more than 30 fraud criminal gangs, hidden dens and more than 300 criminal suspects, they through fiction, as medical experts, accumulative total more than ten thousand crime, fraud amount totaling more than 10 million yuan, & other; Each group, each case is supported by their fictional specialist, their identity through this layer and elaborate & lsquo; The script & rsquo; Time and time again from the old people cheated the pension money in his pocket, and even the coffin. Throughout the &;

TV & other; Famous doctor liu & throughout;

30 cheated many times more than 40000 yuan, after hong-fu zhang changed his mind and send her to chongqing TongLiang area hospital for treatment, he no longer felt is a luxury thing, to go to the hospital with fake doctors to sell him & other; Cure-all & throughout; Compared of counterfeit drugs, he felt more steadfast in the hospital to see a doctor.

hong-fu zhang this year 74 years old, like most years over the age of the elderly, he was also the waist dish outstanding, arthritis and kidney disease, but due to economic reasons, in the face of pain, he will often go on the hard shoulder, & other; I am a farmer, the old woman in the home the body is not good, if two people are in hospital, I which come so much money? Throughout the &;

but not willing to go to a hospital doesn’t mean hong-fu zhang attaches great importance to the healthy, before and after July this year, he saw on TV a & other; Medicine throughout the interview &; Program, the title is a famous Beijing hospital professor liu unriddling for geriatrics patients in the program, and recommend to patients in the show a by his own research and development, drug extracted from the deep sea, claimed responsibility for a variety of geriatrics open. In the show, there are even a few who used the drug the elderly & other; Advise others & throughout; , they all said after taking medicine, the disease has been greatly alleviated.

the show let hong-fu zhang see the hope, he quickly called program calls, want to buy & other; Liu teach & throughout; Given drugs to try to develop. In a telephone, a purported & other; Professor liu & throughout; Man ask for details of the assistant hong-fu zhang condition, then told he will send a information for reference.

hong-fu zhang (not his real name) with a ballad singing machine. & have spent Those journalists Chen Leizhu figure

a few days later, hong-fu zhang received a Courier package, containing a health books and an old ballad singing machine. This book of China and India have several former leaders with their doctors, and accompanied by a large number of famous doctor’s personal information and deeds, they all come from TV programs mentioned in the previous & other; Professor liu & throughout; At the hospital. In addition to elderly chronic diseases and treatment of root, also recorded the data of a large number of patients, and their road back.

although hong-fu zhang previously did not pay attention to the hospital, had not even heard of & other; Professor liu & throughout; Name, but the book & believes that this is his other A very high level of hospital & throughout; , then he opened ballad singing machine and want to further understand the hospital & other Professor liu & throughout; In the case. In this little instrument similar to the radio, he heard the & other; Professor liu & throughout; By telephone for the process of patient visits, also learned & other; Professor liu & throughout; Research and development of drugs for almost all the geriatrics open, & other; Ballad singing machine play both enquiring about the contents of the illness, has taken the medicine disease good after calling to thank you. Throughout the &;

in fact, & other; Professor liu & throughout; Referred to in the ballad singing machine medicine knowledge, as well as the medicinal properties of drugs, such as content, hong-fu zhang simply don’t understand, but he still think those words very reasonable, after all, he heard many examples of the elderly because of the drug rehabilitation, he began to think of to contact the hospital in Beijing to buy & other; Professor liu & throughout; Research and development of drugs.

in hong-fu zhang ready to contact & other; Professor liu & throughout; Assistant, the other party take the initiative to call a telephone, ask if received information, after get sure answer, the assistant told hong-fu zhang, they call in response to the state, to take care of look down on disease of the elderly, thousands of yuan medicine originally, now only need hundreds of yuan, & other; If there is economic difficulties, the Courier fee paid. Throughout the &;

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