First Shanghai health ten innovation competition, will be promotion service patients in the city

on January 14, the first & other Shanghai health ten innovation & throughout; Officially announced.

the activity is in the health reform in Shanghai office, under the guidance of health and family planning commission of Shanghai, the liberation daily social joint health and health development research center of Shanghai. Elect activities since its launch in October 2017, received do medical subject, medical and health institutions, municipal family planning related to learn (association) recommended health declaration of 77. After selection, 25 measures, eventually & other; Well the best & throughout; Born ten measures, another 15 measures won the nomination. It is understood that this is carried out in the country take the lead at the provincial level health initiatives.

it is understood that the whole selection process, in addition to expert evaluation link, also in the city health and family planning commission official micro letter & other; Health throughout Shanghai 12320 &; Vote on the network. A 10-day network voting period, a total of nearly 150000 netizens voted.

in recent years, Shanghai as a national comprehensive reform pilot area at the provincial level, continue to deepen reform of pharmaceutical and health care system and gradually establish a basic medical and health care system, medical security system, such as high quality medical and health service system, aiming at the hot and difficult problem in the reform, the bold exploration, launched a batch of health has impetus to consolidate the reform achievement, service people, innovative and significant social benefits of the reform measures, fully affirmed the leadership of the state council and national health development planning commission, promoted the development of the cause of the Shanghai health and the improvement of people’s health level, Shanghai residents key health indicators for ten consecutive years in the developed countries and regions of the world, and is a national leader.

the city health office director, city health and family planning commission director WuJingLei said: Shanghai is a national comprehensive reform pilot area, at the provincial level the first & the other; Ten health reform initiatives throughout the &; The success of the selection, fully embodies the Shanghai government at all levels and the city’s health system & other; Problem oriented, target orientation, effect guide & throughout; , innovation, dare to overcome, and constantly improve the level of public health, new era as vanguard, determination and the progress of the forerunner, and fully reflects the social from all walks of life, the majority of citizens of the health care reform.

the next stage, the city will also be organized the first & other; Shanghai healthcare innovation case communication throughout the conference &; , communicate through case report forms, such as display, mining, further promote innovation, let more people benefit from health care reform.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

first & other; Shanghai health ten innovation & throughout; As follows:

1. The construction & other; Xinhua throughout a chongming &; Regional health consortium, high-quality medical services provide people with the door (xinhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine)

2. The construction of a modern hospital personnel management system, break & other; The ceiling & throughout; Make good doctor stand out (Shanghai first people’s hospital)

3. Create a region of couplet of pediatric medicine, makes the co-construction and sharing, hierarchical diagnosis and treatment of pediatric service mode (pediatric hospital affiliated to fudan university, Shanghai children’s medical center affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine)

4. Create & other; Industry throughout society people &; Mode, the realization of standardization of residency training, homogeneity (standardized training of resident doctors and transaction center, zhongshan hospital, ruijin hospital)

5. Build & other; Health cloud & throughout; , big construction based on population health data of health service system (the Shanghai Information center for health and family planning commission, Wonders Information Co., Ltd.)

6. Four new tertiary hospital located in the suburbs, alleviate the local people to see a doctor difficult (Shanghai shen-kang hospital development center)

7. Close the coordinated development of medical and health care network, build business to carry out the hierarchical diagnosis (Shanghai pudong hospital)

8. Deepen & other; 4 d linkage & throughout; , let people signing the family doctor to have get feeling (changning district health and family planning commission)

9. Carry out prescription pre audit, from the source to ensure the rational use of drugs (Shanghai changzheng hospital)

10. Through the community, patients have to affordable (songjiang district health and family planning commission)

the first & other Shanghai health ten innovation & throughout; Nomination is as follows:

1. The medical efficiency in the day, and effective in relieving patients admitted to hospital difficult surgery difficult (yan chai hospital affiliated to Shanghai jiaotong university school of medicine)

2. The first, to provide residents with colorectal cancer screening and the elderly pneumonia vaccination (Shanghai municipal center for disease control and prevention)

3. Do real hierarchical diagnosis and treatment, ensure smooth referral green passage of Shanghai east China hospital

4. Integrate various resources, diabetes prevention and treatment of all the system construction of Shanghai (Shanghai sixth people’s hospital)

5. Establishment of domestic academy of pediatrics, the largest for pediatric talent shortage & other; Blood transfusion & throughout; (Shanghai jiao tong university school of medicine)

6. Construction shadow – jiading area image center, build a new model (jiading district health and family planning commission) hierarchical diagnosis

7. Set up social do medical brand, promote the healthy and standardizing development industry (Shanghai social medical institutions association)

8. YiJiaoYan synergy of couplet of type d wings fly together with the family doctor system, build regional grading diagnosis system (minhang district health and family planning commission)

9. Opening laboratory and ward two-way channel, to speed up the transformation of medicine patent achievements (zhongshan hospital affiliated to fudan university)

10. Establish & other Name of TCM studio & throughout; Name’s clinical experience in the promotion of traditional Chinese medicine to the community and grassroots (longhua hospital affiliated to Shanghai university of traditional Chinese medicine)

11. & other; Patient services throughout island &; One-stop service mode and avoid queuing (Shanghai pudong new area PuNa hospital)

12. Constructing multi-level general talent cultivation system, power grading diagnosis (yangpu district central hospital)

13. Provide community & other; Medical, breeding, protecting, r, & throughout; The entire health management service (xuhui district is healthy street community health service center)

14. Its secondary hospital function transformation, effective rehabilitation hospital construction (yangpu district health and family planning commission)

15. & other; Internet + & throughout; Shanghai children’s medical and health services (children’s hospital)

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