Futon Bunk Beds – 7 Questions to Ask Before Buying One

A futon bunk bed has the remarkable ability to add life to a room by opening up space, resulting in a room that is both pleasant and practical. As they are able to transform in a matter of seconds, futon bunk beds are a great way to accommodate unexpected guests.

Here are some important questions you should ask to make sure you choose the futon bunk bed that is right for you, without any regrets in the future.Futon Bunk Beds buying guide

1. “How sturdy is the frame?”

Safety is a number one priority when looking for a bed that you can trust for yourself and your loved ones, especially in the case of children. Search for models designed and engineered to guarantee it won’t break after assembly. If you’re visiting a local store, check the joints to make sure they are solid. The frame should be durable and sturdy, and even have a heavy duty feel to it. These are all signs of quality, reliable support. If you’re still concerned, check to see if the bed was tested independently in laboratories to meet the mandatory safety standards of the Consumer Product Safety Commission.

2. “Does it match the room?”

When shopping for a bunk bed with futon, one of the first things that may surprise and perhaps overwhelm you is the wide variety of styles and designs that are available. You will find beds with a combination of built-in ladders and rails. As models are commonly made for a multitude of different people, you may have to spend some time looking around for one that suits your tastes. You will need to choose a color scheme, frame style, and material that accommodates the room you plan to use it in.

3. “Who will use the bed?”

You can now find both full and twin futon bunk beds for all ages – children, teenagers, and adults. Consider who will use the bed the most. Is it for your children? If so, how old are they? Do you intend to use it for their sleepover parties? Another ideal use is for guests who come over for either a brief or lengthy visit, in which case you may be better off choosing a bed size that is full-size as opposed to one for kids. Be clear about whom the bed is for and you will find it easier to narrow down your choices.

4. “Is it easy to fold?”

Often times you will find a model that is perfect for both your room and for those who will use it, but then you may discover that it isn’t the easiest to fold. This may be fine with you if you don’t plan on folding the futon into a bed that often, but for many people, this is one of the main reasons they set out to buy a futon bunk bed to begin with. If you’ve found a design that you’ve fallen in love with, make sure that it can easily be adjusted back and forth from a futon sofa to a bed.

5. “Is the mattress included?”

You’ll never see pictures of futon bunk beds without the futon mattress on top, but oddly enough many times when you actually purchase it you will find that the mattress isn’t included. Often, companies will offer the mattress at a discounted price along with your purchase. If you’re ordering from an online store and choose not to buy a mattress with the bed, make sure you double check to see if that mattress type is available locally. Usually, models feature a twin size bed on top and a lower full-size futon bed on the bottom, but it’s still a good idea to contact the company and verify before buying.

6. “Is it easy to assemble?”

Depending on your experience, you may want to ask for some help when it’s time to assemble your bed. There are both wood and metal futon bunk bed frames which can make them quite heavy. Sometimes the company will include tools with the bed, but you may find that these tools just simply don’t work as easy as your own so don’t feel that you must use their tools unless clearly indicated. Assembly is usually not too difficult unless the instructions are poorly written or the bed has manufacturing errors such as holes drilled to the wrong size.

7. “How will it be delivered?”

Whether you’re ordering from an online store or a local outlet, it’s important to check the credibility of the company responsible for delivering your futon bunk bed. After so much shopping around for your new bed, the last thing you want is to have it delivered with scratches and dents.

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