Grieve doctor 100 ways — I’m going to hospital discharge, dead also has nothing to do with you!

the original title: damn the doctor’s 100 ways & ndash; & ndash; I’m going to hospital discharge, dead also has nothing to do with you!

just take over night shift, the telephone rang: room a palace mouth open all the pregnant mother, contractions, heart is clearly slowing, midwives have a bailout.

at night on duty, delivery is top priority. Children well, like pull bubble excrement; Having children is not well, it is the adult child two lives.


Simon brother ran all the way, to childbed pregnant mother already full head big sweat, exhaustion, surrounded by four midwives, the head nurse in delivery week.

medical personnel, the most important thing is to have a sense of responsibility. We often work overtime, because the patient’s disease will not happen at work, after work is over, there was a problem at any time.

condition is the battle horn, see the baby’s heart is bad, the head nurse initiative to stay and work overtime, two heads are better than zhuge liang, an experienced person to discuss, the heart will be steadfast many.

brother Simon posed the serious help pregnant mother: sit duck, a moment boo, hands pulling, capacity, while the contractions. Children

there are four factors: productivity, the birth canal, fetus and mental psychological factors. Born into the second half, completely is pregnant mother’s willpower.

brother Simon to wipe her sweat while said: & other; Life can have a few back to beat, not run time. Baby now is in danger, I must come on!

the baby come out early, it is the biggest help to baby, after learning is not serious, more let you worry. Throughout the &;

there is nothing more than this can provoke mom’s morale, clearly feel her prehistorical powers in the use of the body. Pregnant mother very fit, gave us great confidence, born with it for you.

the phone rang again: there was a coronary heart disease, high blood pressure, diabetes, pregnant women, don’t want to go home, refused to be in hospital, the nurse station blubber, simply can’t stop him.

this way with a baby to a gate of hell, there’s a high risk pregnant women to hospital discharge, this is not to be messed up? Brother Simon to advise in advance, this processing is done on the past.

a midwife feed water of the feed water, come on, come on, brother Simon stare at heart guardianship, face a quiet, the in the mind such as energizes.

a gynecology and obstetrics, hang a banner in the sitting room after retirement: & other; Scare people in life, & throughout; .

staying up is not tired, under the gaze of a life in your heart to just call abuse.

the department of obstetrics and gynecology doctors, in addition to the body, also have a soul of durable.

the phone rang again, that pregnant women make the trot, brother Simon tell your priorities. Any time, to help, to cure, and finally resolve the dispute. Make noise, complaints didn’t also the way.

watch fetal head gradually appear in the mouth of the cave, pediatricians are ready to rescue, radiation on rescue equipment also neatly, the baby’s face.

look at the baby wrinkled brow, together out of the water is clear, brother Simon in the mind of the stone floor. See the umbilical cord, the cause of the cardiac abnormalities found & ndash; & ndash; Umbilical cord torsion, telephone line with spiral loops.

this way the all-clear, but also to the ward, with the brother Simon aside metasomatism in advance and make the pregnant women to hospital discharge, noisy day today already.

bore three children, it is the fourth child, never prenatal, don’t feel well the day before yesterday, the maternity clinic at what’s going on.

outpatient departments of the director of very experienced and have a look at her swollen like a bread, emergency check for blood pressure, blood sugar, electrocardiogram (ecg), to check the disease more and more results.

just over 20 weeks pregnant, so many complications, will happen, in the director immediately opened the hospital certificate, told she must be in hospital, have a good check.

after work, the director of not trust, specially ask ward where the patient lives, want to go and see, the results, the patient can’t come.

that christi? ! Phone, contact telephone number is empty. In the director immediately report to the hospital for adverse events, because it is maternal, to preventive care is reported to the department.

the next day, the patient was in the hospital, hurriedly please heart, endocrine, such as with the relevant department consultation, repeatedly told her to inform families, doctors need to replacement the illness.

live a day, the husband didn’t appear, because of accepting the hospitalization expenses spent, pregnant women said the husband to her home today.

the doctor make the tube bed, almost crying, very not easy to persuade her to hospital treatment, the results of the husband a call after work, she began to make her to the hospital.

brother Simon to pregnant women into the office, please ask why she must be out of the hospital. Pregnant women is blunt: & other; The baby is only ten months, the husband say not, I want to go home with children; Moreover, my husband said no money. Throughout the &;

in advance that pregnant women in addition to write his own name, a word not to tell her disease principle is useless. Simon brother cut to the chase: & other;

