Foreign and local drug firms on-and-off for our favorite stylemakers?

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recently, Pfizer and the sea are pharmaceutical industry for nearly six years & other; Marriage & throughout; Came to an end, and formally withdrew from the joint venture company is Pfizer, no longer hold any equity rights and interests. It is not a foreign drug companies and local companies & other; Break up & throughout; The first case, Merck, novartis and local companies as early as a few years ago & other; Spread throughout the &; . There are also some & other; Marriage & throughout; Continues even has just started, such as wide medicine was out working with the world’s largest generic drug maker Teva (Teva) is a joint venture.

at the same time, domestic pharmaceutical enterprises have accelerated into the overseas m&a mode. Fosun, tasly, such as love, eye to go abroad, to seek development way.

the personage inside course of study says, although the policy of encouraging innovation and enterprise to obtain the actual demand of leading technology become a driver, is only the first step, but m&a in overseas entities operating, the enterprise to solve the problem of integration and management.

1 & have spent Foreign drug companies and local companies geopolitical do break up

on November 10, Pfizer and the sea is signed share transfer agreement, it is 49% of the equity transfer in Pfizer sea HPPC to its affiliated parties. After the completion of the equity disposal, Pfizer, directly or indirectly holds the sea is no longer Pfizer any equity rights and interests.

Pfizer’s website issued a statement, the transfer of equity will enable the sea with Pfizer to better focus on developing their core strengths. After the equity transfer, joint venture company will retain the manufacture, sale and distribution of sea is Pfizer now all products sold in China and in the research of rights. Pfizer also will continue to support give sea is Pfizer’s authorization before related products of technology transfer in order to make the future can be produced locally in China. In order to promote the transition smoothly, in a period of time after the equity transfer, Pfizer will continue to provide related products for the joint venture company.

the sea is Pfizer pharmaceutical co., LTD., founded in 2012 by Pfizer and the sea is a joint venture, for Chinese and global market development, production and sales of branded generics. When global top 500 enterprises and also the largest sino-foreign joint venture between Chinese pharmaceutical enterprise pharmaceutical projects.

the sea is Pfizer projects with a total investment of $295 million, the sea is pharmaceutical and Pfizer holding 51% and 49% respectively. At the beginning of the cooperation goes well, in 2013 and 2014, the sea is Pfizer’s revenue of 4.319 billion yuan and 4.951 billion yuan respectively, but by the end of a sharp downturn in 2015, the revenue is 2.821 billion yuan, only attributable to the parent company net profit fell more than 100%.

the sea is Pfizer then-ceo XiaoWeiGong was put forward, by 2020, the company’s revenue will exceed $2 billion, the sales network to cover 95% of the nation’s top three hospitals, 90% of the secondary hospital and 75% of the primary hospital. In addition, Pfizer China Wu Xiaobin said in 2012, the sea is Pfizer won’t produce overlap with the parent company, Pfizer’s product line, the former mainly for generics occupies 70% market share in China. But this plan and the sea is clearly pharmaceutical industry and to look for in a joint venture company, the sea is pharmaceutical aspects will is Pfizer positioning for itself from the important platform of API to preparation enterprise transformation, and most of the agents business also are transferred to the joint venture company.

DE cooperation with capital and Beijing general manager Xu Qian told the Beijing news reporter, & other; Break up & throughout; Cause without excessive speculation, after all, the mutual rely on both sides of the cooperation.

the Pfizer withdrew from the joint venture company, only foreign drug companies and local companies & other; Break up & throughout; A microcosm.

MSD with simcere established cooperation with Merck in 2012, the joint venture company by Merck holding 51%, simcere account for 49% of the shares, less than three years for controlling divestment, in February 2015, has been dissolved the operations will be passed on to simcere pharmaceutical co., LTD., solely responsible for, Merck withdrew from the first sound to Merck shares.

the Swiss company with Beijing pharmaceutical group co., LTD and Beijing zizhu pharmaceutical co., LTD joint-venture earlier Beijing novartis pharmaceutical co., LTD., in 2009 the company became a wholly foreign owned enterprise, Chinese shareholder exit in an all-round way.

MaiSiKang lai founder Shi Lichen third-party medical service system, said some foreign drug companies and local companies & other; Break up & throughout; Is the main reason of the difference in culture and business philosophy, and so on. Pfizer’s out of the sea are Pfizer, for example, Pfizer China Wu Xiaobin has said that the joint venture company with Pfizer’s parent company product line does not produce overlap and competition, mainly for generics occupies 70% market share in China. Shi Lichen analysis, the sea is pharmaceutical joint venture will be regarded as is pharmaceutical preparations from API enterprise the important opportunity of enterprise transformation, different expectations on both sides, & other; Generics play with patented drugs or have difference, the Chinese market is relatively extensive and flexible, the two sides on the philosophy may not be able to tune. Throughout the &;

2 & have spent & other; Marriage & throughout; Cooperation to product rapid fall to the ground

although & other Break up & throughout; Case is not a few, but more similar cooperation continues.

in September 2013, zhejiang Betta Pharmaceuticals Co., Ltd with the United States amgen baida formed amgen pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. Was set up. The move means, has more than 40 countries around the world has been approved for the treatment of advanced colorectal cancer anticancer drug, wood sheet resistance is introduced into China.

in 2014, Germany’s bayer on $3.6 billion completed the acquisition of yunnan hong pharmaceutical, intended to continue to overweight OTC business.

in 2016, sanofi and CRC san-jiu framework agreement, to explore China’s consumer healthcare market opportunities. In August of this year, sanofi health pharmaceutical strategic cooperation, head of the China Qian Ran d. said in public, & other; In the future, sanofi and CRC san-jiu will continue to cooperate in the field of other advantages. Throughout the &;

in 2016, astrazeneca sell Kang Zhe pharmaceutical and Tibetan medicine plendil and in accordance with the’s two big variety rights.

in April 2016, boehringer ingelheim and cooperation between sinopharm sinopharm distribution center will be exclusive boehringer ingelheim’s family of telmisartan series products and distribution rights in China to promote the product.

in September this year, China’s first listed on nasdaq paekche China also launched an innovative biomedical company with world famous biological medicine company in New York global strategic cooperation in the field of tumor, paekche shenzhou fully take over the new base company in China commercial team, and take more than a new base in China has approved the commercialization of the product liability, the new base for paekche shenzhou BGB – A317 solid tumor indications outside the United States, Europe, Japan and Asia many countries and regions in the development and commercialization of exclusive authorization, cooperation involves the $1.393 billion, domestic drug firms single variety rights transfer of new record.

, according to bloomberg, the world’s largest generic drug maker Teva (Teva) is going to with local drug firms guangzhou pharmaceutical group co., LTD. (the broad medicine group) to form a joint venture, said the news from the broad medicine group chairman Li Chuyuan, wide medicine group is currently awaiting approval from state food drug safety administration Teva some drugs. On November 15, the Beijing news reporter sent wide medicine group interview outline, proof of cooperation, but by the time has not yet been answered.

Xu Qian DE cooperation with capital, people and Beijing general manager, said in an interview with Beijing news reporter foreign drug firms have technological advantages, has an advantage in the market, the domestic enterprises in such aspects as product registeration connections, & other; Demand point on both sides, the product faster fall to the ground in the country. Throughout the &; Although there are many similar & other; Marriage & throughout; Have & other; Break up & throughout; , but there is more cooperation continues.

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