First social pharmacy licensed pharmacists in hospital training project started

issued by the state council in February’s & other much starker choices-and graver consequences-in & throughout; national food safety planning “noted & other; State licensed pharmacists medical service role play does not reach the designated position, unreasonable drug problems. Throughout the &; ; Issued by the party central committee and the state council’s & other health throughout China 2030 &; planning guidelines and the general office of the state council on promoting the healthy development of the pharmaceutical industry guidance “in also proposed & other; To strengthen the construction of pharmacy team, promote licensed pharmacists service ability, promote the rational drug use safety & throughout; .

at first: the licensed pharmacists went into hospital

along with the advancement of medicine separation, grading treatment such as policy, social pharmacy licensed pharmacists pharmaceutical care ability become promote grass-roots management for treating patients is important one annulus. On December 1, sponsored by the association of Chinese pharmaceutical business, Shanghai roche pharmaceuticals co., LTD., support & other; Social professional licensed pharmacists hospital pharmacy practice training program & throughout; Officially launched in suzhou.

& other; Social pharmacy pharmacy in patients with drug management is playing a more and more important role. Throughout the &; Start ceremony, Chinese medicine business association executive director FuMingZhong, & other; Organization licensed pharmacists pharmaceutical retail chain enterprises to public hospitals to study practice, will help pharmacists prescription drug rational use of knowledge and guiding skills, greatly improve the licensed pharmacists team construction and pharmaceutical care level. We target to cultivate a large number of excellent social pharmacy licensed pharmacists, for the majority of patients to provide more professional management services, drug treatment and help patients health management and rehabilitation plan, promote the rationality of drug use, safety, promote the specialization of pharmacy, play social pharmacy and licensed pharmacists team plays an important part in achieving health China. Throughout the &;

it is understood that this project is the first domestic licensed pharmacists in hospital practice training. To this, Shanghai roche pharmaceuticals co., LTD., vice President of corporate affairs and market access and channel management cheng said: & other; Patients get better medical treatment, need linkage industry each link. For a long time, roche is committed to promoting the medical industry chain mode innovation, help the patients not only could afford, also can use, with good innovative drugs. Through the full support & lsquo; Social professional licensed pharmacists hospital pharmacy practice training & rsquo; Linkage pharmacies, hospitals and other projects, we hope more backbone industries, to build ecological system taking patients as the center of pharmaceutical care, help patients to get more professional medical health consultation, management and service. And through licensed pharmacists in the hospital to learn, to his professional service level will be improved to a great extent. Throughout the &;

upgrade DTP: provide one-stop service for patients

two of the world’s highest rates of chronic disease is cancer and cardiovascular disease. But the public often stays cool to the latter, in the face of cancer is like sentenced to death, full of fear. Since 2006 the world health organization and other international authoritative institutions are correct, the original & other Cancer redefined as an incurable disease control, treatment, or cure of chronic diseases. Throughout the &; Standardization as long as the early detection, early treatment, can be control and cure of cancer. Thus the DTP pharmacy provided by professional pharmacists disease education, prescription drug rational use of knowledge, and guidelines in the treatment of tumor patients with subsequent management is more important.

the DTP is Direct to the abbreviation of Patient, refers to the Direct sales in patients with high innovation apt to apt to the pharmacy. Because the DTP apt professional pharmacy sales is apt to tumor, the prescription drug review have higher requirements, and professional services. In the industry at present, there is no specific provision for the management of the DTP pharmacy, roche has established the DTP high standards, and has set up in 141 cities around the country to support construction of the 206 accord with the standard of DTP pharmacy (data) by September of this year. China National Accord Medicines Corporation Ltd., vice general manager of pharmacy at nus, its holding co., Ltd. General manager Mr Xiao-chuan zhao thinks: & other; In recent years, the DTP apt professional pharmacy in cold chain management, and other hardware ability has been enhanced greatly; Licensed pharmacists practical training will promote pharmacy to & lsquo; Patients as the center & rsquo; , & lsquo; One-stop service system & rsquo; Upgrading transformation, building specialized in providing pharmaceutical care to patients with new high-end medical service platform, thus effectively promote the core competitiveness for pharmacy industry. Throughout the &;

upper and lower linkage, through & other; Hospital – social pharmacy & throughout; Pharmaceutical care consultation platform

it is understood that the practical training program based on more than the national level 3 first-class hospital medicine division. Under the guidance of the department of commerce market order, who planning commission directly under the sino-japanese friendship, cqi as hospital practice training unit, has first carried out in Beijing social professional licensed pharmacists hospital pharmacy practice training. Conference, china-japan friendship were given cqi & other; Medicine circulation industry social pharmacy licensed pharmacists practice training base & throughout; .

hospital has rich experience in pharmaceutical care and teaching, to social pharmacy licensed pharmacists to provide professional guidance and practical training, not only can promote licensed pharmacists in pharmacy service ability, also can strengthen the understanding between hospital and community pharmacy, to further establish a pharmaceutical care consultation platform in the future. Hospital pharmacists as expert consultant, the online guide social pharmacy licensed pharmacists to provide pharmaceutical services to patients at the grass-roots level, make the grass-roots patients timely, efficient, accurate and convenient for tertiary hospital pharmacists professional guidance, thus forming a hospital pharmacists and social pharmacy licensed pharmacists & lsquo; Upper and lower linkage & rsquo; The service system.

rational drug use, save medical costs

China pharmaceutical university licensed pharmacists development research center, deputy director of kang said: & other; Drug therapy management is an important part of the pharmaceutical care. Happily, this project in the content added to the training course, and to practice. Through social professional pharmacy, foreseeable future patients can receive timely medical education, counseling, guidance and other professional pharmaceutical care, which will greatly reduce because of drug abuse, health and economic losses caused by misuse, save medical costs, improve the service efficiency of medical insurance fund; Provide medication management all the way, to the patient at the same time will also improve the effect of drug treatment, help prolong life, regain their health. Throughout the &;

as we have learned, practical training will be up around the country this month, first a plan to cover 11 provinces and cities, each region will organize a number of students to the hospital for two months in the field practice study, plans a total of 100 licensed pharmacists across the country. Training contents include the common tumor such as lung cancer, gastric cancer, breast cancer drug knowledge, master study prescription audit, professional methods of drug consultation, provide the comprehensive system of drug therapy for patients with tumor management services.

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