Foreign media attention to Chinese colleges and universities to open lesson to lose weight: motivate students healthier

reference news network, foreign media reported on October 18, a university of China to introduce a sports reduced fat class, specifically for overweight students, to solve the problem of obesity crisis of young Chinese people do.

according to The Times website reported on October 16, imagine a university course, your grades not because reading books or libraries, but because of who I am for a walk in the park and eat vegetables and score.

according to the report, such strict measures have to accept a Chinese university, the university introduced a motion to reduce fat. This opened in nanjing agricultural university course only for body mass index over 28 (25 to 29.9 is overweight) and body fat rate more than 30% of the students. Weight loss results of students accounted for 60% of their credits. If they lose about 7% of the initial weight will automatically get full marks.

according to the report, this course is large and medium-sized institutions for young Chinese is generally poor health’s latest move. Thanks to the lure of the computer games and outdoor activities is limited, China youth weight gain, health raised concerns.

report noted that in order to motivate students healthier, famous tsinghua university students back to the past can’t swim 50 meters shall not be the rules of the graduation. Nanjing agricultural university, also found that their students are getting fat: 13% of the freshmen and sophomores now overweight. Lose weight classes after the success of the pilot, PE teachers’ comprehensive rich allowed to promotion of the course.

reported, citing sources of jiangsu TV, said the course this fall classes, more than 50 students to sign up, measured their height, weight, heart rate, blood pressure and lung function, almost all of them are eligible.

a student said happily: & other; I never through normal PE test. I would like to go on a diet. Throughout the &;

according to the report, the teacher asked the class of students to do sit-ups, crank arm is supported, tablet, etc. They are more likely to have to jog on a treadmill every day, climb stairs, green, jogging, walking in the park such as outdoor job.

according to the report, the students are also required detailed records of their eating and had a lower intake of calories. They can put the food photos uploaded to a information platform and get two nutritionist recommendations. (compile/hu Wei)

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