Fire alarm can also remote guarding, family service robot “bean” will appear GongBoHui

November 7 to 11, the 19th annual China international industry fair will be held at the national convention center (Shanghai).

surging news on October 31, (, the reporter learns from Shanghai municipal education commission held a press conference, exhibition in the college, 68 colleges and universities of 740 projects will be exhibiting, emergence of a large number of outstanding kechuang achievements will collective appearance.

fudan: research and development of the sixth generation robot

home service robot & other Farce beans & throughout; Will be displayed on the GongBoHui this year.

& other; Farce beans & throughout; By fudan university robot intelligence wen-qiang zhang, director of the laboratory research and development team. According to the r&d team, & other; Farce beans & throughout; Can walk independently and timely and family security. For possible family fire or the leaking gas etc, & other; Farce beans & throughout; Will alert to help host family remote monitoring. At the same time, it can also provide identification, intelligent household, family services such as voice communication.

wen-qiang zhang group in the robot with perfect communication function interface. Zhang Qitu

inspired by cognitive psychology, invented a & other; Through the interaction with the environment, to achieve understanding and cognition to the outside world, rather than just a particular task & throughout; Robot is always wen-qiang zhang team research direction.

in 2005, the team was able to achieve it. The fudan on the one hundredth anniversary, the domestic first full loading of humanoid robots capable of mental development & other; Fudan 1 & throughout; Appearance. & other; Farce beans & throughout; Is a research and development of the team of the sixth generation of robots, robot before the function is used to dacheng.

wen-qiang zhang & other; Indomitable spirit & throughout; Describe the team’s research direction: on the one hand to do scientific research, high levels of papers published, this is & other; An ace & throughout; ; On the other hand, find the demand of the people, will be products to the market better, realize the industrialization of technological achievements.

& other; The results in lab and product was the real ground distance. Throughout the &; Wen-qiang zhang explained, when writing articles tend to be set a lot of boundary conditions, these conditions to ensure the experimental input is & other; Clean the data & throughout; Immediately, but in the actual scene, all kinds of interference, often alone is less than the original experiment results.

wen-qiang zhang introduces, & other; Farce beans & throughout; Research and development is geared to the needs of the market, at the beginning of the cooperation company has been in the small-scale test, the future will be mass production, pricing and a regular laptop.

Shanghai jiaotong university: digital pathology scanners to break international monopoly

pathology doctor called & other; The doctor the doctor & throughout; , every day they through the microscope observation, analysis of various tissue and cell biopsy samples, discusses the internal mechanism of the lesion, development process, the final pathologic diagnosis.

as a large-scale integrated hospital indispensable key department, the department in charge of the whole hospital pathology diagnosis task, but facing a talent shortage for a long time, the situation of heavy work. Digital & other; Pathology doctor & throughout; Therefore highlight the importance of.

& other; It can be done automatically focus detection, global scanning, even into pieces and operation, and high resolution microscopic pathological image on a computer screen, display devices, such as mobile terminal, realize stepless scale, global view, pathologic doctor will release from the tedious microscope operation and observation. Throughout the &; The executive vice President of Shanghai jiaotong university institute of science and technology development xin-ping guan said.

digital pathological development involving optical, mechanical, and control of the scanner, multidisciplinary technology such as software system, its technical barriers are very high. Adaptive continuous scanning technique, for example, in order to guarantee high scanning imaging quality of the object lens, then the requirements during the scanning process to realize the focusing accuracy of 0.2 microns, equivalent to a plane to stick to keep cm-level accuracy in the process of flight height from the ground.

at present, the domestic digital pathology, scanners are mainly concentrated in the low-end products, high-end market is completely monopoly by foreign instrument manufacturers such as lycra, Olympus. Represented by Japan hamamatsu, America Apero manufacturers, relying on its technical monopoly, single equipment are priced between 1.5 million yuan to 2 million yuan.

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