Flu pandemic killed 102 people in Ireland

on February 23 xinhua Dublin, Ireland late 22, according to data released by the department of public health, since last December, flu has been to the country’s 102 people are dead, nearly 3000 people have received treatment in hospital.

according to Ireland health service executive officer in charge of the national health prevention Kevin & middot; Gloria HeJieShao, the flu is fierce, wide scope, time is long, out across the country have influenza report. Past winter flu in late February is nearing an end, but the flu is still don’t see the sign of the end.

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Kevin said, the cause of the flu period extend is unclear, but the beta and alpha two strains of flu coexist and could be one of the reasons for a longer time.

he said that the flu in under 15 years of age and in people over the age of 35, the government has called for flu flu vaccine as soon as possible, high-risk groups and requires all schools to strengthen the flu prevention measures.

to prevent and control the flu outbreak, the Irish government to all the people offering free flu vaccine, but injection should be charged a fee.

this flu outbreak began in Ireland about a week before Christmas last year. Due to a large number of people infected, hospitals are overwhelmed, many patients have to give up treatment in hospital. The country’s health officials said, this is the most serious outbreak in Ireland during the past 17 years of one of the flu outbreak.

(formerly called “flu pandemic killed 102 people in Ireland”)

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