I speak at 3 o ‘clock:

1, your disease is very heavy, also will be more and more heavy, serious may die;

2, really have no money, issue a certificate of poverty, the government will take into consideration the relief;

3, don’t want to go, we’ll call the police, your husband will be responsible for the accident happened. Throughout the &;

a face of despise: pregnant women & other; My husband said, you are scare me, it is a good, bore three children are no problem; My family is no money, you kept me me also don’t have the money; Trouble? I want to find your husband hospital, why don’t you let go, the court is not going to jail.

is to be discharged from the hospital, I dead also has nothing to do with you! Throughout the &;

brother Simon a face of serious: & other; Before you have children that’s ok, not really that’s ok, just you didn’t check; You didn’t have an accident, not this time is not an accident, an accident is to happen.

wasn’t sick, why did you come to the hospital? Did we pull you forcibly from home? You yourself don’t feel well, how is ok?

from beginning to end, I didn’t give you pay the money, we are in public hospitals, saving lives is our job, even if have no money, we will first treatment.

why do you want to call the police? You are the maternal, protected by the “law on maternal and infant health care, we can’t help.

, for example, your child, the reading age, you said no money in the home, don’t let him to accept compulsory education, did you see one.

you have to go home, we must call the police for the record, something had happened to shall be investigated for responsibility, I will not go to jail for you, who let you home who end up in jail. Throughout the &;

pregnant women at a painting style: & other; Child no one to take care of my husband to work, home, he is tired, push me back with the children. Throughout the &;

brother Simon center: & other; After more than 30 years old, you still have a long way to go in the day of, this one is not cured, one thousand really had an accident, you will have no future, you have to accompany children, 30, 40 years, 20 years after you don’t want to see their reading university? Throughout the &;

pregnant women continue to say: & other; This year, my husband really have no money, run up the similar at home building a house, you say let me a kid dozen, he a listen to more annoyed.

in the first two months I want to open a hospital in my hometown a kid dozen, I abortion, but he is not allowed to say abort the child, the house will fall off. Throughout the &;

brother Simon spelled: & other; The doctor advice to you, must be the most appropriate and even allow you to abort the child, also in order to save your life.

the doctor looking for ways to save your life, your husband just wants to keep his house, in his heart, and you should also not the ten dollars to a house? Throughout the &;

incensed: pregnant women & other; That is, if I didn’t, he will go to another, he was so young. Throughout the &;

brother Simon down the pole, & other; Yeah, our doctor wants to doctor the doctor is your health, we stood on the side with you, your husband want to be his own. Do you think, you should listen to who?

you one thousand I had an accident, not to mention losing money, he will not find our hospital points minutes he was looking for a younger than you, beautiful.

when the time comes, it is another woman live in your new house, take your deposit, your children, you can make this happen?

do you want to know who is good for you, don’t be silly, honestly to remain in the hospital, and to make himself fit well. Throughout the &;

the pregnant woman nodded, and went out of the office colleagues to brother Simon the thumbs-up sign.

looks be like simple, actually, communication nearly an hour, and we are the department of obstetrics and gynecology night busy chicken fly a dog to jump, but also for pregnant women to do ideological work.

a little tired, don’t worry, don’t bother to medical treatment outside of things as far as possible.

with Simon elder brother for many years experience, tonight or tomorrow, a pregnant woman certainly again noisy discharged. Pan head nurse also call: something immediately inform her, 24 hours standby.

there is no cultural knowledge, pregnant women don’t know the dangers of disease.

the ancients cloud: disease in the cou justified, soup and also of iron; And also in the skin, the needle of the rock; In the intestines and stomach, fire place and also; In bone marrow, subordinate to the king, and he reluctantly.

the doctor can cure, can’t help. They know not dangerous, ailment pulls a serious illness, can’t stand, to the hospital, spend more money, to take more risks.

there is no economic sources, pregnant women are doomed to see the husband.

in her husband’s eyes, her value is to have children, do the housework, spend too much, not change a new one.

our hospital is good, but some hospitals in mainland, balance the patient should deduct party of the work of a doctor. Keep the poor, money from their pockets.

the healer kung, we won’t die, in our eyes, life is more important than everything.

but, you should give us a chance to ah!

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