Foreign experts of cardiovascular patients The Chinese doctor 1 and a half open


perfect surgical success, always attaches great importance to the privacy of the Swiss patients offered to zhang bin and the surgeon.

1 minute 30 seconds, zhang bin control & other; Blood vessels of shield machine & throughout; Dug the clogged coronary patients finally a congestion.

& other; You  Are  Not  A  Human” Swiss experts shocked when give evaluation, at first thought it was a call names, actually he is sincerely praise the guangdong doctor skill, is beyond the limits of human can achieve.

Swiss experts timing: 1 minute 30 seconds dredge coronary

this year on February 9, lausanne, Switzerland, walter state university central hospital in operating room, just a 2 days ago by local experts of cardiovascular surgery completely block the patient lay quietly on the operating table, waiting for the second vascular smooth operation. He almost 100% occlusion, jam in cardiovascular heart blood supply completely provided by another coronary artery and its branches.

the day for the operation on him is a heart doctor with from China & ndash; & ndash; & ndash; Guangdong province people’s hospital of cardiology, director of the physician association cardiac intensive branch, guangdong province, deputy director of committee professor zhang bin. This patient, although the foreign counterparts from the blood vessels of forward, reverse, foreign experts have identified interventional treatment is almost impossible to dredge, zhang bin is open heart blood flow path of the blockage of confidence, fiddled with the involvement of the slender thread, lightly just like strong driving ability of subway shield construction machine, thread step by step through the vascular occlusion, two days before the patient of Swiss experts, beside time.

1 minute 30 seconds, perfect unblock clogged arteries. Zhang bin shocked the counterparts.

two day on February 8, 9, zhang bin in Switzerland the world-renowned medical hospital demonstrates four similar skills, full of success. Four patients are American and European peers, tried, but failed coronary occlusion patients. And Switzerland, is the world’s first percutaneous coronary balloon dilatation (commonly known as the guangdong general DJ) of origin.

similar to foreign counterparts crit shock, is not the first time. Time back in February 2016 and again in November, the same is famous in the world of king’s college London hospital, zhang bin with the stunt, also let praise by British counterparts point & hellip; & hellip;

demo to Singapore surgery, surgery to the united Arab emirates (uae) demo, zhang bin to fall harvest is a chin.

medical problem in the world, he figured out a good way to

blood is in charge of the human heart movement, by about two blood vessels of coronary artery and its branches. The two is a fault in the coronary artery, can lead to coronary heart disease, myocardial infarction, serious, due to a lack of blood supply in the heart itself and stopped, and death.

modern medicine at the university of Zurich in Switzerland in 1978 hospitals in the world the first percutaneous coronary balloon dilatation (DJ), before a similar patients has been addressed by bypass surgery. And the western countries, especially Europe and the United States medical developed country, has always been the technology & other; Perfectly & throughout; , while the Chinese doctors, in learners, chaser position for a long time.

in many lead to blockages in coronary artery disease, chronic occlusion of coronary lesions, is finally zhang bin of interventional heart field. In patients with coronary heart disease, 15% ~ 30% in chronic occluded coronary lesions. Through coronary artery is the only life of these patients, but forward along the flow direction intervention, namely to chronic occlusion is only 50% ~ 70%, and then, in 2006 a Japanese doctor create a reverse PCI intervention treatment.

the Japanese is rigorous, they can always with a little fingers, to unblock. & other; Japanese expert technology can unblock clogged similar, but they can only do two a day surgery, a surgery often take six or seven hours, the thread of thousands of RMB, they will use a laundry list & throughout; , such technical solution, it is difficult to a wide range of applications in China clearly.

the European and American doctors, are more pay attention to efficiency, they in patients with similar coronary occlusion, tend to ignore the protection of blood vessels. Powerful dredge open vascular blockage, vascular injury itself, also greatly increase the risk of perforation.

in a large population base, more Chinese, coronary occlusion patients need to rethink this kind of disease treatment of groping. Through a large number of cases of sample treatment, zhang bin is for a set of can protect blood vessels, and can quickly the blockage of the scheme.

