German study: listen to music when motion is not helping to improve the results of the competition

the web comprehensive coverage 】 【 according to French health magazine “TOPSANTE” report, the medical journal the frontiers of psychology (Frontiers  In  Tended to) recently published stories, according to university of Frankfurt, Germany, a new study has found although music can inspire the athletes, but listen to music when motion does not improve grades, but also can increase the risk of accidents.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

what effect to verify that listening to music to games, the researchers selected the 150 volunteers, and divided them into three groups. The volunteers were asked to pitching motion under the different conditions: the first group of volunteers listen to the music of his selection, a second group of listening to the researchers to choose music, the third group does not listen to music. At the same time, the researchers asked volunteers to listen to music in different pitch distance to verify whether can increase the risk of accident.

shows that listening to music for performance, self assessment, has no influence caused by movement of anxious mood, however, to increase the competitive concert volunteers of self-confidence. At the same time, listening to music also will increase the risk of accidents. And the effect for those who listen to their music selected male volunteers more obvious.

the authors of the report (Elvers) explains Dr El firth, although this study has confirmed that listening to music increases the risk of accidents in the motion of a, but still need further confirm and find out its principle. (internship compilation: Cao Jiechun review: Wang Zhantao)

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