Food safety guarantee? Exposure pyeongchang games security dormitory collective food poisoning

Beijing Feb. 5 (xinhua) (reporter xiu-ling liu) 4 pyeongchang winter Olympic Games organizing committee, said at a security staff dormitory in gangwon collective food poisoning events, about 30 people.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

5 South Korea’s chosun ilbo newspaper reported that about 1200 security personnel in the dormitories. Pyeongchang (bocog) 4, confirmed that about 30 people appear the symptom of diarrhea and vomiting, part of the Olympic security work.

gangwon care environmental institute concluded that these security personnel such as virus infection. A chef of dormitory staff said, cafeteria infected with this virus, to mount guard lead to security personnel in spite of collective food poisoning.

poisoning personnel is in isolation in nearby hospital for treatment. Pyeongchang bocog will deploy in other parts of the security personnel to fill the resulting security vacancy, will negotiate with the international Olympic committee (ioc) at the same time, to all the contestants and anti-epidemic measures, preventing further outbreak spread to events.

pyeongchang winter games is scheduled for this month 9 to 25, followed by March 9 to 18, the winter Olympic Games for the disabled.

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