Food administration of drug safety, increase network of food safety monitoring and illegal investigation dynamics

Beijing nov 30 (xinhua) (reporter Chen Cong) administration of state food and drug supervision and administration of the food of the prison department deputy director Fan Xuehui 30, said, with China’s Internet economy booming, & other; Internet + food & throughout; The new formats and. Food drug safety administration of the next step is to strengthen network of food safety monitoring and illegal disposal, promote the healthy development of the food business network.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

Fan Xuehui 2017 China food development conference held in the day said, according to incomplete statistics, in 2016 China’s Internet food take-away market size of more than 3500 one hundred million yuan, accounting for about 10% of the total national catering business. But at the same time, & other; Internet + food & throughout; Developing, there are some specification.

Fan Xuehui pointed out that the main problem is that the food is a network management platform for third-party food safety responsibility implementation does not reach the designated position, for net food operators lax review; 2 it is part of the net food operators safety consciousness is not high, more humble co., LTD., operating conditions, the management of food safety hidden trouble; Three is a traditional food and run gang get the cash on delivery, food business as virtual market transaction network, information release, the third party platform, online settlement, goods distribution, etc., the legal relationship is more complicated; Four is regulation is difficult, virtual property of network food and cross-regional characteristics to administrative jurisdiction, case investigation and evidence fixed, bring some problems such as administrative punishment, protection of the rights and interests of consumers.

in order to solve & other Internet + food & throughout; Rapid development of new forms of regulatory gaps, the standard network food management behavior, drug safety administration released in early November, the catering services food safety supervision and management measures for the network. Fan Xuehui points out, mainly in accordance with & other; Online is consistent throughout the &; Principle, strengthen the management information, clear network catering services to a third party platform, self-built website and net catering service provider obligations, clear room staff and room process requirements.

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