Flu under middle new citizens

today, a friend who went to the United States of practicing medicine in the circle of friends forwarded the flu under Beijing’s middle-aged “(hereinafter referred to as & other; Articles throughout the &;) . The author of the article is a live in tongzhou district of Beijing & other; New citizens throughout the &; Middle, & other; Maotai, during the day evening plus lever notes & throughout; , career success, family happiness. Diseases, however, the individual public number every day buffet, & other; Hedge investment & throughout; Financial investment gurus, hiding but also a little cold for later in the ICU death. So, this let countless people heart a tight flu is how to return a responsibility?

what is influenza

human respiratory tract mucous membrane has important immune function. Winter, dry and cold air respiratory tract mucous membrane is easy damaged, let all kinds of pathogenic microorganisms in organic. So many friends accidentally catch cold catch cold, nose pharynx ministry unwell, immediately after various & other; A cold & throughout; Symptoms to follow. & other; The article & throughout; The author’s family is in the winter when opening the window take a breath catch cold catch cold cause disease.

in fact, during the so-called & other; A cold & throughout; , in fact is respiratory tract infections, colds, flu is three kinds of symptoms, causes and influence are completely different diseases. But in life, many friends will confuse these three kinds of diseases, the & other; Flu & throughout; Treat STH lightly.

upper respiratory tract infection refers to occur in the upper respiratory tract (including the nose, sinuses, pharyngeal and laryngeal) of an acute infection. The area for virus infection of pathogens, few caused by bacteria and fungi.

the common cold is a kind of mild upper respiratory tract infection, also known as the common cold. This major involvement of the upper respiratory tract infection of nose pharynx ministry, and could be called acute viral nasopharyngitis. A cold early symptoms mainly include cough, runny nose, sneezing, nasal congestion and upper respiratory tract symptoms. This kind of symptom is called & other; Card throughout his sickness &; For describe mucosal exudate, appear on the specifications of all kinds of cold medicine. More than 100 kinds of related to the causes of the common cold virus, including & other; Rhinovirus & throughout; The most common. DetailPic


flu and the common cold. It is a contagious disease caused by influenza viruses. The flu may have some respiratory symptoms, but is more & other; Fever, headache, muscle pain & throughout; Such as general performance. Flu cause trouble scope is not confined to the upper respiratory tract, can also cause lung infection, will lead to more general complications. In flu-related death cases, only a third is directly kill the flu. And two-thirds of the patients died of some chronic diseases such as diabetes rapidly deteriorating, secondary bacterial infection.

what flu edge crit

photo source: southern weekend

since November 2017, flu patients showed around the increment of the outbreak. Although people gradually obtained resistance through illness, hospital of medical abortion is down the other day, but according to the national centers for disease control and press conference on January 9, 2018, 2018-1 week (January 1-7), influenza disease in our country level is still higher than the same period in 2015-2017 level four to eighty percent. The current is one of the largest epidemic level in almost three years & other; Annual & throughout; , confirmed in the hospital with severe flu cases are increased.

recently rising incidence of flu there are three main reasons:

1, the northern winter rainfall, the rising incidence in dry and cold weather. A goose feather snow, rain is & other; Duffy & throughout; And & other Vancomycin & throughout; .

2, and now the advantage of the epidemic in many regions of influenza b virus Yamagata department. The strain is less popular in recent years, leading to a large number of residents lack immunity.

3, in addition to the foregoing advantage, at present our country still has a/H1N1 flu (including H1N1 and H3N2). Three strains together to battle, exacerbated by the complexity of the current flu pandemic.

every year in March, the world health organization (who) can predict the flu pandemic, reminds the ways to deal with, and recommended vaccine products. Unfortunately, who in 2017 recommended by trivalent vaccine can prevent three types of flu, just in time to avoid what the dominant strain in fashion now. Who recommended the other a tetravalent vaccine although including the dominant strain, but tetravalent vaccine manufacturer not production plants in China.

at present, our country the flu vaccination rates less than 2% of the population, many health care are not vaccinated self-consciousness, have & other; Tetravalent miao & throughout; Didn’t help either. Influenza vaccination can reduce the probability of influenza illness of 6 ~ 7 into, when a country is flu vaccination rates by more than 60%, can be avoided by the country’s major epidemics. In the western developed countries, such as children, pregnant women are susceptible to flu damage, influenza vaccination rates as high as 60% above. Now each year 26 million doses of influenza vaccine production in China, the actual sales of about 20 million or so. A glut on the market the cold shoulder, and lead to manufacturers lack the enthusiasm of the production of high-end products of four seedlings.

