Guangdong influenza is higher than the same period, primary outbreak accounted for eighty percent



& other; A lot of children on the cooling gel, nose flows in the process of waiting in line for registration, have child vomited directly. When I was ready to go, just to find a more than 1 year old child is sick. Throughout the &;

another parent is the child with a cold recently, in the middle of the night to panyu Clifford hospital emergency, only to find that the hospital is chock-full of treatment of children, & other; Look at an emergency have to wait three hours. Throughout the &; In the end, he temporarily replaced a community hospital.

guangzhou women and children health care center:

flu detection were nearly five times more than last month,

28, SMW reporter visited guangzhou women’s and children’s center found that from the fever outpatient pediatrics department to detect heat on a bench in the hallway, full of parents and children. Many children’s forehead with cooling gel, cough, runny nose.

& other; Our family has caught a cold, the child had fever for five days, coughing. Recently is the peak flu, hospital people much more special. Throughout the &; A parent said. Another parent said that children in kindergarten class about two-thirds of the child’s illness, & other; Children get sick, we feel very helpless, ask for leave to take children to see a doctor. Throughout the &;

there is a lady tells a reporter, this is her to take their children to see a doctor, the second hospital & other; Child throat inflammation has been 10 days, the next day the next day a fever. Throughout the &;

the guangzhou women and children health care in the heart internal medicine outpatient Tracy hilliard chief physician, director of the introduction, the hospital recently flu cases had obvious increasing trend, compared with early December, flu detection positive rate increased from 2 to 3 times, compared with last month, flu detection rate of total rose nearly five times. In addition, the outpatient volume rose close to 3, the doctor overload. Cases are mainly composed of influenza B. & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent & have spent

guangzhou there are four primary school class emergency closed

because flu increase, guangzhou have elementary school closed. Jun JingXiaoXue guidance place. Liu told reporters, the SMW in recent days, there are some students after a cold, class 5, grade one of the most, nearly 20. She said the sick students have cold symptoms such as fever, cough, have students also have some other symptoms.

the tianhe district center for disease control and prevention CDC KuangZhi confessed, from the point of its spread quickly and widely, can be regarded as the flu, but the test report has not been released. He said, a preliminary estimate, jun JingXiaoXue illness, a total of more than 50 students is in the tianhe district this year more severe cases. The school a total of four class emergency closed more than 150 students.

there are the parents of students, said her daughter’s class didn’t closed, but because the child a little fever, also ask for leave. School was originally scheduled for Friday’s GeChangJie is therefore delayed.

in the parent group to remind the teacher.

province CDC:

flu outbreak is higher than the previous five years in the same period, primary school (eighty percent)

according to the national influenza center published information, at present our country south, the northern province of influenza activity in epidemic season level, and still showed a trend of rising, is mainly for type B influenza virus is detected.

the guangzhou center for disease control and prevention said that at present are north and south parts of the country into the flu season, guangzhou DeOuHang situation with the same. So far, not been found in severe cases, death.

the health development planning commission of guangdong province, the response of the centers for disease control and prevention, from guangdong influenza surveillance, recent reports of flu outbreak in guangdong province) is above the level of the past five years in the same period, most of them type B flu cause, more than ninety percent. Autumn and winter flu pandemic virus subtypes from August 3 to A (H3N2) subtype transformation to the current type B (Yamagata).

CDC experts explain, easy cause influenza B virus outbreak in schools and other collective units. From the current monitoring, flu outbreak establishments are in schools, and given priority to with primary school, outbreaks accounted for nearly eighty percent of the total, is the key place to epidemic prevention and control.

not found influenza virus

experts reckon that the current guangdong is in the midst of the influenza virus subtypes seasonal epidemic of normal transition, monitoring system is not found in the spread of influenza virus, disease severity and drug resistance mutation, clinical expression is given priority to with mild flu cases, no severe cases and deaths reported since the winter, the provincial epidemic levels overall is still within the expected range.

experts, in January 2018, influenza activity levels will remain at a high level, epidemic prevention and control is the focus of the school and other collective units. However, as the school holiday, flu outbreak level will drop.

the provincial CDC experts said the common flu symptoms were fever of 39-40 ℃, lasts 5 to 6 days, symptoms such as cough, sore throat lasts four days. But flu symptoms caused by different virus subtype is similar, prevention measures are consistent. Oseltamivir and neuraminidase inhibitors are effective therapy for influenza, the flu early use in time, can significantly reduce the risk of severe cases and deaths as a result of the flu.

high-risk groups should strengthen the influenza vaccination

how to control the flu? Because people generally susceptible to influenza virus, so the citizens to improve prevention and self health care consciousness. CDC experts advise people to keep enough sleep, eating a balanced diet, and exercise more. Develop a frequent hand washing, not good personal hygiene habits such as spitting. As little as possible to the densely populated public places, do a good job in family health, clean and ventilated. Encourage the elderly, children, and the sickly local flu vaccine inoculation clinic as early as possible, reduce the occurrence of severe.

experts also special remind, if family members have flu-like symptoms, should wear masks, prevent to other family members, as far as possible to rest at home, at the same time to avoid more people crowded, poorly ventilated places. If symptoms continue development should be timely medical treatment.

in addition, the school influenza prevention and control of the most important measure is to carry out the daily health check system, the implementation of the absent because of illness, and the cause of registration tracking system. CDC experts also remind that the school should do a good job in environmental health, study, work, life place to strengthen ventilated, maintain the air circulation, keep the toilet sanitation, equipped with hand sanitizer, regular cleaning rubbish.

concludes: SMW reporter YangGuangXia dao-bin wang Su Hailun interns Zhong Shuang correspondent guangdong WeiXin guangdong kangxin

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