Flu hit big hospitals are overwhelmed young why not go to the community hospital

data figure: hospital hall, clinic jostling crowd. China news agency reporters DJ Leon remix taken

zhejiang online January 20 – (zhejiang online journalists he Zhang Miao correspondent Wang Xin Huang Jiaxian Song Lisheng xu is a plus narci) this week, & other; Flu & throughout; Doctor continued, & other; Compared with the same period last year, our hospital pediatric passengers more than doubled, adult respiratory increased almost twice as much. Throughout the &; Hangzhou TCM gates said denis, director of the office.

reporter walked into hangzhou big hospitals and community hospitals, and found the uneven and doctor.

& other; A large proportion of outpatient service is the common cold, it is not necessary to big hospital. Throughout the &; Deputy director of zhejiang province people’s hospital of respiratory medicine ya-qing li some helpless.

& other; Colds are really isn’t much, but that doesn’t mean we have no ability to make a diagnosis and give treatment of the disease. Throughout the &; Hangzhou ziyang street community health service center service station stationmaster Li Zhibing YangShi street said.

big hospitals were filled with cold patient, the doctor a day high work load, community hospital disposal ability, but few young, what is the problem?

better wait two or three hours

nor to the community hospital

& other; Come, you also wear a face mask. Throughout the &; In zhejiang province people’s hospital of respiratory medicine outpatient service waiting area, volunteers Huang Dajie handed over a face mask to the reporter, & other; More than 2 hours 150 today. Throughout the &;

more than 10 o ‘clock in the morning on Thursday, full patient waiting area, old people is less than 10%, the effects of many young and middle-aged. 34, Mr Chen is at half past eight hang, ranked 145th. At this point, there are 30 before he is waiting.

& other; A cold for two days, unit this morning it’s nothing, just take half a day off to see the doctor. Throughout the &; Mr. Chen said.

& other; Why not choose to community hospital? Throughout the &; Newspaper reporter asked money, Mr. Chen paused: & other; Hadn’t thought of it completely, community hospital where I don’t know. Throughout the &;

money press random asked 30 patients of the same question, only four said it had been to community hospitals, the others are immediately rushed to the hospital.

this in 4 patients, three more than 60 years old, one is 17 years old of the three girls. Girl’s father said, & other; Yesterday I took my daughter to the community hospital see first illness, but she has a fever of 38.6 ℃, the doctor said that more than 38.5 ℃ to large hospital, community without fever clinics. Throughout the &;

another 26 of community hospital & other; Opinions & throughout; Relatively concentrated: & other; Afraid of not having enough community doctors experience. Throughout the &; & other; Community hospitals with children have been to me, it is vaccinated, but feel the environment is not very good, equipment is old, anyhow is not assured. Throughout the &;

to attract young people to go to a doctor

community hospitals have to effort

community hospital?

life of Mr Wen xin street in hangzhou, his daughter also fell ill in this wave of flu. He called the family to sign a doctor first, because the temperature is not high, the doctor suggested to drink more water to observe first, if the temperature continues to rise, to the community hospital. With the guidance of professionals, life of Mr Is let her daughter at home safely.

wen xin street community health service center director Shang Gongmei told newspaper reporter: money & other; We are rare in hangzhou to open one of the community hospital of pediatrics, four doctors and 6 nurses, pediatric outpatient service all year round. Flu recently, our pediatric outpatient service is fully booked, accepts the amount in more than 200 visitors every day. Throughout the &; Soup, director of the said, if we can have more open pediatric community hospitals, estimate can alleviate the pressure of the large hospital.

on Thursday morning, the money newspaper reporters went to hangzhou ziyang street community health service center on service casing YangShi street. Adsense Li Zhibing with another gp visit, morning accepts 69, only four are & other; Office workers & throughout; And the rest are all retired old people; There are 19 of 69 patients were cold, the rest is a chronic disease, such as high blood pressure, diabetes, come again, fill it.

in other community hospital interview, money newspaper reporter also found the same situation, for contract signing is more old people, they have the habit of slowly had to a community hospital sees a doctor, but rare in young people.

& other; On drugs with, in addition to no antiviral drugs such as tamiflu, crack, such as tylenol antipyretic analgesics, cordate houttuynia, open spirit, ShuangHuangLian proprietary Chinese medicine are equipped with complete, in addition the doctor will open some traditional Chinese medicine, in order to meet the different needs of patients. Throughout the &; Li Zhibing said the doctor.

how to make young people understand the community hospital, and went into the community hospital?

the hangzhou ziyang street community health service center, deputy director of the said Mr Chen & other; We also have to recognize that the shortfalls, over the years, trying to young people more jurisdictions unit house to sign up, then each month to send the contractor health alert message, but the effect is not obvious. Recently, our doctors and signing residents add WeChat, real-time interaction, in order to let more people know us, slowly training to community doctor habits. Throughout the &;

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