From 0.79 kg to 3.3 kg: shanxi “slap” baby discharged from hospital

taiyuan, March 6 (xinhua) (reporter wang) after 119 days of & other; Fighting & throughout; , was born only 0.79 kg & other; Slap baby & throughout; 6, finally was released from the hospital. According to the Shanxi Province children’s hospital neonatal intensive medicine ji chung, director of the introduction, the child is born when the mother’s pregnancy only 24 weeks + 5 days, this is the province successfully treated gestational age youngest baby.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

& other; Child birth, only adults face, arms and legs are as thick as the fingers of the adult, no longer is the most critical organs mature, breathing was very weak. Throughout the &; Ji chung said that the baby was born in 10 minutes, after the consent of their parents, the hospital immediately start emergency plans, will shift the baby from obstetric intensive.

according to the due date, children should be born on February 23, 2018, but on November 8, 2017, the mother of threatened abortion, the child was born more than 100 days in advance. Medicine to gestational age <37 weeks, weight is less than 2.5 kilograms of neonatal defined as premature babies, which born less than 28 weeks is very early.

avoid external stimuli for babies, medical personnel from the child was born the first day he placed in the incubator, try to keep the same environment and stay in the mother’s womb. , said Dr. Zhang yong, director of the children in order to ensure the safety of the children to the greatest extent, succession of medical staff & other; An exception & throughout; Moving from office to the transition of the head of a bed, the child’s illness and signs record at any time on the blackboard, in general eye-catching position.

& other; Restore well child and her mother are now, the baby weight is 3.3 kg, 47 cm in length and nursing about nine times, defecate twice a day. Throughout the &; Zhang yong said that children everything is normal, crying loudly, fine out of the hospital.

the child’s father Mr. Chen told reporters, look at children grow healthy every day, he was really happy. & other; The child’s name, call Chen interpreta dream! Throughout the &; Mr. Chen said with a smile.

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