“Food safety, healthy and happy” theme campaign launched

on November 20th, China’s propaganda and education center in hebei province, zhao country organization in Beijing 20 mainstream media to develop & other Food safety, healthy, happy & throughout; Theme campaign. Through reading the national nutrition programs (2017 & ndash; 2030) policy, nutrition health and food safety special training, and to & other; Happy egg & throughout; State inscription its science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD. Production base visit, to promote the media reporters to learn more about industry present situation, improve their professional knowledge. Chinese population Shi Qi deputy director of the publicity and education center to attend the activities, the national center for food safety risk assessment research assistant deng some ceramic, researcher at the institute of animal husbandry and veterinary Zheng Changshan do special training in hebei province.

xi general secretary pointed out that there is no universal health, there is no comprehensive well-off. Health depends on nutrition, nutrition is an important material foundation of health. National nutrition is a matter of health, the improvement of national quality, economic and social development and promote the health of China construction. China’s propaganda and education center has been committed to the field of health propaganda education work, for four consecutive years launched the & other; Media incentive plan & throughout; To news media organizations to participate in health policy and related training to learn professional knowledge, communication discussion and field trips and other activities, improve the level of journalists health professional knowledge, better dissemination of scientific health concept and knowledge to the public to promote people to form a healthy behaviors, achieved good social benefits. In 2017 & other; Media incentive plan & throughout; Is to focus on the theme of the nutrition health and food safety.

propaganda and education center, deputy director of the China population Shi Qi said that at present our country is the national health and nutrition of food safety and nutrition deficiency and excess, nutritional imbalances increased health risks, bring the change of the disease, making the rare diseases such as gout, such problems as slow diseases become more common diseases such as diabetes, become the important factors that affect the national health. In July 2017, the state council general office issued the national nutrition programs (2017 & ndash; 2030), a big nutrition, health, the fusion, big national nutrition and health work in the development of the new situation. News media should actively carry out a wide variety of promotional events, popularize knowledge of science and nutrition, to guide the public security, eat nutrition, eat eat enjoy, eat healthy, safe, healthy, enjoy and scientific nutrition environment.

the national centre for food safety risk assessment in deng some ceramic to news media made the plan for national nutrition policy interpretation of special reports. Emphasized the national nutrition and environmental, physical, psychological, social and other associated impact, through the perfect nutrition policy laws and regulations, strengthen nutrition science research, monitoring and evaluation, and the basis of the popularity of a healthy lifestyle, constantly enhance the level of scientific, precise, wisdom, nutrition services and help health China construction.

activity organization visited & other news media; Happy egg & throughout; State inscription its science and technology (Beijing) co., LTD., zhao country production base, through close to visit and experience safe egg production process, understand the food production and processing, quality control and tracing monitoring process and details. Researcher at the institute of animal husbandry and veterinary Zheng Changshan in hebei province, said professor laying hens agricultural products is an important part of national nutrition, has been widely concerned. Professor zheng told reporters laying hens production situation at home and abroad was introduced in detail the egg laying hens breeding new technology, health and safety standards, analyze the main factors influencing the consumers to purchase, and guide you how to buy safe and healthy eggs, assure to eat healthy, eat the rest assured.

on communication forums, news media reporters have said the trip harvest is very big, and surrounding the use of new media technology, remote controls, the course of development of food safety in production and how to do health and nutrition quality security propaganda work has carried on the deep discussion. China’s population is on the news media publicity and education center for nutrition and health and food safety related propaganda and public opinion supervision responsibility, actively do a good job in the plan for national nutrition promoters, practitioners, and maintainers, play a positive role, spread the positive energy, improve the national food safety consciousness, let every family can enjoy safe, healthy, nutritious food.

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