& other; New citizens throughout the &; The & other; Medical care & throughout;

& other; The article & throughout; The writer living in tongzhou district. And living here many & other; New citizens throughout the &; In China, he and other Wto & throughout; After the economic cycle, through their own efforts, to leave home and native social classes, among the residents in big cities an enviable middle new. However, in the current pandemic, these and other New citizens throughout the &; A more profound feeling & other Changan, in not easy & throughout; . DetailPic


roadmap of a residential district, 1953 Shanghai cultural palace, many middle schools and primary schools, kindergartens and hospitals and clinics to


although per capita area is not high, but the plot of residential land and public land for construction is close to a 1-0. 4

new citizens made a thriving new district, the new health care, education resources are not so good.

recently, the media reported that Beijing a pediatrician for a day. Reports of Beijing tsinghua chang gung memorial hospital of pediatrics, pediatrician busy every day, to give up a normal life, & other Behind his sacrifice & throughout; The degree of. By the author to ask friend in the hospital work, report content is completely true, let I can’t help but love dearly report that by colleagues praise & other; Business is strong, good character, good character, beautiful & throughout; The female doctor.

Qingdao a netizen weibo map

120 command center inform: old hospital emergency room full, new district hospital emergency room & other; Did not even the standing place & throughout;

tsinghua chang gung memorial hospital & other; Red & throughout; , is the result of hospital is a population of 700000 & other; Sleeping city & throughout; The only large hospital suburb area. Due to bad planning, the suburb area lack of public service facilities. Residents in addition to go home to sleep, all things are to the city, to increase the burden of the function of the capital city. Owing to the lack of basic medical services suburb area location, tsinghua chang gung memorial hospital, the investment of the construction of hardware conditions in accordance with the 3 armour hospital hospital, medical staff is busy, disposal of the community is more common diseases, and other Overqualified & throughout; . That the author’s friend self-mockery & other Every school is the world’s largest community hospital & throughout; .

& other; Five colours is blindness & throughout;

influenza are common diseases, but at the grassroots level. Critically ill patients is one of the few, timely transferred to the hospitals. In the face of the recent clinic population boom, grading diagnosis and treatment, and other media called for; Ailment into community throughout the &; And reasonable divergence’s big hospital pressure. Now the big hospital & other; Overcrowded & throughout; Needless to say, & other; The article & throughout; Have top respiratory specialist hospital doctors struggling to keep up, let the family produce & other; The doctor shuffle patient & throughout; Antipathy. But, is human nature to seek the best medical institutions. The patient reasonable divergence, first of all, based on the doctor-patient relationship is highly dependent on each other’s trust.

thickly in the city life for decades, have their own familiar with the medical staff in small and medium-sized hospitals, even in the hospital a few in fact can’t find all the same & other; Relations & throughout; , it is easy to establish confidence in the hospital. & other; New citizens throughout the &; In order to struggle & other; Throughout 997 &; And know little about life outside of the city, only superstition big hospital medical treatment. All things online ranking of the largest hospital, the best doctor, natural & other; Medical care & throughout; ; Cause them and to their old ailment hard shoulder, delay the disease. Today, & other; The article & throughout; Caused widespread anxiety readers in the same class, they may be superstitious big hospital.

& other; New citizens throughout the &; No matter from which Angle are stand out from the native environment scholar. They the life experience of the past, makes them have stronger confidence. Medicine is a complex science, however, a lot of times people can’t make judgment from the subjective experience of the past; Medicine can’t crash, & other; Critical illness usually & throughout; Understanding of medical knowledge fragmentation, no system, people are easy to be eager to subjective factors of recovery one-sided. These reasons led to often for their own intellectual ability of professional pride & other; New citizens throughout the &; , easier to misunderstand the same professional trained staff, the medical personnel professional judgment of the lack of confidence.

trust error

medicine is a science is not perfect, in the clinical practice & other; Trial and error method & throughout; It is not uncommon. Occasionally let & other; New citizens throughout the &; Right time, proved itself than doctors & other; Good & throughout; And more contributed to their monopoly. In the eyes of some medical personnel, middle & other; New citizens throughout the &; Is not a good customer. They tend to adherence is poor, they have too much idea, with medical activity didn’t know it; Full & other; Throughout the rights &; , & other Complaints & throughout; But a lack of understanding of the rights of the individual border. Naturally, the reception staff when they should choose appropriate reasonable safety way.

& other; The article & throughout; Medical staff work, the author is very fit. But when his family to a better hospital courtyard, every time the doctor to target hospitals counterparts to ensure & other; There is no dispute & throughout; ; Decided to implement high risk of courtyard, family members to the hospital commitment & other; They have a stable job, won’t make trouble & throughout; Visible, the deterioration of the doctor-patient relationship to health. Article focuses on the author’s family is hospital of critically ill patients, experts put the patient as a typical cases in WeChat aboard the public public explanation, the author from feeling the medical staff work for relatives to heal. But in order to avoid & other; Say much more wrong & throughout; , medical staff are in reality to minimize with the author of a communication. In addition to the patient condition is relatively better talked some more, and other times & other; Every five minutes & throughout; .

& other; New citizens throughout the &; Circle of friends is the social elite, there are also some & other; Relations & throughout; . In their lack of medical professional knowledge and lack of trust to the medical personnel, they may not like they despise the elders, blind & other; Relations & throughout; . Some medical friends & other; Hindsight & throughout; That & other; The article & throughout; The author did not to go to a doctor of the optimal solution. null

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