Gelatin is boiled donkey skin! Net friend: owe donkey sentence sorry all over the world!

national health public health hotline 12320 state family planning commission official weibo @ 12320 national health tell you: donkey-hide gelatin is not worth buying, because it is & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; . Gelatin has long been seen as nourishing top grade, blood and effective medicine, but @ 12320, said the national health donkey skin collagen is the main ingredient, and the protein lack of essential amino acid tryptophan, is not a good source of protein.

donkey-hide gelatin (for figure/visual China)

netizen: so eat donkey-hide gelatin and the skin frozen about it & hellip; & hellip;

is not only a donkey-hide gelatin, @ 12320 national health said, in fact, there is no use sea cucumber and bird’s nest, in terms of protein, egg than sea cucumber and bird’s nest. In addition, @ 12320, said the national health honey what also did not raise colour detoxification function of health care to lose weight. 80% of the ingredients in the honey are sugar, honey and placebo, almost no real benefit to health. & other; High heat and nutrition of the single & throughout; Is honey really look like.

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