Foreign media: India will become the most dangerous superbugs “incubator”



the government if they are not banned the sale without inspection and unapproved antibiotics, then the country in the near future will become immune to all antibiotics super bacteria & other; The incubator & throughout; Russian satellite news agency quoted February 6, in the British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology (British Journal of Clinical Pharmacology – BJCP) described in the paper.

from Queen Mary University of London (Queen Mary University of London) Patricia & bull; Group’s gansu (Patricia McGettigan), said & other; Selling disabled and unchecked antibiotics can destroy the Indian government in dealing with microbial resistance increasing all of the efforts. Multinational companies should explain, why do they sell it in India is not in their own countries pass through the Indian regulators approved no inspection of products. Throughout the &;

reported that in recent years, the so-called & other; Super bacteria & throughout; (to one or more antibiotics resistant microorganisms) problem is becoming more and more widely and sharp, all antibiotics lose effectiveness, back & other drugs; The dark ages & throughout; The reality of the risk has emerged. Scientists think, now, hospital and the use of antibiotics to speed up the consumption of livestock growth of livestock farm is the main and other such microbes; The incubator & throughout; . The scientists also found that India’s extensive use of antibiotics without approval or disabled. To this end, the scientists called for the government to take the severest measures to limit of antibiotics and other Illegal & throughout; The circulation and forbidden to be used in the treatment of has nothing to do with the bacterial infection disease.

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