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some companies don’t have men please paternity leave precedent with business owners think men leave increase cost

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in recent years, male paternity leave is a topic discussed more. Although some places have made clear of the men in the local legislation paternity leave this holiday, but it has faced & other; Hard landing & throughout; The problem. Recently, reports that jiangsu province proposed legislation clear male parental leave together, on the basis of the male paternity leave increase holiday. This news again men take time off to care for his wife and children in accordance with the incident to public opinion is the front desk. In reality, the male paternity leave why difficult & other; The ground & throughout; ? The legal daily reporters were investigated.

with the coming of the era of comprehensive second child, male holiday gradually aroused people’s concern.

the implementation of jiangsu province>

reporter in the interview, understand that although the male parental leave together have a practical necessity, but at the moment, usually in the sense of paternity leave & other; The ground & throughout; Still face difficulties, as described in the draft of jiangsu province can increase 5 days holiday promotion?

ask for leave for a long time affect the company’s business

reporter noticed that after some places also set up a paternity leave, usually in 15 days.

in Beijing, for example, in the Beijing municipal people’s congress (NPC) by the “Beijing population and family planning byelaw”, mentioned in Beijing after female worker is borne, the spouse can enjoy 15 days of paternity leave.

4 months ago, who lives in Beijing xicheng district Liu Min become a mother. Mr Liu Min’s work in a large insurance company, the business is busy, working overtime is the norm.

& other; I gave birth to a child, my husband with double cease altogether rest for five days, and I apply to the unit’s personal leave, paternity leave is not men. Throughout the &; Liu Min said. Mr.

Liu Min company has always been not the precedent of male please paternity leave 15 days, which basically has become a company of the default & other; Traditional & throughout; .

& other; He works in the insurance company, can’t busy feet touching the ground at ordinary times, have to work overtime when Hugh annual leave, all of them have no after 15 days for such a long time off. Half a month’s time, the impact on the company’s business is too big, leadership will surely not allow. Throughout the &; Liu Min said.

Liu Min have maternity leave for 6 months, and late marriage leave a month, a total of seven months. In the seven months, is almost Liu Min and nanny to take care of the children.

& other; When the first month of mother is the most hard, I can’t eat bitter, older Mr False again please don’t help me, so directly into the confined center, then spent nearly 80000 yuan. Confined center is too expensive, but my husband is too busy and have no choice. Throughout the &; Liu Min said.

actually, Liu Min before having children also know the existence of the male paternity leave, but did not let her husband to the company. & other; Five or six days and half a month didn’t difference how many, and will be of little help, he also shall not everything depends on me. If he had been at home maybe we are positioned. The most important of all, and to work to earn money, ask for leave to take care of the children do more harm than good. Throughout the &; Liu Min said.

if you want to have a second child, Liu Min how should do?

& other; If there is a common parental leave is very meaningful. By that time, I still hope that my husband’s vacation can be a bit longer, because children have bigger bearing pressure. Throughout the &; Liu Min told reporters.

executives themselves are more likely to leave

Song Rui in Beijing chaoyang district is the head of a construction company, he and his wife are planning to the baby. Song Rui position in the company have been in management, compared with the ordinary staff & other; Afraid to ask for leave & throughout; In this respect, Song Rui and don’t have much concern.

& other; I will apply for paternity leave. 15 days is not long, but my wife just finished production of the weak in the few days, I can always accompany at her side, even if a tea water, more or less has some effect. Throughout the &; Song Rui said, & other; I naturally hope that the longer male paternity leave, it’s better if a common parental leave. Even if the law is only one day, I will try my best to ask for leave, to ease the burden of his wife. Throughout the &;

when the reporter asked whether Song Rui hired her Song Rui said, & other; I think her just on the details of life take care of my wife, my role is more on the spiritual care. How can her instead of her husband? Besides, neonatal fastest grow and change, and can see is a good things throughout &; .

lives in haidian district of Beijing, Mr. Cheng is a college teacher in Beijing, has two children, the younger son just half years old. Mr. Zheng told reporters that the particularity of the job, because teachers have longer holidays than any other class & ndash; & ndash; Summer and winter vacation, so he and his wife will let the baby born in the summer and winter vacation in a planned way.

& other; Even in winter and summer vacation to parental leave, for my time is enough. If, like other professional workers, only one or two weeks, it may be full of difficulties. Because of the cause of the winter and summer vacation, I and other teachers, the vast majority of children will give preference to summer and winter vacations, so basically does not take the initiative to apply for paternity leave school or parental leave together, but he also don’t know how many days off. Throughout the &; Mr Zheng says.

please paternity leave managers are reluctant to men

for enterprise managers, are not aware of the necessity of paternity leave or common parental leave, but there is also a difficulty.

Cao Zhen is a Beijing real estate sales store managers of the company, his daughter has just turned 1 year old. He tells a reporter, when a family choose to have a second child, shall be appropriately increased male employees of paternity leave days, such as in the original length on extended for a period of time. Because to take care of two children to see a child, mutatis mutandis, the pressure.

Cao Zhen further analysis to the reporter said, for private business owners have a paternity leave this problem not under the control of the pressure of enterprise management, but more depends on the business itself. At present some private popular professional managers, if managers, professional managers also calculate that he essentially or enterprise employees, still have to accept the performance appraisal system and attendance system constraints, is not a simple business owners, not casually give yourself or staff have a holiday, so not all managers can decide themselves or staff holiday.

men paternity leave and what is the relationship between enterprise performance?

& other; From the perspective of the day-to-day operations of the company, ordinary employees and business owners have a big contradiction between. Standing in the view point of business owners, must hope that the employee’s working time as long as possible, for enterprises to create more value. Holiday employees, the enterprise bear the cost. From now, most of the workers or predominantly male, proportion of female employees is relatively small. In this case, the increase in the number of holidays if male employees, equivalent to an enterprise labor costs increased by about 5% every year. Private business owners want to save money as much as possible, of course, the pursuit of more profit. The boss wants to save money, the staff want to have a holiday, more roots that is contradiction. Throughout the &; Cao Zhen said.

although Cao Zhen belongs to the management, but he still suggested that stood in the ordinary staff’s point of view, the male paternity leave or joint parental leave to rise to the legal level is necessary. Some managers are not so high ideological consciousness, will take the initiative to put paternity leave for employees, if the law has, managers have to follow. The number of ordinary workers must be more than the number of managers and so should respect the interests of the majority.

the same Song Rui also told reporters that as a manager in both state-owned enterprises and private enterprises, especially small units and small companies, many jobs are designed work full-time. Female staff on maternity leave is the last, for men to take paternity leave, the company’s operation is likely to be broken, for a while also can not find people to go in for the link.

& other; Finally is commonly so company gave some overtime allowance, male staff please days personal leave instead of paternity leave, each step back. Throughout the &; Song Rui said. (at the request of interviewees, the interviewees are not his real name) (reporter Cao Mingzhu Du Xiao intern)

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