Guangzhou recently have type B influenza activity of primary and secondary schools, students antifebrile 48 hours to rework back to school

data show that students in guangzhou flu vaccination rates less than 1%.

SMW reporter dao-bin wang correspondent ear who JiXuan after entering the winter, north and south areas of China are entering the flu peak time. 29 journalists from guangzhou city planning commission, city centers for disease control and prevention, according to the city center for disease control and prevention, monitoring data show that the current flu activity recently, guangzhou flu cases clinic index increased nearly two weeks, the flu virus lab tests positive rate also showed a trend of rise, the overall level is higher than the same period last year, the recent campus flu outbreak increased, mainly in the primary and secondary schools. & have spent

& other; The current popular flu influenza B, the general public, especially the childcare facilities and primary and secondary school students of influenza-like symptoms (fever with a cough or sore throat), should do well in home quarantine, 48 hours to stay hot back to rework to school & throughout; City, deputy director of the centers for disease control and prevention, Zhang Zhoubin said. & have spent

winter influenza B are in fashion, not mutate

it is reported that guangzhou popular winter flu, unlike the summer peak of influenza A, mainly for influenza B. But different type don’t flu its similar clinical manifestations, prevention and control measures. According to the national influenza center, currently circulating influenza virus does not appear propagation force, disease severity and resistance variation. & have spent

CDC experts said that the flu shortest incubation period for several hours, the longest 4 days, generally for 1-3 days, with protrusions chills, fever, headache, dizziness, body aches, fatigue and other symptoms as the characteristic, may be accompanied by sore throat, respiratory symptoms such as dry cough, runny nose, tears. & have spent

the current flu activity, guangzhou high overall population risk of infection. Given the recent change of day and night temperature difference is bigger, memory, easily infected with influenza virus resistance. Data show that guangzhou people flu vaccination rates less than 1%, failed to form effective immune barrier, collective units are prone to gathered flu event. & have spent

& other; Vaccine can safely and effectively prevent flu & throughout;

Zhang Zhoubin such as public health experts said the flu prevention and control of the common measures include keeping good living habits, exercise more, wash your hands often and avoid to stay up late, assure enough sleep; Keep the bedroom ventilated take a breath, maintain indoor air fresh. The flu season, try not to crowded, poorly ventilated places are better than one. Once appear flu-like symptoms should be timely treatment, try to rest at home. In a public place to wear masks to prevent infectious to others. & have spent

& other; Vaccines against influenza and its complications can be safely and effectively, the younger, pregnant women, the elderly, there are basic diseases such as population is the key of the influenza vaccination recommendations. Throughout the &; & have spent

city CDC for the schools to carry out the morning noon inspection system

it is reported, according to the characteristics of the current campus increased infections rise, the city CDC has asked the key to implement school morning noon inspection system: morning check afternoon inspection need to carry out the temperature measurement, fever of teachers and students should wear a face mask to go to a doctor. At the same time be absent because of illness, and the cause of registration tracking system: the school found a flu and outbreak, should immediately report to the local community health service centers and the area of the center for disease control and prevention. & have spent

each school childcare facilities should also strengthen the ventilation of the classroom and the students’ hand washing: the classroom should be at least 40 to 50 minutes ventilation time, ensure enough new air volume, toilet, sink in school should be equipped with hand sanitizer, advocate students to wash their hands. & have spent

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