Guangzhou museum of traditional Chinese medicine had widely used “bloodletting therapy” has been banned

by & other Bloodletting therapy & throughout; And cause severe anemia in patients with breast cancer even dying of guangzhou & other; Kind medicine cabinet & throughout; , a day after exposure in the media only by health authorities in accordance with the law to ban.

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on November 17 at noon, surging news ( from guangzhou huadu district planning bureau comprehensive management section so section chief place, according to health supervisors in the area under its jurisdiction on 16th afternoon & other; Kind medicine cabinet & throughout; Field investigation, and according to the preliminary investigation on site, in accordance with the law to ban the medicine cabinet.

according to the guangzhou huadu district government website published today entitled “huadu district health statistics bureau quickly hit kind medicine cabinet suspected of illegal medical practice activity”, according to the notification & other; Kind medicine cabinet & throughout; Located in guangzhou city shiling town, huadu district 166 lotus flag hill street xinmin 6th floor business building.

: according to the report supervisor on-site inspection, found that kind medical pavilion area of about 200 square meters, the door on the left side of the three house, inside put several zhang massages bed and a table for diagnosis and treatment. Supervisor in the massage room is found in a garbage can be stained with the blood of tissues and aneroid used acupuncture needle. The door on the right side of a simple buddhist temple, buddhist temple has 3 rooms, 3 room of a warehouse. Warehouse has since pharmaceutical several, several cases of Chinese herbal medicine and acupuncture needle. Monitors field fabrication kind medicine cabinet inside the interrogation record three staff, the above medical devices as evidence to register and save of evidence, and the scene banned kind medicine cabinet will be posted on the front of the ban.

it is important to note that health supervisors to & other; Kind medicine cabinet & throughout; Location, the store did not open the door, in the area to assist the police to open the door, but to check the end never see head, too.

report described: 16 November 16, hygiene supervisors after arrived at the scene, on the one hand, called shiling town, huadu district, head of the institutes of assisting understand the specific situation, on the other hand to call police station huadu district, guangzhou city, contact, request the assistance the kind medicine cabinet. 16 when 15 points, which monitors, shiling town, head of the institutes of assisting and shiling shiling town police station 2 policemen arrive 166 lotus flag hill street xinmin 6th floor kind medicine cabinet business building, not found the open the door. Shiling the policemen the call contact, head of the house, the demands of its, opened the door to assist in the investigation. 16 35 points, a self-proclaimed kind medicine cabinet volunteer woman came to the door.

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the given kind medicine cabinet head is not at the scene, monitors the issued “health supervision”, asked the head in 2017 to carry on November 28th kind medicine cabinet information and personnel information to huadu district health bureau under investigation.

& other; Next, on the one hand, district health statistics bureau will continue to educate the medical cabinet suspected of illegal medical practice activities for subsequent investigation, on the other hand will turn in the process of investigation found clues to other illegal handed over to relevant departments of the investigation and handling. Throughout the &;

for subsequent processing events, the comprehensive supervision department so section chief to surging news, & other; Will continue to track down & throughout; .

in addition, the official also said: the district health statistics bureau behavior of illegal medical & other; Zero tolerance & throughout; , found a investigate a, to ensure the health of the masses and at the same time, hope the broad masses to the district health bureau to report illegal medical practice, a call: 020-36990527, report email:

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