Foreign media said the global pharmaceutical industry is made in China: cancer accelerating for examination and approval of new drugs

reference news network on January 5, us media reported a new drug to prevent cancer cells to spread to other organs. Another can treat leukaemia; There is a way to use the body’s immune system to kill the tumor. These three medicines shows encouraging results, just another thing he can get listed in the U.S. for approval. The medicine there is another common features: they are all made in China.

the website on January 4, the New York times with the cancer drug, made in China “reported that over the years, China’s pharmaceutical industry has been focused on the generic western medicine. For new drug approval is a frustrating and time-consuming process. Enterprise thought, putting millions of dollars to drug development risk is big, not to focus on more secure source of income.

according to the report, now, China is trying to play a bigger role in the global pharmaceutical industry. The government has the innovation drugs as a national priority. Officials have promised to speed up the drug approval, in order to reverse the brain drain, also vigorously attract scientists back home work, provide land for development, funding, tax cuts and investment.

these three new drugs still needs to be past the us regulatory difficulties. If through, they will become therapy at the forefront of China’s production capacity is more and more strong evidence that Chinese economy to the high added value and improve the ability of the increasingly complex part of the broader industry shift.

compared with a wider range of industrial, China is still in the early stages of drug development. But some experts say the pharmaceutical enterprises in China as an equal with these pharmaceutical giant Pfizer and astrazeneca is only a matter of time.

& other; This is not a problem they can do it, can’t do, & throughout; Medical investment fund arbor, senior managing director wang said Asia, & other; They can do it. Throughout the &;

reported that up until now, get high quality medicines in China is still a problem. Online have devoted smuggled from Indian generics BBS; There are those who purchase raw materials in their own home pharmaceutical; Afford the money to fly to the United States to go to a doctor.

more and more companies are trying to solve the problem of shortage of drugs. Get the support of Hong Kong’s richest man li ka-shing and Huang Zhongguo medical science and technology was founded in 2000 has tried for the development of Chinese herbal medicine. In 2005, and the yellow medicine began to research and development of anti-cancer drugs.

the main laboratory in Shanghai there are as many as 350 scientists, they are surrounded by rodents in testing room. More than half of the scientists are trying to search for new drugs.

reported that in October last year, and the yellow medicine, the report says, in phase ii clinical trials, more than 60% of the patients of the research and development of company and astrazeneca savolitinib have a positive response. Savolitinib is the first kind can be used in the treatment of lung cancer, kidney cancer, gastric cancer and colorectal cancer drugs, usually with astrazeneca’s other medicines, to allow the spread of cancer signaling pathways blocked off.

and the yellow medicine are waiting for more data. If further tests have positive results, the company will apply for the us food and drug administration (FDA), the so-called breakthrough treatments.

the company still need to do a phase iii trial, this is the last step before approved by the FDA’s comprehensive, but the breakthrough therapy can shorten the time of the last stage. Phase iii clinical trials to test in as many as thousands of patients tested drug safety and effectiveness, is usually a comparison with placebo.

if everything is going smoothly as planned, regulators as early as may be approved at the end of 2019, and the yellow medicine, chief executive of He Juan said. & other; Took 20 years to sudden success, this is our situation at the moment, & throughout; He said.

in addition and the yellow medicine, another company named paekche China has on the two drugs in phase iii clinical trials around the world, one kind is used in the treatment of one of the most common drug of leukemia, lymphoma, another is to eliminate tumor immunotherapy for the purpose of the drugs. Paekche China also developed in cooperation with self gene and Merck anti-cancer drugs.

carney said she expected in the next five years, there will be 20 or 30 chinese-made drugs in the United States apply for phase iii clinical trials. The United States is the world’s largest anti-cancer drug market. She said, from the point of China’s current pricing model, the approved the trial is successful, the drug is likely to drug prices lower than those made in foreign companies.

according to the report, although the outlook, but want to out of China’s domestic pharmaceutical companies still face hurdles. The major markets in the United States, there is fierce competition between the pharmaceutical companies, Chinese companies are particularly a lack of research funds.

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