Go undercover reporter oral: I four stories of the kindergarten

oral | & have spent Liu Qingwei

interview | & have spent WeiShiJie

edit | & have spent ChuMing

two years ago, when I worked as an intern in a newspaper, four kindergartens in Beijing & other; The undercover & throughout; As a preschool teacher. There are & other; Black throughout the kindergarten &; And more expensive private garden, there is also a public garden, added up to more than a month before and after.

I see many of the insider kindergarten. However, when I become a preschool teacher, just a few days, disgust did their very special & ndash; & ndash; Inadvertently pushed the child; Also been complained, wronged tears.

at the time, to support my one and only the power, is I know I will soon be out of there.


in September 2015, I went into the haidian, 21, a place not in private kindergarten education commission for the record, namely & other Black throughout the kindergarten &; , hereinafter referred to as A garden.

A garden tuition fee is RMB 1780 per month, is the cheapest private garden in this area.

the interview, I was using a false name, but also did not ask to see my id card. When I say education is & other; Throughout high school &; When the interviewer expression of satisfaction & ndash; & ndash; There, it is already very high degree. She made no secret of anxious mood, said to me, & other; That you come to work, tomorrow will come! Throughout the &;

there is no health, no examination and training, and so I accepted.

the second day early in the morning, I was just to report the education & ndash; & ndash; & other; You can’t comb horsetail, pan head or is, how to how to mature. Throughout the &; Director also said that it is & other; Want to let parents have credibility & throughout; . In this way, the teacher will be born in the year of 1996 parents as their peers.

the teacher asked every morning arranged in two rows stood at the door, well wishers flocked kids and parents. All in beige uniforms, smiling, & other; Good morning! Xx dad good morning! Throughout the &; Voice.

I later learned, all matter in the morning.


I was taken to a student to do with the class teacher. A class teacher has two: master class and class, respectively responsible for lectures and assist management. My task, in addition to the lectures all the chores. The kindergarten is located in a commercial office buildings, the room is bright, is covered with tile and floor, brightly coloured with tables and chairs. Zoo bought many textbooks: health class, Chinese lessons, and so on.

but in fact, A garden of hardware is not up to standard. Issued by the relevant departments to the kindergarten work regulation requirements, children’s outdoor activities shall not be less than 2 hours a day. Therefore, formal kindergarten must have sufficient space area of activity, who did not, can’t be through the commission for examination and approval. And A garden & other; Space & throughout; , the parking lot is Shared between area and office area & ndash; & ndash; When your child activity, vehicle back to one side. For reasons of safety and easy management, the teacher will find excuses not to bring a child doing drill.

in the garden there is a very fat master class teacher, belongs to the director in the mouth & other; Can pressure children & throughout; Of that category. She bad to what degree? Loud enough to put my this adult lives.

a feature of the private kindergarten, the children in particular, no order. Class is don’t expect to get. The children screaming, was sharp and thin ring.

documentary” kindergarten “still

work after a few days, I would have tinnitus.

the children can’t quiet sitting. Some behind their own play, some stayed under the table, and the classroom full of running.

fat teacher have a habit of action: the child didn’t order, she would pull their children a drag over to his son, to another. I am very ashamed, this began to my disgust, oneself also inadvertently done later.

with a small class, the two children run around, will bump around, I’m afraid of director said I, throat is already can’t make a sound, I also took a child and then removing it. At that moment, I am very sad, who is a very good-hearted person, but to make that move, think it’s not me.

I think I’m quite ridiculous, just for a day or two, began to drag the child. But can’t, I can control myself.

these days, too tired. I always stunned and daydreaming. However, even can’t vent for 30 seconds, because the director always calling me, liu leng what you!

it is a feeling of exhaustion.


when put a meal, you can’t imagine.

the children like refugees plunder food. For example, a pear, can share half of the class, everyone points very thin piece.

A garden of meal fee standards is 10 yuan, basically see meat, A bowl of rice on two pieces of potato chips and white leaves, with luck there will be A small piece of black fungus. The zoo was presented to the parents of the menu is a meat well, not every day.

the teacher often give their children some plain rice, mix some broth. Broth is very greasy, I tasted all want to vomit. Some children can still voracious, called & other; The teacher I have & throughout; .

every day, the teacher will distribute some snacks, can distinguish from the packaging and taste, is the parents not to buy the sort of. Some snacks to reward good children, or to allow all children to be quiet. Children like to see the baby.

in A garden, all depends on rob, toys are no exception. The toys there special dirty, dark, never disinfection. A class is a small basket, many children will fight for musical toys.

