Food drug safety administration: Sally PuAi advertising shall not exceed the instruction content

Beijing news dispatch (reporter li dandan) recently, there are articles refer to & other; Sally PuAi, eye drops & throughout; In the high frequency broadcast television advertising suspected false advertising. Yesterday evening, total bureau of national food and drug supervision and administration of the notice, the drug can not have beyond the use of text content. DetailPic


state food drug safety administration on its website business for zhejiang province food and drug administration & other; Informed about Sally PuAi think eye drops related matters throughout the &; . Notice said, in view of the medical fraternity section doctor Sally PuAi thought of zhejiang pharmaceutical co., LTD. The production of benzyl of lysine eye drops (trade name: Sally PuAi) curative effect question, would you please bureau in accordance with the pharmaceutical administration law of the People’s Republic of China and the quality of generic drugs and curative effect evaluation of the relevant provisions of the consistency, urge enterprises to start the clinical effectiveness of test as soon as possible, and in the next three years will report the results of evaluation center of total bureau of national food and drug supervision and administration of drug approval.

notification requirements, to prevent mislead consumers, the drugs approved indications advertisements shall be in strict accordance with the instructions specified in the text, the text should be beyond use.

reporter found in Sally PuAi think website query, Sally PuAi eye drops indications for early age-related cataract, over-the-counter medicines for ophthalmic drug class.

after Sally PuAi thinking in advertising & other; Drugs direct lesions may cause a little pain & throughout; , & other Prevention and treatment of cataract, look for a kind of insect PuAi & throughout; . On December 2, a paper entitled “sold 750 million a year of brainwashing & other medicine & throughout; god, please let the old man in China” in the article, causing heated debate. More than domestic article eye doctor and authoritative literature, questioning Sally PuAi eye drops through advertising and marketing, misleading patients, delayed treatment.

s stocks

Sally PuAi thought even fell three days market value of about 400 million yuan

enterprise restructuring eye drops when the evaluation value of only 910000 yuan

after questioning since opened on December 4th, Sally PuAi thought for three consecutive trading day down.

on December 6, Sally PuAi fell 3.45%, to 22.1 yuan/share, since December 4, its shares have dropped 6.75%, the value of the cumulative evaporation of about 400 million yuan.

in 2016, Sally PuAi main business gross profit margin of 76.47%, year-on-year increase of 2.83%. Among them, the eye drops of gross margin of 94.59%.

compared to the same industry, Sally PuAi integrated gross margin is at a higher level. For example, is a kind of insect PuAi is thought of as a comparable companies in the same industry Hansen pharmaceutical pharmaceutical industry gross margin of 71.08% in 2016; All beings pharmaceutical pharmaceutical manufacturing gross margin of 71.91% in 2016; Sunflower pharmaceutical industry is 58.37%.

Sally PuAi for local state-owned pinghu pharmaceutical factory, founded in 1978, as the enterprise owned by the whole people, departments for pinghu county industry, the business scope for the pharmaceutical production, tonic production. In March 1993, the company name changed to zhejiang pinghu pharmaceutical factory.

in 1997, in pinghu industry bureau, bureau of finance, GuoZiBan under the auspices of the government departments, the company implemented a joint-stock system reform, will all transferred to the overall rights and interests of enterprise employees, as the joint stock cooperative system of employee shareholding enterprises. The registered capital of 2.01 million yuan after restructuring.

in 2000, pinghu related department once again dominate the pinghu pharmaceutical factory from the joint stock cooperative system to limited liability company. A company’s board of directors resolution, the staff all equity repurchase, the repurchase price calculated according to the actual operating performance. When as pinghu pharmaceutical business investment, team members to repurchase the employee shareholding, the repurchase price after dividends, 1 yuan per capital contribution at 1 yuan parity.

Chen dekang investment 1.03 million yuan, become the biggest shareholder of pinghu pharmaceutical factory. In this way, a joint-stock system enterprise owned by the worker, has become a Chen dekang and other seven management and backbone enterprises. Chen dekang has a 51.24% stake in the restructured enterprises after.

