Food administration of drug safety, proprietary Chinese medicine named concise, avoid exaggerated curative effect to science

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Beijing, Nov. 29 (xinhua) according to the administration of state food and drug supervision and management of website news, the state food and drug supervision and administration bureau issued” about gm’s proprietary Chinese medicine name technical guidelines announcement “, at the same time issued “about specification listed traditional generic name of notice. Put forward a proprietary Chinese medicine named two files to adhere to the scientific and concise, avoid the nuptial, naming, to avoid exaggerated curative effect, reflect the principle of the traditional culture characteristics.

for listed proprietary Chinese medicine, the administration has been clear about the three kinds of situations must be changed, namely: the obvious exaggerated curative effect, misleading of doctors and patients; Name is not correct, not science, vulgar language and superstitious color; Prescription is the same and different drug names, prescription of different drug names the same or similar. For drug names are place names, name, surname, in drug name & other Treasure & throughout; & other; Pure & throughout; & other; The spirit & throughout; Etc., but the use of varieties has certain history, has formed the brand, widely accepted by the public is not changed. Is derived from the ancient classic square of all sorts of proprietary Chinese medicine preparations also will not be renamed.

national pharmacopoeia committee will organize experts to the name list of proprietary Chinese medicines already on the market. New generic names after approval, give 2 years, after the transition period to take a new name enclosed note the name of the old way, to gradually adapt to patients and doctors.

for instructions, labels, the use of Chinese medicines, on the specifications listed generic name of notice of also made a clear and reasonable regulation, namely: renamed within 30 days from the date of approval, production enterprises shall be submitted to the provincial food and drug supervision departments for the record the renamed new manuals, labels. From the date of filing, the production of drugs, it may not continue to use the original manual, label. For the record before the production of medicines, the period of validity in the transition period of 2 years, the drug can continue to use the original manual, label until the end of the period of validity; Valid for more than two years of the transition period, the drug can continue to use the original instructions, labels, until the end of the transition period.

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