Guangzhou 24 white-collar brainstem hemorrhage, sending a text message for help before coma were rescued in time

SMW reporter dao-bin wang correspondent Zhu Lu poetry, often stay up late to work overtime to which feature, spirit trance, and this time before loss of consciousness, 24, guangzhou guy David li Chen to cousin sent out information, request a cousin to save themselves. When the cousin and an ambulance rushed to the home in guangzhou panyu, man has completely coma & ndash; & ndash; A diagnosis of the most deadly brain stem hemorrhage after rushed to the second people’s hospital of guangdong province neurosurgery emergency treatment.

province second people’s hospital courtyard neurosurgery, according to zhang yong, director of the decisive decided to surgery, using the microscopic navigation + neural electrophysiological monitoring for patients with brain stem hematoma removal. The miracle appear, after surgery can be spontaneous breathing, was recovering, has now been transferred to ordinary ward.

& other; The brain stem & throughout; Bleeding mortality seven into

the defensive young man named David li Chen (not his real name), fujian, guangzhou panyu alone to travel over the past few years. According to zhang yong: & other; Patients with brainstem hemorrhage associated with mild obstructive hydrocephalus, preoperative has no spontaneous breathing. Bleeding location in the brain stem, surgery is a bit a carelessly, would seriously endanger the patient lives, but considering the patient vital signs at the time, not the operation is difficult to have a hope of survival. By the research department, we decided to navigate by the microscopic + neural electrophysiological monitoring, after the middle of the road for the patients with brain stem for removal of hematoma. Most of the CT finds of postoperative hematoma removal, hydrocephalus. Patients recover spontaneous breathing, breathing machine, free has now been transferred to ordinary ward. Throughout the &;

unlike lies, brain stem hemorrhage cannot kill in an instant, but it is a disease of high mortality rate. The brain stem is located in the bottom of the brain, some of medulla oblongata of the brain stem of the spinal cord, is the vital center of human body. If they central damaged, it will cause serious barriers of heart beat, blood pressure, and even life-threatening, brain stem hemorrhage mortality rates as high as 70% above.

often stay up late? Beware of cerebral hemorrhage.

zhang yong said & other; Past is commonly in elderly patients with hypertension appeared more sudden cerebral hemorrhage, it is rare to see such a young without basic diseases of patients with cerebral hemorrhage. This year, in February, the hospital is concentrated treated several age between 35 to 45 years old, because of work need to stay up all the patients with cerebral hemorrhage.

& other; In fact, now the onset of cerebral hemorrhage has become more and more tend to be younger, before may be concentrated in older people, around the age of 60 now also a high incidence in young adults. Throughout the &;

zhang yong said that nowadays society rhythm speeding up, the family economic pressure, more and more young people to work hard, in particular the high intensity of worker is in daily life under pressure. He reminded, stay up late, irregular diet, overwork, etc are the causes of cerebral hemorrhage, and seasonal change, the ups and downs of emotion and other objective factors, young people may be induced by cerebral hemorrhage disease. Therefore, regardless of age, pay attention to the law of life, a healthy diet, regular physical examination, to reduce the risk of cerebral hemorrhage.

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