For the first time, scientists proved that low doses of alcohol on the brain have potential health benefits

after a busy day, drink a few glasses of wine can help clean up thoughts, but new research suggests that this is actually help the brain health. Published in Scientific Reports (Scientific Reports) in the new study suggests that low levels of alcohol intake can inhibit inflammation, help the brain to remove toxins, including the toxins associated with alzheimer’s disease. DetailPic

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& other; Consuming too much ethanol for a long time will have adverse effect on the central nervous system, & throughout; M.d., Ph.D., Macon & middot; The venerable said. & other; However, in this study, we first prove that low doses of alcohol have potential health benefits on the brain, which can improve the brain’s ability to remove waste. Throughout the &;

this discovery has increased more and more research, suggests that low doses of alcohol is good for your health. Although excessive drinking is a health hazard of evidence, but many studies have shown that low levels of alcohol and reduce the risk of cardiovascular disease and many cancers.

research emphasis is a kind of the lymphatic system, for the first time in 2012 to describe the brain unique cleaning process. They showed how to wash away into the brain tissue and cerebrospinal fluid (CSF) pump waste, including with alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementia related protein & beta; Amyloid protein. Subsequent research has shown that when we sleep, the lymphatic system is more active, may suffer from stroke and traumatic, and improve with exercise.

the new study was conducted in mice, and study the effect of acute and chronic alcohol exposure. Researchers studied long time exposed to high concentration of alcohol after the animal’s brain, found high levels of inflammatory markers, especially in cells called astrocytes, these cells are the key control factors of the lymphatic system. They also notice the damage of animal cognitive and motor skills.

compared to control mice, exposure to low levels of alcohol intake animals (similar to about 2 every day? Drinks) actually showed less inflammation in the brain, and they of the lymphatic system in the CSF moving through the brain and is more effective to remove waste no exposure to alcohol. Low doses of animal performance on cognitive and motor tests the same as the control.

& other; About the impact of alcohol on the lymphatic system data looks and dose effect of alcohol on the general health and mortality related to J type model, namely the low doses of alcohol is beneficial, but excessive consumption is unfavorable for the overall health & throughout; Nedergaard. Studies have shown that low to moderate alcohol intake is associated with lower risk of dementia, and many years of heavy drinking can increase the risk of cognitive decline, the study may help explain why will appear this kind of circumstance, especially low doses of alcohol seems to improve overall brain health. & other; (207955) white water

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