I later learned that the & other; Black throughout the kindergarten &; Omit the parents can’t see all the time.

A garden put bedding sheets in A no window in the inner room, the teacher will directly on the top. Some children to spit on the mattress, the teacher took flushing water, also don’t wash, and then naturally air-dried, top still have a taste.

50 children two classes, two toilets, or crouch hole. Several children both male and female, around a pit pee. Sitting a few spittoon, unisex shit, the teacher is there to solve. Taste special SAO, because children will piss.

movie looks very beautiful, every morning, the children must be & other; Volleys of squatting shit shit & throughout; And pull out the shit to children can get a little red.

I stay in there feel not bottom go to, feel sad. Think of those parents, spent the equivalent of nearly twice as much public kindergarten, the children here. Many of their economic condition is not bad, the child was such a crime.

here but also for the teacher’s day. Their wages are low, and then take A garden, most teachers graduated from A private school in hebei. Fast graduated, northeast of hiring female boss will go to school. 2000 yuan a month, but easy to have a variety of fine: children knock the touch, parents find to file a complaint, the teacher should be fine; Children & other; Lost & throughout; & ndash; & ndash; After a semester is no longer here, with his teacher will be fined 500 yuan.

all the bag eats live, but the accommodation conditions are very hard. Came to the teacher dormitory, I shocked. In a village 1st floor open wall hole are expounded, after living in more than 30 people, no Windows, dimly lit. Has to get up at 6 o ‘clock every morning, teachers, lined up to share only one toilet. Corridor and the clearance of room, full of pants and a towel.


then, I again to a charge of more expensive private garden garden) (hereinafter referred to as “B” undercover, dormitory conditions there is a lot better.

still don’t have id card and health certificate, please, I again to work, salary is 2000 yuan.

here, teachers basic can’t blunt children lose his temper. Compared to A garden, the children some dignity.

but the parents here is also the most & other; Throughout the &; , they all struggle to Beijing from other places, have a certain economic strength, to the teacher’s attitude is tough.

the only time I have been complaints, B is in the garden.

a class, the children really loud, not my town, his voice is more and more big. A girl sitting in the front row is very good have been reading, constantly calling the & other; The teacher, to endorse & throughout; . I might be in the class and yelling at her, & other; Back later! Throughout the &; May frighten her.

” look good “movie stills

after school, a primary school grade three students came to wear red scarf, special horizontal ground to ask me & other; Are you liu? Throughout the &; I replied & other; I am & throughout; , the girl turned and ran away. Afterwards, I guess it is the little girl’s elder sister, her parents complained to director.

I apologize. At that time my tears came down, injustice, thought: I come here to undercover, also the parents. After return, together with other teachers to comfort me, & other; This is often the thing, nothing, habit good & throughout; .

after that period, I’m a little bit to understand the teacher, they are really too tired. I will do the days where, baby waist are straight up. Children cry, dean would say, & other; You pick him up & throughout; . I haven’t had children, hand no matter, one hand hold up, only with the waist force the child up, hanging in the body.

other young female teacher, too. Someone also appear on the leg varicose veins, especially the nest behind the knee, especially painful.

I’ve been impressed by a group of young girls to the kindergarten interns. They respectively from henan and northeast area of technical secondary school, because it is practice, can only get 2000 yuan a month salary of 2000 yuan, the rest goes to the school. $500 salary the water power grid have to split the dormitory fee. The park just lunch every day, director responsible for meat, only one scoop per person. Some girl to save money, the rest of the staple food for breakfast children, often don’t eat in the evening.

to Beijing half a year, they did not go out to play. Holidays, girls always nest in the dorm room playing mobile phone, day line of two point one.

their work and the nanny don’t have much difference, but compared to A teacher is much tenderness, clear feeling is accommodation and service the children, but can not education child.

I also met a responsible teacher in particular, is a girl born in 1992 in hebei province. She was particularly motivated, take an examination of the director in the card, like English. And others confused, she taught her children particularly passionate, course has its own design. I walked a total of four kindergarten, I had a her like that.


the last leg of the undercover, is a public garden. That is the best choice for most of the parents considered. No health card, staff qualifications, however, I still easily enter it to become a nurse.

here environmental health, material is rich, the teachers pay attention to the specification, the children took on a distinct sense of order.

children are like little sheep, quiet, behave well, no one, because the teacher particularly strong aura. null

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