Food administration of drug safety notices 10 false health food advertising to see your family bought?

(for figure/visual China)

state food drug safety administration recently announced 10 false illegal advertisement. Notice, points out that the 10 health food advertising content generally contain the effect of unscientific assertion, expanding propaganda cure rate or efficacy proved efficient, using the name or image, cheat and mislead consumers, serious damage to the public diet drug safety.

age of luoyang jiujiu vinegar industry health products company & other; D throughout his vinegar & Yang age; Advertising, claims & other; Drink vinegar amazing jiujiu age better than to take medicine, then check the ovaries, check did not have an ovarian cyst can benefit to mankind, Yang age really can make outstanding contributions to mankind, no medicine medicine, we see an special & throughout; .

Beijing day grass trading company & other; Is ying brand rhodiola particles & throughout; Advertising, claims & other; Insist on taking after a period of time, ever be sleepy in class phenomenon is improved greatly, previously trapped trapped feeling swept away, it also improved the learning efficiency, all day can keep the good study condition and mental outlook & throughout; .

Toshiba temple mountain biotechnology company & other; Cheese temple card throughout se zhi capsule &; That & other; GLS polysaccharide efficiency more than 90%, the natural organic germanium, restrain cancer cell proliferation rate was 89.3%, the medicine more than ten years, than eat throughout se zhi capsule thirty days &; .

which composed of Shanghai industrial development corporation, and their health will be in accordance with the health care products factory & other; Kin shall be in accordance with the nutrition liquid & throughout; That & other; Fastest effect is remarkable, in addition to drug effect, no additives, is adapt to the crowd, low white blood cells after chemotherapy to do, I successfully obtained medicine throughout all his life &; .

xinjiang green kang apocynum company & other; Throughout their apocynum tea &; That & other; Drinking three months smooth blood pressure blood fat all normal, gradually reduced doses, improve immune resistance, the blood flow ability strong, kidney strong, don’t worry about rebound, don’t worry about high blood pressure & throughout; .

nanjing good natural medicine science and technology company & other Calming nerves brand red qi capsule & throughout; That & other; Restore ovarian function, balance the endocrine, effectively improve or eliminate various symptoms of menopause & throughout; .

Shanghai SJM Marine biotechnology development co., & other; SJM brand throughout Angle & yan capsule; That & other; Taking on the same day for the first time to improve sexual ability, take 3 to 5 days, nervous, endocrine and proliferation of cells the gonads, obviously improve hardness, frequency, endurance, and long-term use of Angle yan G protein capsule, all kinds of sexual dysfunction eliminate, the body will remain youthful energy & throughout; .

cheese can biotech company in Shanghai & other; Cheese can card throughout Chinese wolfberry capsule &; That & other; Use 3 to 5 days to relieve physical fatigue, obvious effects of 10 to 20 days, kidney Yin, liver function is unusual to take effective 30 days & throughout; .

jiangxi NingGong company & other; Capsule reducing weight & throughout; That & other; Customer received the 97% rate, repeat purchase rate 97%, perfect variant in 30 days, 1 day adipose decompose combustion significantly, taking seven days to lose weight 2 to 4 jins, taking 15 days significantly reduce weight, taking most of the excess fat is broken down within 30 bodies throughout the &; .

HuaWeiKang technology company in Beijing and shenyang long port ant treasure wine company & other Yilishen in xin capsule & throughout; That & other; March to take high blood pressure, blood pressure disease is no longer a relapse, 4 big guarantee, lifelong not relapse & throughout; .

according to the drug regulatory department has the above illegal advertisement as well as the launch site, notify the relevant departments to investigate, to recover the document of approval for advertising in accordance with the law.

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