Flap “master” hongchi xiao kill has been arrested abroad, domestic companies are still functioning

to & other; Flap healing therapy & throughout; To mainland China, Taiwan and many countries and regions including Australia & other Master & throughout; Hongchi xiao, in April 2017 arrested in in London for involuntary manslaughter and extradited to Australia, did not disappear completely.

surging news (www.thepaper.cn), the survey found that by its industrial chain is still in operation, and built its weibo sina certification is still on updated in so-called pat therapy natural network health and offline battalion, the company is still behind by his disciples. By his disciple of team operating taobao, jingdong, micro store several online is still normal operation, the sale price of flap therapy instrument, did not indicate whether for medical equipment. Previously deadly flap offline experience and network experience camp is still operating in the country. DetailPic

hongchi xiao weibo screenshot

hongchi xiao who was the founder of the medical world, & other; Pat brace & throughout; Health management experts advocate, self-healing force, one of the founders of medical education. Claims that its therapy can treat a cold, stroke, alzheimer’s disease, paralysis, kidney failure, and even a variety of diseases such as cancer and depression.

& other; Pat brace self-healing method & throughout; Including drawing, fasting, flap body until the bruises and even skin bleeding.

in 2015, hongchi xiao in its & other; Pat therapy & throughout; Workshop course between banned a 6 year old children with diabetes using insulin killed. So in 2017 that was charged with manslaughter was arrested in London.

according to Australian media Sydney morning herald reported in October 2017, a local court in Australia has refused to hongchi xiao’s application for bail.

& other; Do you have what qualifications (media) to investigate us, you let the relevant departments to investigate? Throughout the &;

on December 20, surging news call by disciple operation hongchi xiao several companies website phone, after that a journalist, a company staff tone fierce rebuke, and hangs up the phone quickly.

after hongchi xiao for violation of medical laws and regulations in Taiwan are one by one, but in the mainland areas of business activities. In the face of media & other; Illegal medical & throughout; Question, hongchi xiao not only with & other; I am not a doctor & throughout; To push the responsibility statement, and it also requires students signed up for the camps to sign all & other; Familiar with impunity book & throughout; .

the Chinese medical doctor association Deng Lijiang think, director of the legal affairs department, various hongchi xiao & other Disclaimer & throughout; Behavior is invalid, he told surging news, cognizance of illegal practice medicine basis for & other; No physician qualification in medical diagnosis and treatment activities throughout the &; Activities includes both diagnosis and treatment, diagnosis and treatment, including rehabilitation, also have the choice between different treatments, hongchi xiao and the disciples of the organization’s activities is a typical clinical behavior, belong to the illegal practice medicine.

& other; All disease can cure & throughout;

from hongchi xiao was arrested in April this year overseas has eight months, but in the sina weibo real-name authentication account is still in frequent activity.

hongchi xiao microblogging certification is still & other; Beijing taps la culture communication co., LTD. (hereinafter referred to as la pat company) health care keeping in good health adviser, well-known blogger, health, sports video since the media & throughout; , and owns more than 170000 fans.

only in December, for example, as of December 13, hongchi xiao certification account almost every day release WuLiuTiao weibo, all of them are for & other; Flap healing therapy & throughout; Propaganda.

the top flap weibo for charging point-blank therapy experience camp propaganda, content in December 2017 – February 2018, nanning, Shanghai, shenzhen, zhengzhou, Beijing experience camp schedule.

note that training camp in the training battalion, suitable for sub-health population, the disease for many years, also emphasized, not suitable for pregnant women and children under the age of 16. DetailPic

surging news according to flap hongchi xiao blogs and therapy official official customer service, provide the contact information of the training camp in the old man’s identity consulting, customer service, according to the web experience camp tuition is $1280, by micro letter group in class, the teacher every day 1 hour centralism teaching, students at home to finish the teacher assigned pat, brace, soak the foot, etc.

in addition, the personnel of the service also said & other; Effective for all disease, as long as you say the name of disease, patting therapy can cure & throughout; .

the camps have been around for years, actually.

in 2012, the media reported that Beijing a 51-year-old flap in the old woman with cancer of the liver to brace camps died three months later. Sign up

in addition, students need to sign the informed consent form and application form online.

in informed consent, the company will also pull pat pat may occur in the process of erythema, red rash, blisters, dizziness, headache, heart disease patients of syncope, coma, boils down to & other; Qi chong lesions response & throughout; , also claim that it is also a detoxification reaction, appear afore-mentioned symptoms, should 56-point thrashing, continue to brace and flap, and to emphasize & other After internal cleansing and detoxification, body will gradually returned to normal, more and more health & throughout; .