Sally PuAi prospectus said, Chen dekang college diploma or above major in successive pinghu pharmaceutical supply and marketing section chief, zhejiang pinghu pharmaceutical factory director, chairman and director.

the prospectus shows that in 2000, when the enterprise restructuring, in that year on May 31, as the base day, Sally PuAi limited stock of state-owned assets of 3.158 million yuan, of which, including cataract drugs benzyl of lysine eye drops intangible assets worth 914000 yuan.

this is in the evaluation of value 914000 yuan only benzyl lysine eye drops, later to Sally PuAi bring every year more than 500 million yuan in revenues, gross margin is more than 90%.

according to Sally PuAi thought’s closing prices on December 6, Chen dekang personal holding value has reached 2.1 billion yuan. This year more than 200 ten thousand yuan in the restructuring of enterprises, the market value of 5.48 billion yuan.

Beijing news reporter Zhu Xing

s market

Sally PuAi think sales similar ophthalmic & other; Bully list & throughout;

on December 6, the Beijing news reporter in Tmall online shopping platform to & other; Eye drops & throughout; For the keyword search, found that overall, Sally PuAi ranked third, benzyl of lysine eye drops and eye drops are inferior to cherish bright and acnes. Ali and health proprietary shop sales rankings eye drops, cherish bright, red beads and acnes sales are broken, the top three, Sally benzyl PuAi thoughts of lysine eye drops to only 5274 data of the fourth month sales.

but in propaganda, Sally PuAi, eye drops is aimed at have cataracts in old people. If the & other; Eye drops cataract & throughout; , or & other; Eye drops old & throughout; For the keyword search in online shopping platform, Sally PuAi deserves sales champion, competing with eye drops brand almost no.

ali health own stores, for example, Sally PuAi of total sales of 82590, and in the own stores also mark & other Early indications of senile cataract & throughout; Shiny benzyl lysine eye drops, its total sales only 24. And in medicine monopoly website 1 medicine online, to & other; Eye drops old & throughout; For the keyword search, Sally PuAi also firmly occupy the top spot, the article comment number is 609, the second Lu Longping musk article reviews only 282 bead eyes, eye drops.

reporter discovery, in multiple medical e-commerce platform, Sally PuAi think search rankings are the first in the field of middle-aged and old eye drops, and & other; Shiny & throughout; , & other White inside stop & throughout; , & other Jia shi force & throughout; , & other Lu Longping & throughout; Such as the same with indications of cataract eye drops in the propaganda products are always in the competition in the second position. The day cat different online stores, the brand for the products of middle-aged and old people are often in sales between decades to more than one hundred, far less than Sally PuAi thought.

Sally PuAi eyedrops products health proprietary shop in ali’s latest purchase evaluation is on December 3rd, most of the evaluation is given priority to with high praise, the product a few & other; The quality of general throughout the &; The evaluation of reason is more & other; Drip off didn’t effect & throughout; , and is the official customer service to respond more & other; Three months a result & throughout; , & other; Sally PuAi eye drops hit 20 years, and after the third phase of clinical trials research, confirmed has exact curative effect of cataract. Throughout the &;

on December 6, the Beijing news reporter consulted four online sales Sally PuAi thought already, also sells other old people eye drops product pharmacy, the four drugstore clerk recommended to the reporter, first Sally PuAi, and said, & other; This is the best seller. Throughout the &; But when a reporter asked the product the recent outbreak negative news, if sales are affected, one of the two stores customer service & other; Also some people buy recently. Throughout the &; Two other shop called & other; Not clear & throughout; .

on the same day, the Beijing news reporter visited two pharmacy, the clerk said, Sally PuAi thoughts & other; The past has always been the best seller, recent events just broke out, don’t know the future will affect sales & throughout; .

Beijing news reporter luo Dan also

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