Flu is the worst in us 10 years to 114 children died

flu is beautiful (photo source: the United States today)

overseas network March 3 (Reuters) the worst flu since 2009 in the United States are slowing. But the flu killed 17 other children, that the flu killed a total of 114 children.

according to & other; Throughout the United States today &; (USA today), the federal health officials said on Friday, 10 years across the country’s worst flu epidemic appears to be slowing, but killed 17 other children, a total of 114 people.

according to the report, the last week in February, the flu epidemic is still raging 45 states in the United States, when than 48 weeks before its momentum has been declined. In the doctor’s office of influenza-like symptoms had significantly fewer in number. Because of the flu, according to data respondents and attendance accounted for 5% of all outpatient visits, less than 6.4% from the previous week. Just a few weeks ago, that figure is 7.7%, this is the highest since the 2009 swine flu pandemic.

it is understood that the United States of the flu outbreak on children seriously hurt now than in the past few years high flu season, but has yet to reach 2014-2015 flu season report the final figure, there were 148 children died. It is estimated that that year 56000 people died, mostly the elderly. The federal centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) did not determine the figures on the number of influenza deaths in adults.

according to the CDC, this year’s flu vaccine inoculation against the crowd around 36% of the flu cases effective, but for younger children, the vaccine effect is better, is about 59%. But, behind this year’s epidemic, caused by the main virus disease prevention against vaccine effect is poorer, the efficiency is only about 25%. DetailPic

North America over the Flu killed children statistics (figure: the United States today)

it is reported that in this year’s Flu in North America most of the deaths of children are not vaccinated. Children died a few years ago also is such. (compile/overseas network Hou Xingchuan)

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