Flu into the peak season Child cold have a fever don’t busy running of the hospital

at present, the city during the seasonal flu season, Beijing children’s hospital and capital institute of pediatrics two city children’s hospital with full, a large number of 3 armour hospital pediatric door also multiplied er visits. Who in Beijing development planning commission yesterday announced the 147 can provide list of pediatric medical services of hospitals, children’s hospital has combed the a & other; Clinic strategy & throughout; , remind parents watch first, then go to a doctor, reduce the cross infection, avoid as far as possible when medical emergency at night.

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medical wear masks to avoid cross infection

& other; We are the middle child is only two months, the boss to infect a cold, a diagnosis of bacterial infection, but children because of drug allergy must be in hospital infusion. Throughout the &; Yesterday, Mr. Gao in Peking University first hospital of pediatrics her child in her arms waiting for a whole day, can add the inpatient always not into a bed. The reporter understands, in response to the hospital, the pediatric inpatient hospital of Peking University, the doctor’s office are crammed into two little beds, room 3 room is changed to 4, but still can’t satisfy the needs of patients.

it’s a similar situation in ErYanSuo. The corridor outside the respiratory ward Riga is full of small bed, parents and children are everywhere. Sharply rising er visits Beijing children’s hospital door, day MenZhenLiang has broken, frontline staff working overtime, even the axis.

& other; Parents as long as you can, we must also work overtime to give children a doctor, but children too much, now the hospital cross infection phenomenon is very serious. Accepts in the process, we found a lot of children in clinic in the process of repeated infection, some even at the same time, several kinds of virus infection. Throughout the &; Interview, a pediatric outpatient doctor said helplessly.

to that end, Beijing children’s hospital experts specially produced a & other; Clinic strategy & throughout; To remind parents, no matter what child is caused by a cold fever, should be first observation, then go to a doctor. When children more than 38.5 degrees Celsius temperature suggest taking fever-reducing medication; Such as child body temperature is high, but the mental state is pretty good, was as usual or flush, drug fever still play as usual, was not ill, can suit the medicine and close observation, at the same time pay attention to drink more water, light diet, have a good rest, do a good job in home care; Show abnormalities, such as mental state is bad, sleepiness, be agitated, even nervous system symptoms, such as convulsions, tip was seriously ill, should go to a doctor as soon as possible. Another note is that the cold has a fever also need a healing process, it is difficult to immediately & other; Solving & throughout; , in general, for the first time to see a doctor after three days of a child still fever or symptoms of new or existing symptoms aggravate, just need to go to hospital again.

in addition, experts remind parents, remember to give their children wear masks when go to a doctor, to avoid cross-infection. Such as child mental state fair, it is recommended that parents visits during the day, as far as possible to avoid people relatively nervous emergency at night.

147 hospitals can treat a cold fever children

in view of the city of outpatient emergency care in tertiary hospital pediatric realities, the Beijing health planning commission specially compiled to provide medical services of the secondary and above hospitals in pediatrics list, published in the official letter, the parents to take children to see the doctor have more choice.

reporter saw, the list contains 16 covered the city in the area more than 147 secondary medical institutions, which in addition to people familiar with daily 3 armour hospital, also includes many secondary hospital of pediatrics accepts ability, such as: the first people’s hospital in dongcheng district, exhibition road, xicheng district hospital, huairou hospital and other secondary hospital. Also there is no lack of the appropriate and children’s hospital, united family hospital children’s hospitals, private hospitals, love China.

48 hours flu symptoms can be resumed classes

Beijing centers for disease control and prevention released yesterday to influenza a letter from the parents. In the aspect of prevention of influenza, the city, the centers for disease control and prevention said to education children pay attention to personal hygiene, especially out including back home, to the hospital and other public venues before the rice then empress, wash your hands after touching eyes, nose or mouth; In the case of air condition, living building ventilation at least once a day, each time not less than 30 minutes; Try to avoid crowded, air pollution. Education children eat three meals a day rule, staple food, fruits and vegetables, fish and poultry egg ratio is 3:2:1, drink water more, eat more fresh fruits and vegetables; Be sure to keep warm, according to the temperature increase or decrease in clothes; Strengthen exercise, ensure that sleep.

due to the many children in the kindergarten, school during influenza infection, municipal CDC should remind children with flu according to the doctor suggested that rest at home, don’t go to school; Body temperature returned to normal, other flu-like symptoms disappeared after 48 hours, before classes. In TuoYouYuanSuo, school, education child avoid contact with fever accompanied by a cough or sore throat classmates; Immediately after contact with sick classmate hand washing with soap or soap; Don’t contact with vomit or when they aren’t wearing a mask to take care of the sick classmate.

warm prompt

how to prevent & other; An infection in children with family & throughout;

reporters found that many families appeared a infection in children with family, or two children in the home the phenomenon of cross infection. How, then, the family nursing children have the flu?

all family members closely contact with flu patients should wear a face mask; After direct contact with children, children or processing used items, after contact with respiratory secretions, should use detergent to wash their hands or use disinfectant disinfection of hands. It is important to note that when the home have two children, one of the flu, should as far as possible by the relatively fixed one member of the family to take care of children and pay attention to strengthen personal protection; Other family members should try to reduce the opportunity to contact with flu patients, especially uninfected children flu, to minimize contact with children. (reporter liu huan)

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