& other; Global demand is too big, shaw teacher busy throughout & abroad;

& other; Global demand for patting therapy is too big now, xiao teacher in abroad especially busy, domestic training camp taught by his apprentice. Throughout the &;

on December 13, surging news to the old identity consulting, taps, the personnel of the service company so reply, did not disclose hongchi xiao overseas’s arrest.

hongchi xiao started, its promotion in mainland China by us auspicious management consulting company responsible for very long time, according to the Beijing news reported in 2012, the company is also & other; D throughout the world &; Project headquarters in Beijing. In September 2012, auspicious ancient company delisted.

the data shows, for industry and commerce and auspicious forever management consulting company legal representative people & other; Ms ulrich & throughout; , another has cancelled the same ulrich name & other; Jinzhou and auspicious ancient books management consulting co., LTD. & throughout; Supervisors for & other; JiYing & throughout; .

business data shows, & other; JiYing & throughout; Is la pat company and Beijing macro corporate culture communication co., LTD.

since 2012, has been taken to Beijing hongchi xiao backswing culture communication co., LTD., the health care keeping in good health consultant.

by querying hongchi xiao’s blog post from 2010 to 2017, surging news discovery, & other; JiYing & throughout; And & other Ms ulrich & throughout; The coach is hongchi xiao disciple and camp.

in other words, although hongchi xiao was arrested in overseas, its business is still in normal operation.

surging news, also found that the taps, company website, in addition to the medical world team’s propaganda, and taobao, jingdong, micro electric business platform online store address. The shop is still in the online sales.

price 1000 yuan of the brace stool, more than 300 yuan of brace plate equipment, did not indicate whether for medical equipment. DetailPic

surging news also noted that the series of the company, for JiYing big shareholders of Beijing la lala health science and technology co., LTD and pat pat company website address is the same, in the industrial and commercial information record & other; Pat lesbian & throughout; Such as patent, fitness equipment, medical equipment knowledge is taps to pull a few online stores are selling products of the company.

in other words, & other; La pat & throughout; And & other Pat lesbian & throughout; Is essentially the same set of team registration using different identity.

surging news also noted that in addition to the website, online store, hongchi xiao disciple team, also has created an APP, is used to attract users.

in the group name for & other; Muscle pull play throughout the &; APP, in addition to the official team self-promotion, spontaneous and the number of users upload pat video therapy and exchange experience.

lawyer: disclaimer is invalid, can be deemed illegal medical

& other; Since the last Australian experience camp after the occurrence of accidental deaths, have been someone asked me: why haven’t you go to jail? I will ask themselves: I was qualified to jail? Throughout the &;

in November 2016, hongchi xiao for Australian experience camp infant deaths and media reports, asked in a blog post.

hongchi xiao also said in the article, in the camps, no matter how thorough careful team is doing, there is no guarantee that there is no death occurred. & other; If the hospital death tens of thousands of people take it for granted and self-healing method camps accidental death a man is a murderer, that’s not self-healing method has a problem, but the selfish and prejudice in the media and experts indicates disease of the whole society. Throughout the &;

hongchi xiao in his book, speech, and experience during the camp, have repeatedly stressed that he is not a doctor, pat brace not medical works, just like yoga healing method.

& other; Although self-healing method effect is good, but it is not a doctor cure, and only teach you a method, by their own practice. And self-healing method is predestined friends the human to help, never importune patients involved. If the patient and family to this method, a lack of confidence, we always hope that they give priority to with the doctor’s advice. Throughout the &;

in 2011, Taiwan media reported that & other; Taipei health & throughout; That hongchi xiao not doctors’ qualifications, but folk therapy in public propaganda, suggested that flap and mapping of the medical effect, have medical law violation. Finally in Taiwan to hongchi xiao a fine of nt $50000, and deported.

after being expelled from Taiwan, hongchi xiao to the mainland. In 2012, the Beijing news exposure, hongchi xiao challenged with illegal practice medicine, hongchi xiao is in the blog response & other; I told you I am not a doctor & throughout; .

hongchi xiao disciple is still in the same response to questions.

flap in therapy web experience camp, users need to sign a waiver. Taps, the company emphasizes people escape in the book: the Internet as a way of health keeping in good health practitioners, its nature of practice is a way of healthy, do not constitute any treatment and medical behavior, the online experience camp for past students reach the effect of health care does not make any commitment, does not guarantee that every experience camp participants can achieve the same effect. Again hint: if you are ill, please strictly follow the doctor’s advice, the correct treatment, take medicine on time, slapping, brace, the wall just is a kind of health preservation methods, such as work, cannot replace the above behavior.

for detoxification reaction mentioned & other; Qi chong lesions & throughout; , exemption book also special provision: in view of the particularity of online sales, due to guide the teaching of the teacher off-site, for the experience in the process of online sales error method to study and practice, or cannot be regularly carried out in accordance with the online part of the process to take, all the gas rushed lesions caused by natural health network camp don’t bear any legal responsibility.

the Chinese medical doctor association law department director Deng Lijiang think, & other; These crooks take this so-called around way, such as yourself is to organize a student’s activity, is the result of communication, is some guidance, but apparently this is intervention intervention in the diagnosis and treatment behavior. That such behavior is illegal medical practice, it is no problem. Throughout the &;

Deng Lijiang also said Xiao Hong and disciple of the above disclaimers, hide in the form of legal illegal purposes, this liability is invalid, because if a behavior can cause harm to people, like the ego statement of life and death in the past, that is totally invalid, is clear on contract law shall be excluded.

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