Gelatin why every time is “Dui”

supermarket shelves of little actual gelatin content in photographic gelatin products/our reporter chang chin

national health development planning commission & other; The national health throughout 12320 &; Public health hotline is the official weibo recently released in a title & other; New Year’s day is not worth to buy the gelatin & throughout; Weibo called gelatin & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; , again will glue on the cusp of public opinion. Although all aspects of the row after silent, even be considered & other; Injured & throughout; The largest donkey-hide gelatin production enterprise also declined to comment on this. However, the personage inside course of study says, & other; Actually for controversy has gelatin, the whirlpool suddenly fermentation online public opinion is also every once in a while will appear throughout the &; .


official weibo that gelatin only & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout;

& other; Gelatin has been very high grade in the health care products, have the effect of aura blessing: blood tonic, hemostatic, raise colour, fetus, anti-fatigue, cancer & hellip; & hellip; Please see the essence through the phenomena, however, donkey-hide gelatin is & lsquo; Boiled donkey skin & rsquo; . Donkey skin collagen is the main component, the protein lack essential amino acid tryptophan, is not a good source of protein. Throughout the &; During the Spring Festival this year, the traditional Chinese tonic medicine gelatin again to the forefront of public opinion. Event is the result of a called & other; The national health throughout 12320 &; Weibo published on February 18th noon a called & other; New Year’s day is not worth to buy the gelatin & throughout; Weibo, including gelatin called & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; Has become the focus of controversy.

in fact, it isn’t unusual to criticism over donkey-hide gelatin, but lies in the release of information is by the state development planning commission to open of 12320 public health hotline’s official weibo. It is reported that 12320 health hotline is the state development planning commission director of the public telephone network, mainly to undertake consultation and complaint reporting functions in the field of public health.

as a national authority health institutions associated institutions issued such a tweet, its influence is not only obviously just bought donkey-hide gelatin, Chinese New Year but again affect the gelatin industry as a whole. This tweet also sparked a fierce debate on the net, some say the effect of donkey-hide gelatin is ziyin blood rather than protein supplement, measured by the protein gelatin and draw & other; Boiled donkey skin & throughout; Conclusion is irresponsible smear of traditional Chinese medicine; But some weibo view that gelatin so-called health effect really unreliable.

but the controversy is limited to Internet. Beijing youth daily reporter noticed that currently & other; The national health throughout 12320 &; Already quietly delete the related weibo, nor make any explanation. In addition, whether government departments or gelatin industry for this storm is silent. Including the thought & other; Injured & throughout; Largest donkey-hide gelatin production enterprise, in an interview with north green news reporter also tight-lipped declined to comment on. & other; We don’t want to comment on the matter, also do not have had anything to do with weibo publisher communication, this kind of matter or settle it as soon as possible, because it’s not good for everyone! Throughout the &; A well-known gelatin production enterprises who told north green newspaper reporters.


market & other; Gelatin & throughout; Commodity price disparity

north green newspaper reporter visited some supermarkets, pharmacies, found that all kinds of donkey-hide gelatin products currently on the market is multifarious, both the so-called pure gelatin products, have only added a small amount of gelatin but with gelatin as the name of the goods. For the average consumer point of view, the disparity between commodity prices are & other; Cannot see through & throughout; The important reason for the gelatin.

north green news reporter in the interview to see, in the shopping in the supermarket sales price in hundreds of yuan a box of donkey-hide gelatin products basic commodities are added with gelatin, and content of the gelatin is less; While pure gelatin for the most part in every 500 grams of 2000 yuan, the price of some well-known brand even more expensive. This basic is at the drugstore or commercial super pure gelatin in medicine, health care products sales counters are, and will not display in the supermarket shelves.

in a wumart, shelves in common health products on display a variety of names in the label & other; Gelatin & throughout; Commodity, health products, such as royal jelly in the together. These goods more called gelatin cake, can edible directly. Introduce according to professional personage, however, & other; This direct edible gelatin basic are all processed foods contain only a small amount of donkey-hide gelatin, pure gelatin once eat two or three grams is enough, and certainly not as snacks to eat! Throughout the &; Sure enough, the north green newspaper reporters to see a 600 gram tub, price 298 yuan a brand & other; Instant gelatin cake & throughout; Found that the main ingredients of the products is black sesame seed, walnut kernel, and match with rice wine, sugar, Huang Mingjiao, while the mark of gelatin content is only & other; 10% & throughout; . Another price 168 yuan of 450 g & other; Gelatin is yuan throughout cakes &; The nominal composition of donkey-hide gelatin is only 16%, other ingredients and black sesame seed, rock sugar, walnuts, red jujube and so on.

in a store, tong ren tang north o youth newspaper reporter sees in the sale of edible film, gelatin piece price respectively is 250 grams of 1180 yuan, 500 grams of 2350 yuan, this is what people call & other Pure gelatin & throughout; . Actually this kind of gelatin can also contain a small amount of crystal sugar, soybean oil, rice wine, is added in the production process, but the donkey skin is one of the main ingredients.

according to sales staff, the glue need to eat after processing, processing method mainly powder, can add in the milk, porridge, take together, only a few grams per day. To this, the pharmacy has a basic powder service free of charge. According to introducing, other customers also used this kind of pure gelatin into gelatin cake, ingredients may be added the be fond of according to eaters. Additional gelatin can also be used in some speciality, grinding gelatin powder in fish stew stew add also has certain tonic effect.

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