Foreign media: two child policy in China results show new born infant growth in 1.31 million

data figure: newborns. Xinhua hong-xiang zhang taken

reference news network on October 31, according to the daily humanitarian law media on October 29, 2015 two years ago, China abolished the implement for more than 30 years of the one-child policy, which allows all the couple have two children. In 2013, one is an only child, the couple have two children. Two years later, China decided to the feasibility of expanded to all families, from the beginning of 2016.

according to the French “le figaro” website reported on October 29th, the flexibility of the population already obtained the achievement of the New Deal. China’s new born baby last year reached 17.86 million, increased by 1.31 million in a year, and it is, the highest since 2000. The population growth is the result of the change of policy, 45% of the new born baby come from at least one child families, and in 2013, the ratio is only 30%.

one of the important results of the new policy is the practice of selective abortion is reduced. BBS data according to the world economy, China was born in 2015 in the sex ratio of 113.5, 100, in 2004, the ratio of 121.2:100.

according to the report, while the data is satisfactory, but with the original goal achievements and gaps. Because the Chinese are looking forward to the new regulations in 2015 newborns each year within five years may be an increase of 3 million. However, high housing, education and health care costs limit the new family population. China today strive to be born between 2016 and 2020, the population of 17 million to 17 million, but many experts say that growth is not enough, and China will or & other Old before rich & throughout; . According to official statistics, the end of 2014 with 212 million elderly people, equivalent to 15% of the population. The acceleration of this trend will in medical and health care, pension fund and important challenge in terms of available labor force, and will affect the consumption of energy.

according to the report, is expected in 2020 China’s population is about 1.42 billion, and at the end of 2015 to 1.375 billion. According to the lancet published a study last year, the report said the new policy can make China’s population peaked in 2029, 1.45 billion.

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