For wuhan boy donor hematopoietic stem cells Northwest small weight loss 34 kg in two months



Yangtze river network – January 17 (changjiang daily reporter Amy correspondent Wang Chen Gao Chen had) a northwest guy donor hematopoietic stem cells, on the evening of 15th injection with high risk of leukemia, a la mort notice been under a dozen times in wuhan 2 years old boy on on the body, with & other; One over one hundred thousand & throughout; Want to save this little life. This is the first time that children’s hospital in wuhan, the relative hematopoietic stem cell transplantation.

10 critically ill family don’t give up many times

36 generation woman married four years after the hardships of zi lu, 2015, finally pregnant, the whole family happy. On February 23, 2016, saso persistency, home old man affectionately. In early September, saso suddenly have loose bowels, go to a hospital checking, abnormal finds out white blood cells. On September 18, children’s hospital in wuhan, on the hook was diagnosed with acute myelogenous leukemia (high risk).

after diagnosis, saso saso began a long treatment. Children with leukemia because of poor immunity, a small cold could pose a threat to life. Although the family care, but little on several hovering between life. Sick for more than a year, on the defendant a dozen times was dying.

of doctor of vice director of wuhan children’s hospital blood oncology Xiong Hao introduction, after strong 6 courses of chemotherapy, eased on on illness, but because the child age small, plus a dangerous illness, peripheral blood leukocyte was as high as more than 30, more than 30 times that of normal people, this kind of situation, only for hematopoietic stem cell transplantation can improve the long-term survival hope, reduce the risk of recurrence. Parents’ matches, however, the results are not appropriate.

at the beginning of 2017, submit an application to the CDMP data bank for woman. In march, she received a good news, a female donor and save on consistency! So the probability of one over one hundred thousand only, and agree on to Shanghai, June 13 transplant rijin storehouse.

who know situation mutations, in early June, saso on suddenly contracted chicken pox, dangerous for children with leukemia virus, doctors advised can only wait for three months after the child is recovered, then submit an application.

after the National Day in 2017, ms generation with hope again to submit application, but received a message: let her surprise female donor happens to be pregnant, can no longer for donation.

donor nearly 2 month 34 jins weight

in November, the generation of lady got a call from the CDMP data bank, learned that son match again, the whole family pleasantly surprised.

in October, the children’s hospital of wuhan for transplanting hemopoietic stem cell collection and double qualification, that is to say, don’t have to go to Shanghai this time, is able to transplant to the child at home.

& other; I don’t know who the donor is, but really special thanks to him, thank him brought children born of hope. Throughout the &; Generation of ms said excitedly. Family and medical workers these days has been pulled his heart, and because the donor before collecting stem cells, must be at least 3 days in advance to children, to destroy his body’s immune system, then enter the new hematopoietic stem cells, in order to be complete. If a couple of days, temporary change of donor renege, children will face a great risk of death.

the morning of January 15, 2018, began to collect hematopoietic stem cells. The young volunteers, weight 200 jins, I heard they have a chance to save people, nearly 2 months exercise everyday, reduced 34 kg to success, to the best state of mining. The CDMP data bank staff Yang jie is introduced, and the collected about 150 ml of hematopoietic stem cells to the airport, the quality is excellent. Yang jie China southern open a green channel dedicated to a recent flight to wuhan.

7 night with 26 points, Yang jie with this precious hematopoietic stem cells and donors to write to save on a hand arrived at wuhan tianhe airport. Tianhe airport station sent an ambulance on the CDMP data bank staff is connected, the airport after the transfer of hematopoietic stem cells with children’s hospital experts. 7 when 30 points, the ambulance rushed back to the hospital, 5 points in 8. Small on saso in transplantation positions on the small fat legs, with a pacifier. After tense, 8 when 20 points, saso on hematopoietic stem cell transplantation. 10, transplant ends smoothly.

small handwritten 2000 words long letter to boy

young man to the child’s letter sent to the hands of family members, GongGongZhengZheng, emotional with three pieces of A4 paper, nearly 2000 words. Bless bless grandma read the, eyes are red. The young man wrote:

& other; Kid, I had the privilege to match with you, can let me of hematopoietic stem cells continue your life, let me this ordinary life get a chance to sublimation, let me to experience the most people in the world can experience in life.

write on this day, I’m still in the mobilization of injection, the body has no discomfort symptoms. In a couple of days is officially donated. When I after hematopoietic stem cell delivery in the past, must fight oh! I love you, yao yao da. Throughout the &;

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minimum leukemia children with only 40 days

of doctor of vice director of wuhan children’s hospital blood oncology Xiong Hao introduction, like the hook on the onset age of 0 and 1 people, called the infant leukemia, the incidence of less than 100000, accepts about 10 cases a year, accepts the smallest children with leukemia children only 40 days.

for leukemia children with poor families, in addition to health care (health care in cities and towns, new farming), there are two special fund programs designated cooperation with wuhan children’s hospital:

the Chinese Red Cross foundation & other; Little angel & throughout; Funds, funds raised by a specially used for family poverty relief of leukemia children aged 0-14, ordinary children helping fund, may obtain 30000 yuan with transplantation of children is 50000 yuan.

major diseases in wuhan city humanitarian aid projects (wuhan city Red Cross) : for the city’s household registration, apply for assistance when January 1 of leukemia patients under the age of 18 years, accord with the requirements can get 50000 yuan benefits. Since 2014, the wuhan city Red Cross have been rescue of leukemia patients, if after underwent bone marrow transplantation, and is still in treatment, can apply again for a bone marrow transplant benefits of 50000 yuan. Patients’ families can log on to the zhuhai Red Cross society’s official website and number WeChat public & other Love river & throughout; The details about project specific content and requirements.

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