1 hour surgery shocked the British Isles

on November 10, 2016, a British coronary artery intervention treatment boundary highest-level & other; Party & throughout; In the UK in three big hospital surgery demonstration.

remember, zhang bin took 1 hour surgery done, before the sceptical British counterparts there was an obvious change; The meeting place of king’s college London, United Kingdom, the hospital, he doing surgery on the stage, directly on the venue, zhang bin according to its own & other; Throughout China method &; , beautifully finished the cases of British counterparts failed treatment.

the shots, completely kills them. As a result, zhang bin was held in before you leave, be pleas do hospital director of cardiology, the previous failed cases, it is totally unplanned. Although patient heavier, to give local anesthesia and general anesthesia zhang did not stage fright, according to their own way, in the key steps, high reverse thread through the collateral vessels of level 0, through chronic occlusion lesion, successfully completed the stent implantation, the operation is a success! This time, zhang bin is the second time in three stunning appearance on the island of England.

in early 2016, he was also use this technique in the UK, leng to British expert on vascular occlusion, the clear and clean. In Britain the peer experts to China about zhang bin doctor do surgery, shocked, & other; So don’t know Chinese doctors surgery would be so beautiful. Throughout the &;

medicine field, doctors have been studying in China, the chaser posture to improve the skills. Zhang said, the Chinese medicine is in line with international standards for many years, but the Chinese doctor to be able to communicate in domestic operation demonstration and seldom surgery demonstration in the developed western countries. Due to the western law strictly protect patients limitation, foreign doctors rarely get the opportunity to do surgery in their patients. Many Chinese doctor before most is to do basic research to study abroad, foreign counterparts seldom know the strength of the Chinese doctors. Doctor zhang bin

this time as the medical communication invited to demonstrate the first Chinese doctors at the meeting, the meeting of the brigade is tough, related application letters and send to the state development planning commission of the international exchange department. & other; For 3 months. Throughout the &; Zhang bin, people in the UK for surgery to apply for temporary license strictly, the university, master, doctor qualification, physician qualification certificate, proof to the mistakes & hellip; & hellip; The review is very strict, many doctors temporary medical license application failure.

operation how hard is it?

totally occluded patency, almost equal to the blindfolded blind puncture

the treatment of reverse flow direction, the guide wire through the collateral circulation of blood vessels, or bridge vascular surgical bypass surgery, into the distal vascular lesion, reverse by occlusion lesions, placing stents, well versed in coronary artery.

by tiny blood vessels and collateral circulation to unclog the occlusion of large blood vessels, extremely difficult, of course, because of some tiny blood vessels collateral circulation even contrast enhancement, known as the collateral vessels of level 0, quite so blind coronary artery. No less difficult fly knife stunt blindfolded performance.

at present, this field & other; Ace & throughout; , will have originally not positive blood vessels 30% ~ 30% of the patients, through the blood vessels connecting the surgical success rate increased to ninety percent above.

why so cool?

400 operations a year against the radiation occlusion surgery

& other; Why others can’t, you do? Throughout the &; , & other Your dredge method can copy? Throughout the &; Many of his peers would ask zhang bin of a same question, he said can be humble. Can in the thread through the human body the most slender vessels and does not hurt the top view of the vessel wall, own this skill, close to sell oil weng practice makes perfect.

the graduate student stage main cardiac interventional therapy, in the room is full of radiation intervention for more than 20 years. The human heart coronary artery, branches, collateral, he can already knew exactly what to expect. Due to the intervention room often need a doctor to bear a lot of radiation exposure, many cardiologists at this age would have not stem the zhang, but he is still sticking to it.

the day before accepting a reporter to interview, zhang bin of a normal operation, he was responsible for the 22 sets of interventional heart operation. With nearly 30 jins of lead, and thousands of MSV of radiation exposure, he and the surgical team just one by one to unclog the patients with occlusion of blood vessels. & other; This is not a peak period of time, most of the day, we completed a total of 27 sets of similar surgery, and 5 patients is totally occluded.

last year, zhang bin and leading the occlusive vascular lesions in 400 cases of cardiac intervention operation, the reverse mode of 180 cases. A large number of the accumulation of experience, practice him such a master of intervention. & other; Now the young doctor fully able to replicate such operation experience, the key is to can bear, can insist on. Throughout the &;

concludes: SMW reporter dao-bin wang jia hui correspondent JinTing respondents for interns room figure

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