Global influenza menacing: is not the common cold, the best prevention is a vaccine

winter flu outbreak of menacing, China not only influenza activity in the winter peak, North America, Europe and other places also significantly increased the number of flu cases. Flu peak comes, vaccination is the best means of prevention.

data diagram (for figure/visual China)

flu into the peak season

at present, in the northern hemisphere has entered into the phase of the flu, h1n1, H3N2 flu virus in the United States and Canada. , in contrast, China is given priority to with influenza b, hepatitis b and the number of flu cases more than a (in Europe.

the United States centers for disease control and prevention (CDC) said recently that at the end of 2017 the American influenza activity increased dramatically. From December 24 to 30, the clinical laboratory confirmed 9228 cases of flu tests positive samples, percentage of influenza a and b respectively 84. 6% and 13. 3%.

the public health agency of Canada’s chief public health officer 谭咏 poems said: & other; Influenza virus is in the peak activity in Canada. Throughout the &; At present the country’s most of the cases of influenza a (H3N2) and influenza b at the same time the number of cases continue to increase. At the end of last year, a total of 1050 people for Canada & other Associated with the flu & throughout; Reason and hospitalized, 34 people were killed.

谭咏 poem said, from the southern hemisphere flu season, existing vaccines against influenza a (H3N2) virus effectiveness is poorer. H3N2 flu virus is one of the influenza a virus subtype, this strain is easy for the elderly and children, vulnerable groups, such as severe impact.

according to the Chinese national influenza center 8, the latest & other; China’s epidemic situation summary & throughout; , 25 solstice December 31, 2017, the national influenza activity are still popular in the winter peak, and still showed a trend of rising. This time the national (not including Hong Kong, Macao and Taiwan regions), a total of 11253 cases of influenza-like cases were reported.

China national health commission suggests that this year China influenza activity mainly presented to hepatitis b Yamagata as the dominant strain, influenza a (H3N2 influenza virus and influenza a (H1N1) common circulation popular characteristics.

in addition, the flu epidemic in northern Europe, southern Europe and the growth trend of Western Europe, including the number of cases of influenza b than swine, influenza a (H1N1) virus infection more than the number of the influenza a (H3N2) virus infection.

is not the common cold, flu

many people often confuse flu and the common cold, which ignore the seriousness of the flu.

influenza caused by influenza a or b viruses, and more related to the season, in the northern hemisphere is usually in October each year to the next year may pop, for peak in February. Flu symptoms quickly, usually a sudden high fever, cough, chills, severe pain or chest discomfort, may also cause serious health problems and complications such as pneumonia, bacterial infection.

and the common cold has nothing to do with season, all can come on all the year round, symptoms include sneezing, runny nose, fever and chills, rarely fatigue symptom is not obvious, generally do not cause serious health problems.

at present, in the northern hemisphere much suffering cold and snow weather, bring about human body resistance is abate, the influenza virus are more likely to step in.

history, the pandemic has brought disaster to the world. It is estimated that 1918 to 1919, the popular & other; The Spanish flu & throughout; Killed 50 million people.

the world health organization says most people suffer from seasonal flu does not need to medication, but within a week to relieve symptoms such as fever, but the flu for some high-risk groups may be serious or even fatal health threat. Who’s latest figures, 5% to 5% of adults around the world every year, 20% to 30% of children suffering from flu, lead to between 3 million and 5 million cases of severe cases, about 290000 to 290000 deaths.

stop demonizing vaccine

influenza can be treated with antiviral drugs such as tamiflu, but the most effective tool for flu prevention is still the vaccine. The United States department of health, according to data supplied about 1 in 2016 the United States. 4.5 billion doses of vaccine, some 59% of children and 43, respectively. 3% of adults vaccinated for the flu vaccine. By contrast, China influenza vaccination rate remains to be improve.

as a vaccine, effective protective antibody levels duration was only six to eight months, and the influenza virus mutations occur frequently, influenza vaccine inoculation for a year.

on the other hand, considering the production cycle, influenza vaccine about half a year for the forecast of flu strains may be related to differences between actual pandemic strain, the current epidemic strain may occur with the available vaccine strain does not match the phenomenon. But the who says, even if the pandemic strain and vaccine strain is not completely consistent, influenza vaccines can provide protection for healthy adults. For the elderly, although the influenza vaccine for their protection is weak, but the vaccine is still can reduce disease severity, reduce complications and mortality risk.

considering the variety of influenza virus is trendy or may in the coming months, experts recommend that people over the age of six months or more influenza vaccination, and take more exercise to improve body resistance, pay attention to personal hygiene frequent hand washing, indoor ventilation measures such as often.

(the original title: review: global flu became strong enough, the best prevention is vaccine)

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