Guizhou who planning commission: indicates don’t accept patients not prescribing controlling medical expense

recently, there are medical device field since the media that guizhou a 3 armour hospital issued a notice to stop using part of the medical consumables. Caused a lot of netizens and the medical staff of the discussion, some netizens fear stop using medical consumables could affect the treatment effect.

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network medical consumable notice issued by the hospital stop using part

a Beijing youth daily from guizhou 3 armour hospital confirmed that there are similar notice issued, but not stop necessary for clinical drug use. Guizhou who planning commission recently in response to north green newspaper reporters, enact regulations to control the unreasonable growth of medical treatment charge, control the medical expense unreasonable growth is not to say don’t accept, prescribing, cure patients.

3 armour hospital referred to stop using a variety of consumables

recently, the media in the field of a medical device that guizhou has two 3 armour hospital notice, the large area outage medical consumables, & other; Optional: no, with functional materials as long as the lowest price, to domestic don’t import. Throughout the &;

in this paper, the recent guizhou a 3 armour hospital, according to the notice in accordance with the planning committee of the provincial government, provincial health demand for public hospital charges fees, the future will take & other; Stop the orthopaedic, intervention, nerve surgery, surgery, ophthalmology, cardiology, department and other departments such as part of the medical consumables; Stop all hemostatic antiblocking materials, stapling, cutter, patch, and biological patch, medical glue, puncture outfit, one-time the use of negative pressure drainage device and so on; Besides some special departments, stop all other except silk suture of use; Suspend the high-value consumables warehousing formalities & throughout; Such measures.

also mentioned in the notice, is to stop using the product, has been delivery to the clinical, by the supplier to take back the goods. If you don’t take back the goods, the hospital will be payment.

according to the article, guizhou, another 3 armour hospital also put out a control excessive growth of medical expense, which clearly put forward the concrete measures to reduce material use.

solutions include: & other; This day, in principle no longer increases high-value consumables for examination and approval. Strict control of various surgical curative effect is directly related to the intraoperative use of consumables, surgery or operation used in all kinds of wounds rinses, antiblocking rinses, antiblocking consumables, hemostatic sponge, hemostatic gauze, check blood meal, etc shall be disabled by the end of this year, business inventories to gradually digestion or return next year business, etc. Throughout the &;

hospital said stop supplies does not affect the treatment

north green news reporter understands from guizhou medical university affiliated hospital, the hospital has previously released stop using part of the material, but things are different and network transmission.

the hospital propaganda department director Yang said that the reason stop using part of the regulation of medical consumables, response to guizhou province development planning commission issued earlier of control unreasonable medical expenses growth related notice.

Yang director made it clear, stop using these material will not affect the implementation of clinical surgery.

north green news reporter noticed that, besides medical university affiliated hospital of guizhou, guizhou province people’s hospital official website issued related to stop using part of the consumables on the control of public hospital medical expense unreasonable growth policy interpretation.

explicitly mentioned in the “interpretation”, control the medical expense unreasonable growth of the main measures, including reducing drug supplies inflated prices. & other; For clinical use, the purchase amount is high, the drug companies production, the implementation of centralized bidding procurement in accordance with the relevant provisions, in quantity in price, effectively reduce the drug purchase price. On the premise of guarantee quality encourage the use of high-quality, cost-effective domestic high value medical consumables. Throughout the &;

netizens questioned the local medical insurance fund bottom

disable parts of medical consumables in guizhou news, soon controversial over the Internet. Somebody thinks, appear this phenomenon side confirmed the local medical insurance fund appear deficit.

& other; The bottom of the medical insurance fund. Throughout the &; Zhihu netizen Tang Xu comments: under the background of control cost & other; Some can do not can not do the surgery, hospitalization was reduced, the reimbursement amount was reduced. Must do the surgery, doctors and patients will not care about material, just bought myself to do. Throughout the &;

many people worry that high value medical consumables was discontinued after to cause a decline in the operation level, affect the patients recovery. & other; Such as colon cancer, if it’s not intestine anastomat, doctor glimmer of suture with a thread of silk, operation time is doubled, even if also want to open, you can do minimally invasive laparoscopic intestinal fistula probability increase, after the wound is good long also prone to subcutaneous induration. Throughout the &;

stop using other than silk suture line also let many people worry, affect some more beautiful in the future operation must also choose to remove, & other; No absorption line is convenient, also ugly. Throughout the &;

however, there are also the personage inside course of study points out, many disabled consumables such as hemostatic sponge, check blood meal, etc are not necessary in surgery, general bandage can be achieved after suture hemostasis, only in way can’t stop bleeding after success, such as cotton ball will only need to take drug ingredients of hemostatic sponge.

the industry insiders revealed that similar stapling consumables such as values, the doctor’s commission is very high, so he thinks the guizhou province introduced in the this provision is to control health care costs, curb medical kickbacks.

not & other medical insurance fund; Do not cover the closed throughout the &;

recently, the health development planning commission on hospitals in guizhou disable parts of medical consumables written confirmation of the news reporter said, 19 October this year, the guizhou province who planning commission issued “on the control unreasonable medical expenses growth and excessive growth of emergency notification”, has been clear about the point targets and requirements.

according to guizhou province health development planning commission, provincial health care costs in 2017 national requirements average growth at 10%. But since this year, the guizhou province medical expenses growth fast, considerably more than the requirements of the national control target, also exceeded the growth rate of consumer price index in the province, and showed the trend of unreasonable growth.

the “notice”, in order to lighten the burden of the masses to see, & other; Regulate the behavior of medical personnel and treatment, and promote the development of public hospitals to return to public welfare and benign operation, so as to promote medical expenses growth and economic and social development, coordinated operation and the masses to bear ability, the medical insurance fund to safeguard rights and interests of the people’s health.

in guizhou province health development planning commission, said the main monitoring control unreasonable medical expenses growth indicators have 21. Will in future through & other; Set revenue target is strictly forbidden to medical staff, medical staff personal income nor with hospital drugs and consumables, large medical equipment inspection treatment and other business income; Lower drug material artificially high prices, on the premise of guarantee quality encourage the use of high-quality, cost-effective domestic high value medical consumables & throughout; Measures, such as the end of 2017 to achieve the public hospital medical expenses growth rate control under 10%.

for netizens questioned medical consumables would affect the efficacy of treatment discontinuation, guizhou who planning commission explained that control unreasonable medical expenses growth is not to say don’t accept, prescribing, cure patients. But & other; Norms on the one hand, advocating public hospital treatment, reduce unnecessary medical expenses; On the other side, guide the scientific and medical patients, better play to the role of the medical institutions at all levels, promote to establish the classification system. Throughout the &;

in addition, for the net friend mentioned & other; Health care throughout the bottom &; Speculation, who in guizhou planning commission yesterday to the media division chief, said the current medical insurance fund in guizhou stable operation, does not appear & other; Do not cover the closed throughout the &; In the case.

article/our correspondent Kong Linghan

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