Has not yet been surgery has large debts “plastic surgery loan” behind the pit need to be vigilant

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the & other; Campus credit & throughout; & other; Borrow training throughout the &; & other; Cash loans & throughout; After waiting for a variety of loans, and other Plastic credit & throughout; & other; Beauty & loan throughout; Recently the big & other; Thunder & throughout; . According to media reports, chengdu, sichuan province, zhejiang hangzhou appeared two & other; Plastic credit & throughout; The wave, some consumer complaints. & other; Plastic credit & throughout; & other; Beauty & loan throughout; What’s the MaoErNi behind? The legal daily reporter launched an investigation.

& other; Just spend the money, today’s dream & throughout; Already is not a slogan. With the emergence of various kinds of loan companies, loan procedures more and more simplified, loan more and more diverse, lending is becoming more and more quickly. Nowadays, more and more young people started ahead of consumption habit, some cosmetic surgery organizations also seize this opportunity, introduce plastic business loans.

however, the legal daily reporter survey found that behind the seemingly ordinary plastic loan business, is fraught with pitfalls.

not surgery has large debts

& other; I don’t understand, do a nose job: why do you want to borrow so much money. Throughout the &; Wang Juan told the legal daily.

22 wang Juan in Shanghai a insurance company. At the end of last year, wang Juan inadvertently told a friend himself ready to plastic. The friend said at once, she and plastic agency cooperation, can introduce wang Juan in the past, you can discount.

under the friend’s recommendation, wang Juan came to a cosmetic hospital in Shanghai. The hospital received by a self-proclaimed project director wang Juan, and set price for wang Juan in 30000 yuan of nasal surgery. Knowledge of the economic capacity of wang Juan, the woman can help you contact with loan company, in the form of installment payment to repay the surgery, wang Juan back calculated the amount of loans of 30000 yuan per month to repay, claimed that won’t affect life.

under the project director of persuasion, wang Juan agreed to use loan way to pay the cost of operation. Then the hairdressing hospital staff took wang Juan mobile phones and identity card, ask her for the personal information, and citing operation need professional help, operating throughout the loan process.

so, hairdressing hospital in the name of wang Juan to several platforms were borrowing loans of 80000 yuan. However, for the loan amount, wang Juan.

until loans will reimbursement bills to wang Juan mobile phone platform, she found that the monthly repayment amount is far beyond the amount of hairdressing hospital commitment, loan amount is passed from original say good 30000 yuan to 80000 yuan.

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