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on March 5, 2018, the thirteenth session of the National People’s Congress opened a conference in Beijing. In the government work report, involved insurance subsidies standards, drug supervision, reform of public hospitals, and social forces to do the medical and health related policy information in China, can also to some extent, the outline of 2018 fresh air to the Chinese medicine health development.

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done a lot of things in the past five years

1. The basic health coverage 1.35 billion

social endowment insurance covers more than 900 million people, the basic medical insurance covers 1.35 billion people, has built the world’s largest social safety nets. The highest average life expectancy at 76.7 years old.

2. The basic health care for up to 450 yuan

residents basic health care per capita fiscal subsidy standard from 240 yuan to 240 yuan, a serious illness insurance system basic establishment, more than 1700 people benefit, realize direct settlement, cost of long distance medical hospital classification of couplet of diagnosis and treatment and the medical building was accelerated. Reasonable continuous improve retiree basic pension. Improve low, materials, such as standard, perfect social assistance system, nearly 60 million low-income workers and guaranteeing basic living conditions for extremely poor people. Establish a difficult and severe disabled & other; Two subsidies & throughout; The system, benefiting more than 2100, ten thousand people. The implementation of comprehensive two child policy.

3. Cancel the drug addition, comprehensive reform of public hospitals will be pushed

will establish a unified urban and rural residents basic pension, medical insurance system, implementation and enterprise endowment insurance system in government institutions and axle. A transfer part of state-owned capital enrich the social security fund scheme. Implementation of medical treatment, health care, medical reform of linkage, opened the public hospital reform in an all-round way, cancel the long-term adopted a policy of drug addition, breakthrough drug medical equipment examination and approval system reform.

4. Drug supervision to strengthen risk control all the

reform to improve food and drug supervision, strengthen risk control.

in 2018 to promote reform and innovation, and release the market vigor

1. We need to deepen the reform of public hospitals comprehensive

according to the report, we will deepen reform of the basic key areas and push forward the reform of new breakthrough, continuing the liberation and development of social productivity. This is the key issue in the reform. Specific will push: endowment insurance system reform, establish the basic endowment insurance fund is the central dispensing system for enterprise employees. We will deepen reform of the public hospital comprehensive and coordinated advance medical price, personnel salary, medicine circulation, medicare payment reform, improve the quality of medical and health services, strive to solve the hospital problem.

2. Innovation focuses on major diseases such as cancer prevention against

to strengthen the basic research and applied basic research, launch a number of major science and technology innovation project, high standard construction of national laboratory. Encourage enterprises led the implementation of major s&t projects and support scientific research institutes, colleges and universities and enterprises financing innovation, speed up the transformation and application of innovations. National science and technology input to areas of the people’s livelihood, strengthen management of haze, prevention and control of major diseases such as cancer research, make better technology to benefit the people.

3. Health promoting & other; Internet + & throughout;

become bigger and stronger emerging industrial cluster, implementing big data development activities, to strengthen the new generation, development and application of artificial intelligence in health care, pension, education, culture, sports, etc in various fields to promote & other; Internet + & throughout; .

4. Strengthen the support the development of the non-public medical institutions

support social forces to increase health service supply, further guide social capital into the health care, pension, education, culture, sports, etc.

5. Foreign investment to expand health open

to promote the stable growth of foreign investment. To strengthen the construction of docking with the international economic and trade rules, the international first-class business environment. Open up the general manufacturing industry, expand the telecommunications, medical, education, pensions, open new energy vehicles, etc.

6. Increase the medical treatment of a serious illness, such as special expense deduction

steadily raise the level of income. Continue to improve retiree basic pension and urban and rural residents basic pension. Reasonably adjust social minimum wage standard. Improve the system of wages and subsidies, tianjin in government institutions, leaning to hard area, special post. Improve the personal income tax threshold, increase their children’s education, medical treatment of a serious illness, such as special expense deduction, reasonable burden, encourages the people increase income through labor, toward the rich.

7. Implement the strategy of health of China

to raise the level of basic medical insurance and serious illness insurance, residents’ basic medical insurance per capita fiscal subsidy standard add 40 yuan, half for a serious illness insurance.

to expand across the province beyond the scope of direct settlement, the basic level hospital and the migrant worker, the foreign staff employment entrepreneurship, etc all included. To strengthen the construction of gp team, to promote grading diagnosis and treatment. Basic public health services continue to improve funding per capita fiscal subsidy standards. To improve maternal and child health services.

support the development of the cause of Chinese medicine inheritance. Innovation in the food and drug regulatory way, pay attention to use the Internet, big data, such as improve regulatory efficiency, to accelerate the whole process in evidence, information traceability, nowhere to hide the problem products (and illegal supplier special corner, let the consumers buy felt relieved, safe to eat.

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