Guangdong man save 4 girl drowning six years ago, after suffering from leukemia survivors help

6 years ago, at the age of 19, guangdong zhanjiang wuchuan city youth PangHuaXin, on my way home from the other cities found four female students drowning in the pool, he dived into the 2 meters deep water, relief save four drowning girl. Six years later, the 25-year-old PangHuaXin suffering from leukemia, in a critical condition. After that PangHua new situation, the four miss rescuer rescue girls and their families, someone went to see him, he was for donations.

on November 23, CCTV news report PangHua new story, cause social concern. PangHua new sister PangZhiLing surge on November 24, told the news (, in guangzhou during the work, brother of physical discomfort, vomiting blood, there were 11 November in zhujiang hospital, southern medical university diagnosed with acute leukemia, lung infection complications, now lives in the intensive care unit, & other; Must wear a breathing machine, cannot speak & throughout; .

according to PangZhiLing PangHuaXin four girl is six years ago saved, compose of wuchuan city pond town yao’s primary school grade 5 students, learn PangHuaXin fell ill after two of the girl’s parents went to the hospital to visit, and donate money to a PangHuaXin; The other two girls family difficulties, although didn’t come to the hospital to visit, but have a greeting call, also donate the money.

PangHuaXin hospitalization. In this paper, photos are PangZhiLing for figure

YongJiu four girls drowning

in the guangdong foshan sophomore Long Yu (a pseudonym) is one of the four girls PangHuaXin was saved, and her hometown is in zhanjiang wuchuan city ponds to compose town yao village. Long Yu recalls, 4:00 PM on September 14, 2011, after school, she and her classmates going to the village men to play, she and Long Qing (a pseudonym), Long Ting (a pseudonym), Long Min (not her real name), four people playing water, but with the sliding into deep waters.

Long Yu recently, distance from the shore, is the first out, PangHuaXin witnessed a PangHuaXin the save process. Long Yu, said at the time, PangHuaXin ride a motorcycle, see a man overboard, jumped into the water directly, one hand stroke, one hand drag people to men and to save on after two people, and he to diving, the other two female classmate saved up submerged in the water.

Long Yu said, due to the long Long Min drowning, rescued ashore, has been in a coma, PangHuaXin do artificial respiration for her on the spot, a long time of rescue, Long Min did not wake up. After confirmed four clear, PangHuaXin didn’t leave, then they knew the rescuer is next to the village.

at present, Long Min as a waiter at a clothing store in guangzhou. Long Min to surging news said, she is the most serious people drowning, for at that time, it is not clear, but she is very thank PangHuaXin, & other; Is the second time he gave me life, I hope he get well soon & throughout; .

learn PangHuaXin was seriously ill, Long Yu miss very much. Long Yu said, difficult to ask for leave for school, temporary didn’t go to the hospital to visit, but they will best ability to help him, & other; He saved us, and we also want to help him, hope he get well soon & throughout; .

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