Forced to dye the hair health problems High school students filed a lawsuit against the local government

Japan an 18 year old female high school students sued the government Osaka prefecture, ask for compensation for 2.2 million yen (about 129000 yuan), the reason is that her public high school repeatedly forced her to natural brown hair dyed black, made her health problems. DetailPic

hair color (for figure/visual China)

27 court hears the case. Mother wrote the complaint, students should be told that the university at the start of the year, the child is naturally brown hair, but teachers repeatedly urged children hair dyed black, that cause children scalp symptoms of pain and a rash. University officials have not threatened the girl or coloring, or drop out of school.

the complaint said, in the process of negotiating with the school, the mother was told that the university had demanded a foreign students blond hair dyed black.

involved 18 year old girl stopped to go to school last September.

kyodo news agency reported, which is located in the plume running wild city high school once asked a court shall not accept the case. President takahashi masahiko komura, in an interview with reporters did not directly answer questions about the case. He acknowledged that the provisions of the school has asked the students don’t dye their hair, but refused to say whether compulsory students naturally brown hair dyed black.

according to kyodo news, Japanese school to student’s hair color commonly, makeup and uniform there are strict requirements. (du) 【 xinhua micro features 】

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