Gelatin medicinal value need more scientific research to prove

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on February 18, state health development planning commission of public hotline officer micro issued a tweet saying: donkey-hide gelatin is not worth buying, because it is & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; . Donkey skin collagen is the main component, the lack of human body essential protein tryptophan, so not a good source of protein. On February 19th the weibo and update: in terms of protein, the first is the eggs. Eggs are much more useful than eat sea cucumber and bird’s nest.

this weibo not only triggered controversy of donkey-hide gelatin, and the traditional Chinese medicine to the public opinion. Some people think that the microblogging demean the effect of donkey-hide gelatin, and with the introduction of the gelatin magical function each other before today.

donkey-hide gelatin (for figure/visual China)

in terms of the effect of donkey-hide gelatin, the weibo is one of the forms & ndash; & ndash; Health care products. Gelatin now have three forms, drugs, health products and food. Drugs used in the prevention, treatment and diagnosis of diseases, health care products have the function of regulate the body, the food is equal to people eating other food. So there are three kinds of gelatin approval number: one is the medicine (medicine) approved by the state and the second is the word (health) food health, 3 it is to feed size (food).

the difference is that drugs need to clinical pharmacology and toxicology experiment and clinical verification, by the state food and drug administration bureau (CFDA) approval; Health care products need through GMP pharmaceutical production quality management standard certification, also should be approved by the CFDA; Food by the quality and technical supervision bureau is responsible for the examination and approval, through QS food production license (enterprise) of health management certification.

look from the production of raw materials, medicine, health care, food, three forms of donkey-hide gelatin is by donkey skin, rock sugar, soybean oil, rice wine, etc., but apparently medicine type gelatin in stricter regulation, investment cost is higher, better in quality, such as raw materials by using the number of donkey skin and purity guaranteed and so on.

for gelatin contains the main component of the microblogging is scientific basis, the main ingredient of donkey-hide gelatin is collagen protein, hydrolysis can produce many kinds of amino acids, peptides, etc. Gelatin decomposition of protein in the lack of essential amino acid tryptophan, and egg protein mainly for ovalbumin and egg globulin, which contains 8 kinds of essential amino acids, including tryptophan. From this perspective, donkey-hide gelatin’s nutritional value than an egg.

however, donkey-hide gelatin are better than that of eggs, the most striking thing is that the protein content of donkey-hide gelatin is higher than the eggs. People edible gelatin, of course, in addition to have purpose of medical treatment and health care, but also is a kind of food and would like to change taste, conform with the principle of diversity of diet. Just for protein gelatin, therefore, may not have a good egg, but in terms of dietary diversity, donkey-hide gelatin is also the Chinese family reunion dinner in ten variety or even dozens of dishes, a. If there is a guarantee food quality, also just as well treat gelatin as a flavor snack.

but in into the category of drugs, both for gelatin and other Chinese herbal medicine should follow the standards of modern experimental science, are the standards of the evidence-based medicine, through the pharmacology, animal and human trials to repeat test the effects of drugs. Although medicine of donkey-hide gelatin after approved by the national approval (the ministry of health and drug standard 19 copies into preparations of Chinese medicine), and & other; Function and attending & throughout; Is: ziyin, blood tonic, stop the bleeding. Used for blood deficiency weak, irregular periods; Vomiting blood, nosebleed, platelets, white blood cells decreased, but for such a function, such as blood, there are still a lot of controversy.

even in ancient times was not tested experimental science and only pay attention to the experience of traditional Chinese medicine, such as the treatise on febrile disease of zhang zhongjing in han dynasty, the records show that in the synopsis of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) in the past nor the gelatin as hematinic, only when the need to stop the bleeding, just use gelatin.

from the perspective of experimental science, in the 1930 s, the union medical college physical NiZhangQi doctor to bloodletting method of manufacturing the anemia dogs tests have been performed, the result shows that for anemia animal gelatin is blood function, and this function is not uniquely gelatin. Combining a experimental conclusion, Beijing university of Chinese medicine & other; Amino acid content is no significant difference of each skin glue like can replace the donkey pigskin, horse leather, cowhide leather & throughout; That blood function of donkey-hide gelatin is not unique, is not significant.

and animal experiments of donkey-hide gelatin is not enough, also need to clinical trials, in order to more comprehensive and fully prove that the treatment function and effect of gelatin. With strict standards, medicinal functions of donkey-hide gelatin need to accept the inspection of modern experimental medicine, like artemisinin, toxicology, biochemistry, animal and human body test, to prove that its true medicinal value and function. (the author is Beijing media)

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