Guangzhou first needle cervical cancer vaccine 122 neighborhoods in the city can be gradually

on October 23, 2017, guangzhou tianhe longkou west branch maternity and children’s health care centers, Ms. Liang, 24, is the first in guangdong province cervical cancer vaccine. SMW reporter Tan Qingju taken

SMW reporter dao-bin wang guangzhou women’s long-awaited HPV vaccine (cervical cancer vaccine) the arrival of the goods, in the tianhe district priced at $605 per injection time. At 5 PM, 23, 24, the tianhe residents ms.liang in tianhe district maternal and child health care longkou west branch the first needle time bivalent cervical cancer vaccine. In the following one month, after six months to two needles, she will get the immune protection, the risk of cervical cancer will be greatly reduced.

at present, the city of guangzhou in 11 122 community health service centers have been reported to the CDC departments vaccine procurement plan, with the vaccine in the arrival of the goods, 9-25 years old female school-age nearby vaccination to community health service center.

6 months follow up 3 needle

lower risk HPV infection

guangzhou CDC experts, preventive medicine association secretary-general gui-hua huang said that cervical cancer is a common malignant tumor of a serious threat to women’s health. Of 100000 new cases each year in China, the death cases in 30000, is the third largest women aged 15 to 44 high incidence of cancer.

and other malignant tumor etiology is unclear, the high incidence of cervical cancer etiology is very clear, that is, and infection of HPV (human papilloma virus) has a direct relationship. Because in China, more than 70% of cervical cancer patients infected with 16, 18 two subtypes of the virus. And Ms. Liang of guangdong province the first needle vaccine, is to cover the two vaccine virus subtype.

the cervical cancer vaccine now in guangzhou as a category of seedling inoculation for female school-age at its own cost, need in 0, 1, 6 months inoculation 3 needle rear to complete the immunization program.

in tianhe district, for example, the area for the vaccine to determine the price for 605 yuan a needle, the cost contains comprehensive health care reform community medical institutions after 2 kinds of vaccine inoculation against 25 yuan fee.

& other; Pricing of other area also at roughly the level adjustment, the overall price is cheaper than go to Hong Kong vaccination. Throughout the &;

gui-hua huang said the vaccine the arrival of the goods due to each time have different, women vaccinated when needed, if any, it’s best to contact the nearest community health service centers, determine the inoculation time after the first consultation. In addition, vaccination and no household registration requirements. If in guangzhou region long working life of the household register personnel have vaccination needs, can also be approached to community health service center.

vaccination should be clear before age

HPV infection can also be vaccinated

after vaccination, how long can provide immune protection? This is a problem many women are very concerned about. Relevant experts said, because the price of just a seedling birth time is 11 years (2006 years), there is no the collected evidence to prove that these vaccines can provide life-long immune protection. So we can not determine the bivalent vaccine protect the length, but the vaccine development institutions through a large number of studies have found that for the first time in 9.4 years after vaccination, all vaccines have the protection effect was observed. As a continuation of the experiment, observation time, the duration of protection will be longer.

reporter yesterday in the hospital to see, Ms. Liang before vaccination, need to fill in the vaccination of informed consent in detail. HPV vaccine is approved by the bivalent seedlings, clearly applies to women aged 9 to 25. The vaccine will be detailed registration vaccinated before vaccination age. & other; The world health organization recommends the main cervical cancer vaccine inoculation of 9 years old to 13 years old female, secondary inoculation for larger female teenagers and young women, the sooner the earlier inoculation benefits & throughout; , gui-hua huang said.

adverse reactions with minor

disabled during pregnancy and lactation careful

cervical cancer vaccine is similar to other regular vaccine adverse reactions risk, more common for the injection site pain, redness, swelling, etc., generally for the transient response, most of the 24 to 48 hours. The vaccine is very safe.

due to cervical cancer vaccine in front of the public and not to the data collected from pregnancy pregnant women use, can’t judge whether vaccinated can lead to miscarriage, birth defects, etc. The vaccine has been clear about the pregnancy should avoid the use of vaccine. If the project has or vaccinated for pregnancy, it is recommended that the delay or interruption, inoculated stay again after delivery. Because many drugs by breast milk secretion, breast-feeding women vaccinated also need to use caution.

in addition, if you have clear women vaccinated inflammation, discomfort, or allergic to vaccine, should be postponed or even stopped.

& other; As for the female physiology period, if there is no obvious discomfort, can be vaccinated & throughout; , gui-hua huang said.

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