First in line with the human dimension of cardiac patches was born! The next step is to test on the pig heart

heart & other; Patch & throughout; Is not strange, however, create and human heart size matching & other; Patch & throughout; It is extremely difficult. At present, the duke university biomedical engineer to break the bottleneck, won the world’s first fully functional human artificial heart, the repair necrotic myocardium in patients with the ultimate goal of an important step. Relevant results on November 29, published in the international academic journal “Nature & bull; communication” (Nature Communications).

in general, during the period of heart disease, patients with loss of blood flow to the heart muscle, leading to cell death. The damaged myocardium after the death of a scar tissue formation, the scar tissue cannot receive or transfer the necessary electrical signals, it will lead to patients with congestive heart failure, and eventually lead to death. At present, more than 12 million patients worldwide suffer this problem.

the paper’s first author Ilya Shadrin said, & other; In fact, now all of the clinical therapy is to reduce the patient’s clinical symptoms, but there’s no way to replace already lost heart, because the heart muscle can’t independent renewable once died. But the scheme of our in vitro cultured myocardial tissue can be used to replace lost function of cardiac necrosis. Throughout the &;


visible from the experimental team shooting video, from human stem cells in the artificial heart patch group, in a petri dish with a cover can like heart beat. The size of the patch is 4 cm & times; 4 cm, than the researchers made in 2013 human myocardial 30 times bigger.

the team can get artificial heart within 5 weeks in training, but they need four months time to cultivate needed to stem cells. Experiment used in stem cell technology based on human induced pluripotent stem cells from somatic cells in the skin biopsy or blood samples, and genetic recombination.

during the study, a smaller size of the tissue patch has been tested in rats for a month. Results show that can produce myocardial contraction and transmitting electrical impulses. In the future, the team will be tested in pigs, will the study by researchers at the university of Allah barak responsible for transplanting the patch to the pig’s heart.

it is worth noting that compared with the rats and animal models, for humans, more thicker, the patches of the heart is at least 2 to 3 mm thick, to have an adult pump need enough muscle strength.

the paper of the corresponding author, professor of biomedical engineering at duke university Nenad Bursac, said & other; Create a single cardiomyocytes have been commonplace, but the researchers usually use small size of the organization to study drug development. Amplify the size to the size of our experiment had never been done before, it requires a lot of ingenuity of the biomedical engineering. Throughout the &; DetailPic


Bursac also mentioned that & other; Creating the heart patch is very difficult to do, because the larger the organization the more difficult it is to keep the overall performance of the agreement. Also, how to let the organization developed in 5 weeks time, at the same time human often take years to develop properly to achieve organizational characteristics, these are very challenging. Throughout the &;

Bursac has studied in the field of damaged heart replacement and reconstruction of nearly 20 years, he said the duke university study to test this patch is the world’s first can fully satisfy the human heart the size of the patches. Bursac thinks, & other; The future is sure to solve the problem of a large, patients can get relatively cheap treatments, this solution may become more common, because the heart transplant is a restricted factor shortage of donor source, and we do not exist the problem. Throughout the &;

of course, the laboratory to create a piece of tissue transplants to the hearts of those who would like a heart transplant some of the risks and challenges. Foreign transplants may lead to the rejection of patients, or after a period of time the artificial heart failure. And, more importantly, the rhythm of the patch itself must and patients cardiac rhythm in sync, otherwise it will be putting patients at risk for arrhythmias.

this study obtained the national institutes of health (NIH) one for seven years, a total of $8.6 million in funding, the present study is only for one year.

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